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To access this world, you must obtain the Old Book from Cid and then hand it to Merlin. This is first used after getting the Red Trinity and using it to access the sewers where Leon can be found. Only Sora can enter this world. To enter, head to the Magician's Study in Traverse Town and interact with the book on the stand near the bed to enter. You'll land onto a page in the book, there is a save point at the middle right near the swing and the exit back to the Magician's Study is at the top right.

First Visit[edit]

With most of the pages gone, you are confined to one area, which is the Meadow. On the map it is a small tent-like structure similar to Eeyore's huts. Choose the "Read" command once you are there.

Sora walks up to Winnie the Pooh. Walk further up to him to talk to him. Pooh concludes that everyone has gone away along with all the things they've been doing that he should say goodbye to himself... and thinks. He ends up running off to find some honey.

Now that you are introduced to the 100 Acre wood, while still in the Meadow head around the wood bark near the read flowers to find a chest inside the wood bark. It'll contain a Mythril Shard. Now from here head out to the trees to return to the map.

Now head to Pooh's House and walk behind his house. You'll find a chimney, hit it to drop a Mega-Ether and then head inside to find Pooh looking for honey inside a jar. Head over to the small chest to get the Mega-Ether. Head outside to talk to Owl, he'll tell you pages are missing so you can't find out what's next, however you will need to go around worlds to get the pages. Follow the guide to get the pages.

After you have done all the pages head back here and cast Fire on the bonfire and talk to Pooh to get a Mythril.

Second Visit: Pooh's Hunny Hunt[edit]

After getting the first page, a new area is revealed: The Honey Tree. Head over to the tree near the compass rose and choose "Read".

Upon entering the area, the tree is shown to be very, very tall. Piglet then appears out of a hollow tree bark and calls out to Pooh. Sora appears and Piglet frightened runs off and hides behind the tree. Go around the left side of the tree and walk slowly behind him and talk to him. He will fret and worry, but Sora will just calm him down and ease his worries. Pooh then comes to the tree looking for honey. What Piglet brought Pooh was a balloon. Pooh plans to go up the tree with the balloon and get the honey. Now here's where you come in. Go to Pooh and agree to help him get honey. Owl will "offer a few pointers."

Minigame: Pooh's Hunny Hunt
Now as Pooh goes up the tree with the balloon, lock on to the bees as they come and then attack them. One hit should take care of them as they are pretty weak, hitting them also bounces you back onto the nearest branch. Pooh needs to get at least 100 honey licks before the timer runs out. You should get around 100 or more by the time one minute is gone.

Pooh is shown eating honey happily inside the tree. From this page you get Naturespark, take it to the Fairy Godmother to make it into a summon.

Third Visit: Block Tigger[edit]

Once you're on the map, head to the top left to Rabbit's House, once you're in the area, head across the bridge and around the house for a cutscene. Pooh and Piglet are looking for Rabbit but to no avail he isn't inside his house even though it came back. Head around to the front and go inside the house. Pooh then asks who this "Nobody" is and climbs into the hole, however it turns out Rabbit was inside, but he was trying to keep Pooh away. Piglet follows, and Rabbit says he's out of honey. Head over to the hole and lock on to the honey pot on the ceiling between the roots of the tree, then examine it. Rabbit is then surprised it is up there, but then offers some to Pooh, but Pooh ends up eating the whole pot. After the cutscene, head out and attempt to leave the area.

Piglet will come running behind you asking you to help Pooh. You'll now be inside the house, as you can see Pooh is stuck in the hole and claims it must have shrunk. Go outside and around the back and talk to him, he tells you that when it's lunch time that you should bring him a pot of honey. Rabbit disagrees and says that some carrot top juice should slim down Pooh just fine but then is shocked to see Tigger bouncing over wreaking havoc on his land. He jumps onto Sora effectively introducing himself and then claims Rabbit's House as his new bouncing ground, but Rabbit does not want that and asks you to keep Tigger away from the vegetables. Owl appears and gives you directions on what to do.

Minigame: Block Tigger
In this minigame you must block Tigger by running to the carrots before he does. You should follow which direction he's going to before he lands. You have to get over 100 points to win this minigame. Make sure to always use the "Rush" command as it is very helpful, optimal time to use it is directly after he jumps, make sure to be near a carrot that isn't buried.

After the minigame, Rabbit will ask you to head inside while he fetches the carrots. After going inside, he'll have given Pooh the juice and all you must do is push him, head to the hole and examine Pooh. Once he's pushed he flies out and into the pots lined outside at the back of Rabbit's house. Rabbit frets about the pots, but Pooh doesn't mind the pot stuck on his head as it has plenty of honey. Once done the page will turn into a Mythril Shard.

