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Item Amount Obtained Item Amount Obtained
WPotion.pngPotion 1 Third station
The game's protagonist, Sora

After the cinematic opening video, you gain control of Sora, standing on a Station in the Dive to the Heart.

This first portion of the game acts as a tutorial, while determining how Sora will grow as the game progresses. A disembodied and noiseless voice will introduce you to the controls and basic gameplay. As per the voice's instructions, walk towards the light in the center. Three pedestals will rise from the Station, one with the Dream Shield, one with the Dream Rod and one with the Dream Sword. You are instructed to choose one weapon to represent "the power you seek", and then one of the remaining two as the power you "give up in exchange". The choices you make will determine the different rates at which Sora's stats grow as he levels up, as well as the order of Abilities Sora learns.

Dream Shield KH.png
Dream Rod KH.png
Dream Sword KH.png

Once you have confirmed your choices, the Station below you shatters, and you fall to a different one. Here, you are given the first Dream weapon you chose, and you are directed to take a practice swing with it. You are introduced to the HP and MP gauges. Next, a group of Shadows rise from the Station's surface to attack you. After you defeat one, the rest disappear, and you are introduced to leveling up and enemy drops. More Shadows appear, and you are introduced to locking onto targets. Once you've defeated several enemies, the rest sink into pools of darkness that envelop the Station. You sink into the darkness, coming to atop the third Station.

The third Station introduces you to actions you can use in the field. First, approach the door and select the "Examine" command from the menu to cause a chest to appear. Approach it and select the "Open" command, causing a large crate to appear. Attack it three times to break it, releasing a prize box with a Potion inside. The frame of the door becomes solid, and a barrel appears. Break it with your weapon or throw it, and the rest of the door become solid, as well. Examine the door a second time to open it and to leave the Station.

Now you're in a small area with Wakka, Tidus and Selphie. They will ask you questions of what your goals are in the game. These will change the pace of leveling up. You can check the Level Pace table beneath to see which pace you'd prefer.

Level Pace

Questions Answers Pace
"What are you afraid of?"
A: Getting old.
B: Being different.
C: Being indecisive.
"What do you want outta life?"
D: To see rare sites.
E: To broaden my horizons.
F: To be strong.
"What's most important to you?"
G: Being number one.
H: Friendship.
I: My prize possessions.

Once you're done, confirm your path and now you will return to the Station, Awakening where you will find your first Save Point. Walk into the light, and you will find Shadows! Attack them and the Save Point will appear. Walk into the Save Point and the light will fly on to show a stained glass path which leads to the last Station where you will battle the Darkside. Save, and walk onto the stained glass path into the light to face your fate!

240 HP 2 2 0 18
Resistances Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.04 x0 x0.5 x0.5
Rewards Strength Up (Sora)
Once the fight begins, keep attacking its hands. If Shadows appear, attempt to get rid of them along with attacking the Darkside. Once all Shadows are gone, the Darkside will use a projectile attack, which is lethal at this point in the game, so avoid it at all costs! If you do end up getting hit by it, use your only Potion. The optimal time to strike is once its hand is stuck in the floor of the Station. It shouldn't take long to defeat the Darkside.
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