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There are 99 Puppies in this game. They can be found in treasure chests in all worlds except Atlantica, 100 Acre Wood and End of the World.


Traverse Town[edit]


  • 13, 14, 15: Queen's Castle, on the left hedge. Reachable by going through the exit in the upside-down Bizarre Room.[KH I] / Queen's Castle, on the right ledge. Reachable by going through a hidden exit from Lotus Forest or using High Jump.[KH I FM]
  • 16, 17, 18: Lotus Forest, on one of the raised lilypads.
  • 19, 20, 21: Tea Party Garden, on the arched entrance. High Jump and Glide are required. Enter via door in the Lotus Forest above the pond.
  • 58, 59, 60: Queen's Castle, on the right hand hedge. High Jump is required.[KH I] / Lotus Forest, use the entrance to the Bizarre Room located above the entrance to the Tea Party Garden. In there, the player will find a picture frame you must activate that will take you back to the Lotus Forest. Cast Thunder on the string of flowers to receive the chest.[KH I FM]

Olympus Coliseum[edit]

Deep Jungle[edit]

  • 25, 26, 27: On the last islet in the marsh in Hippos' Lagoon. Glide recommended but not needed.
  • 28, 29, 30: In the Vines 2 area, reached by climbing the ivy in the marsh.
  • 31, 32, 33: Use Trinity Jump in the Climbing Trees area.[KH I] / Chest in the Waterfall Cavern.[KH I FM]
  • 34, 35, 36: Use Trinity Jump in the Camp Area.


  • 37, 38, 39: Chest in Aladdin's House.[KH I] / Chest in Treasure Room.[KH I FM]
  • 46, 47, 48: Chest at Palace Gates; High Jump and Glide required.[KH I] / Chest in Hidden Room; use Trinity Push in the Hall, or High Jump and Glide.[KH I FM]
  • 49, 50, 51: Chest at Cave: Entrance; High Jump and Glide required.
  • 52, 53, 54: Chest in Treasure Room.[KH I] / Chest at Palace Gates; High Jump required.[KH I FM]

Halloween Town[edit]

  • 40, 41, 42: Bridge before Oogie’s Manor, on a platform to the left of the gate. [KH I] / Oogie's Manor. Make your way up to the Evil Playroom. It's about halfway up, behind a sealed door along a section of bridge. This door will open automatically, but only after hitting the crank in the Evil Playroom. [KH I FM] [1]
  • 64, 65, 66: After defeating Oogie's Manor, go to Moonlight Hill and search for a secret doorway. Go in the newly accessible door to find the chest.
  • 67, 68, 69: In Jack's House, check under the staircase.[KH I] / Use Trinity Detect at Moonlight Hill.[KH I FM]
  • 70, 71, 72: Guillotine Square, use Glide to reach the mouth of a grey pumpkin-like tower.


  • 55, 56, 57: Chest in Monstro: Chamber 3; on one of the mid-level ledges.[KH I] / Chest in Monstro: Chamber 3; on a platform that can be reached by a barrel.[KH I FM]
  • 73, 74, 75: Chest in Monstro: Mouth, on top of debris. Requires High Jump to reach.
  • 76, 77, 78: Chest in Monstro: Chamber 3, on a platform that can be reached by a barrel.[KH I] / Chest in Monstro: Chamber 6.[KH I FM]
  • 79, 80, 81: Chest in Monstro: Chamber 5, on a barrel on one of the higher platforms in the area.


  • 43, 44, 45: In a corner of the Clock Tower.[KH I] / Use Trinity Detect on the Deck.[KH I FM]
  • 82, 83, 84: When flying, on a beam in the ship's Hold.
  • 85, 86, 87: Use Trinity Push in the ship's Hold.
  • 88, 89, 90: Chest in the Captain's Cabin, after AntiSora's battle.

Hollow Bastion[edit]

  • 61, 62, 63: In the Grand Hall on a left ledge near the Keyhole, during Sora's second visit.
  • 91, 92, 93: At the bottom of Rising Falls, on top of the water, by the rocks.
  • 94, 95, 96: Cast Gravity to lower the floating platform in the Castle Gates.
  • 97, 98, 99: Cast Gravity to lower the floating platform in the High Tower.[2]
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  1. ^ If this chest is not opened before defeating Oogie's Manor, it cannot be collected. In the North American and Final Mix versions, this chest can be found after you destroy Oogie's Manor.
  2. ^ In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, this chest can be found in the room you unlock by completing the library puzzle. The chest is floating and must be brought down by casting Gravity.