Fouth Visit: Pooh's Swing[edit]

On the map, head to the middle bottom where there is a tree and a bridge, head in to get to the Hill, once you're in Pooh and Piglet are shown to be on the bridge looking over the river, and they spot something strange floating in the water, they conclude it to be Eeyore who it does turn out to be. Once you're back in control, head to Eeyore in the river to help him out and while he was floating he noticed that something was missing and Piglet sees that his tail is gone. Pooh offers to help find it with Sora helping him. Owl appears to help you on how to find Eeyore's tail.

Lock onto Pooh to have him follow you and head around the right side of the tree where there is only one honey pot. Pooh will get distracted by that honey pot if he gets close, lock onto him again to have him moving again, then head up the hill to the tree. Now the minigame.

Pooh's Swing
There is no real strategy because this is a random minigame, the better you swing Pooh doesn't matter because there's a small chance he'll land where he needs to so just keep trying until you break the small hut Eeyore built.

Once the hut is broken, Eeyore's tail is in the middle of the debris. Sora places the tail back on Eeyore and everyone converses. The torn page turns into a Stop upgrade.

Fifth Visit: Tigger's Giant Pot[edit]

On the map, head to the middle left on the right page to get to the Bouncing Spot, you'll enter with Owl. From here head to the see-saw to the right and talk to Tigger, he'll introduce you to the area and Roo will introduce himself. Owl appears if you decide to want to be taught how to "bounce", however he soon leaves as he cannot master bouncing. Now follow Roo and Tigger to the stump, then talk to them to start bouncing. What you must do now is follow Tigger and Roo by jumping onto the same stumps they bounced on. The first is easy, the second is tricky but the last is easy if you can land right on the stump from the tree. After this, talk to Roo to start Tigger's Giant Pot

Tigger's Giant Pot
What you must do in this mingiame is deflect the nuts that are dropped back into the pot so that it ends up breaking. You must also make sure not to fall off the stump otherwise you'll have to talk to Roo again to start the minigame again, as well as from 0 points.

After the pot is broken, jump into the hollow stump and open the chest to get an AP Up. Now head up to the rock platform and then onto the leaves, jump and glide to the next leaves, then there will be two layers of leaves ahead of you, jump and glide just as you fall past the second level and land on the first to get to a chest containing a Thunder-G. Now head to the tree with the opening near Pooh to find Tigger with him, talk to him to use the seesaw to get to certain locations above. If you land above, there'll be another rock platform with a chest with a Mythril Shard. Then from the platform jump to the tree to the left and go inside to get a Dispel-G. Now there should be an hollow log ahead, break the middle part to get a Mythril. Now exit the area and the Torn Page will turn into a Mythril Before you leave, be sure to grab one of the Rare Nuts hanging on the trees, and Owl will trade you a Power Up for it! Return every Rare Nut and Owl will give a new item for each one. The last one being Orichalcum.

Sixth Visit: Pooh's Muddy Path[edit]

On the map, head to the middle left on the right page to get to the Muddy Path, once you drop down into the mud, you'll encounter Pooh. After speaking to him, you'll have to go look for his friends, head to the middle shrubbery and examine it, Sora will head inside and speak to Eeyore. Now, after talking to Eeyore you'll have to find everyone in the area. Target Pooh and have him walk near the holes near the well. Rabbit will run out of them, you must face him and select "Talk" to get him in the shrubbery. Next go to the tree root that's protruding from the higher ground in the muddy area and hit it to get Roo to come down, talk to him to get him in the shrubbery. Jump onto the air current that's coming out of the well to get to higher ground, then get onto the hollow log to get to Tigger, talk to him to get him into the shrubbery too. Once that's done, go to higher ground again and go further up after crossing the hollow log. Talk to Owl after he lands in the corner to get him into the shrubbery. Now target Pooh and get him to the blue flowers so he can fly up onto higher ground. Target Pooh to get him closer to the log and then jump over it and target him again to get him going through it, then lead him to the next set of blue flowers and guide him to the hole in the tree, he will talk to Piglet to let him go down to lower ground. After this, jump down and talk to Piglet, finally you have got everyone. The Torn Page will turn into a Orichalcum. Now a cutscene will show all the characters of the 100 Acre Wood conversing and finally this World will be sealed. That ends the World's story.

Locations of the Torn Pages[edit]

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