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Monstro Logo KH.png

Item Amount Obtained Item Amount Obtained
WPuppies.pngDalmatians 55, 56, 57 1 Chamber 3 WPuppies.pngDalmatians 73, 74, 75 1 Mouth
WPuppies.pngDalmatians 76, 77, 78 1 Chamber 3 WPuppies.pngDalmatians 79, 80, 81 1 Chamber 5
WItem.pngWatergleam 1 Mouth WItem.pngTorn Page 1 Chamber 6
WItem.pngMythril 2 Chamber 5, Chamber 6 WItem.pngMythril Shard 2 Mouth, Throat
WPotion.pngPotion 2 Mouth (Blue Trinity) WPotion.pngCottage 4 Mouth (Blue Trinity, Chamber 2, Chamber 5 (Blue Trinity)
WPotion.pngMega-Ether 2 Chamber 3, Chamber 5 WPotion.pngMegalixir 2 Chamber 3, Chamber 6
WGummi.pngTornado-G 2 Mouth, Chamber 3 WGummi.pngDispel-G 1 Chamber 6
Pinocchio KH.png
Geppetto KH.png

After completing Agrabah, two more routes will appear on the world map. However, no matter what route you take, you'll find yourself eaten by a whale during the trip. After a dream involving Sora and Riku as kids exploring the Secret Place, Sora wakes up to find a puppet named Pinocchio playing around in a chest dropping things he doesn't need and picking out the interesting stuff. Jiminy calls out to him but he doesn't reply and heads back to the ship with the gummi piece. After taking it to his father, Geppetto he'll tell him that this is the key to leaving Monstro, then Sora introduces himself and the gang to Geppetto and as does he. However while Geppetto is talking to Sora and the gang, Pinocchio grows curious of the figure heading into Monstro's bowels... who is of course Riku. Pinocchio follows Riku. Now you must find Pinnochio, head into Chamber 1 for a start and for a cutscene. Riku appears after Sora tells Pinocchio that his father's very worried about him and doesn't want him leaving again, he mocks Sora for not being playful. Riku would offer information about Kairi to Sora but he asks him to chase him for it. He grabs Pinocchio and runs away.

Now, head through the exit to the left, it'll lead you to Chamber 2, jump down and keep going to the right defeating all the Heartless along the way, there'll be a chest to the left which contains a Cottage. Now keep going until you reach Chamber 3, drop down and go all the way to the back to another chest which contains a Mega-Ether. Head back to Chamber 1 and then return from there to Chamber 2 and then Chamber 3, this time don't drop down and head through the exit to the right which returns to Chamber 2 but on a higher platform, now there's a chest ahead but we can't reach it right now, so go right and into Chamber 5. Keep going straight ahead to Chamber 6, to the left there'll be a chest with a Dispel-G inside. Go all the way to the right and drop down. Defeat all the Heartless and forget about the White Trinity but keep it in mind for later, head to the exit on the right that takes you back to Chamber 3, there's another chest here that contains Dalmatians 55, 56 and 57. Drop down and make your way back to Chamber 6 again, now go left but take the next exit instead of dropping down, this'll take you to Chamber 5 again, however go to the far left and drop down, there are two chests here and a Blue Trinity, the chests will contain one Dispel-G and the other a Mega-Ether. Head through the exit to Chamber 6, take the exit to Chamber 5 here and go straight ahead on the platform you're on to Chamber 4. And now a cutscene, Maleficent persuades Riku to remember not to lurk too much in Darkness. Pinocchio appears and runs across Riku, Sora and Riku have a little fight but then Pinocchio yells in fear and everyone turns his way. Now save and set up for a boss fight, head through the exit to the Bowels. Pinocchio is trapped within the Parasite Cage and needs help. Riku will aid you in this battle.

Parasite Cage I
Parasite Cage KH.png
450 21 17 30 500
Resistances Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.04 x0.3 x0.5 x0.5
Rewards Cheer (Goofy)
It doesn't have a large arsenal of attacks, one of its attacks is a light swipe and the other is a duo-swipe, one can be deflected but the other needs to be dodged. You can earn 9 Tech EXP for deflecting its swipe. Use Cure to heal any lost HP and keep attacking it to take it down.

After the battle, head down the hole into the Mouth, Riku will have captured Pinocchio and taken his heart to use for Kairi, Riku yet again questions Sora's care for Kairi and goes of with Pinocchio captive. Now on the ship, open the chest by Geppetto to get High Jump. Enable this ability as it is very helpful now and in previous worlds. Jump over to the top of the ship with this new ability and use the Green Trinity to get a chest which contains a Mythril Shard. Now jump to the platforms of wood ahead of the ship witch has a chest on it that contains Dalmatians 73, 74 and 75. Go to the far right to the Blue Trinity, now jump to the platform ahead of you and jump twice to reach a high platform with a chest, open it to get a Tornado-G. Now go back to the platform where the Trinity was and jump to the central platform then to the platform to the right and go higher up to a chest, open it to get Watergleam. Now head back to the platform where we got the Dalmatians and jump to the central platform and then to another platform on the opposite end and keep going higher to another chest, open it to get a Cottage. Now go back to where we got the Tornado-G and keep going straight until you get to the Throat, jump up the platforms to get higher and enter the Stomach. In the following cutscene Riku suggests Sora joins forces with him and help Kairi but Sora disagrees and says he'd rather fight him because of his actions. Pinocchio has apparently lost his heart to the Heartless and claims he won't make it to Jiminy however his nose grows as it was a lie. But then the Parasite Cage appears, this time just to cause trouble. Riku takes his leave and goes through a portal of Darkness.

Parasite Cage II
Parasite Cage KH.png
900 21 17 32 1000
Resistances Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.04 x0.3 x0.5 x0.5
Rewards Stop
The Parasite Cage has gotten more attacks in its arsenal, along with that the arena is full of acid. A new move is that it will swing across to you shoving you backward, it can be dodged. Another attack is where is sucks up acid and spits it out, this will inflict you with Poison. You cannot deflect its powered swipes although its normal swipes can be deflected granting 19 Tech EXP. Attacking it from the back is optimal, and now that most of its attacks are powerful this is balanced by the fact that you can stun it after a certain amount of damage. It'll drop some MP orbs but keep attacking it after it's stunned as it won't attack back. Use Cure to heal.

After defeating the Parasite Cage, a cutscene plays where Maleficent tells Riku that he must go into Kingdom Hearts to find knowledge of how to return Kairi back to life. She then goes on to give him the power to control the Heartless. Geppetto and Pinocchio can be found in Traverse Town now and you'll be back at Agrabah on the Gummi Ship. You can choose to go to another world through the "Select World" option. You can now either go to Halloween Town or Atlantica... or Monstro if he shows up again.

When you Return[edit]

Now when you return you'll be in the Mouth and since you have abilities that you can use to your gain, head to Chamber 3 and on one of the top ledges is a chest with a Megalixir. Then head to Chamber 5 and open the chest on a high ledge to get a Mythril. Across the high ledge near a few exits is a chest on top of a barrel, break the barrel and open the chest to get Dalmatians 79, 80 and 81. Then head to Chamber 6 and then to the White Trinity here and use it to get a chest which contains a Thundaga-G. Now jump to the upper part of the room and on two ledges higher up there are two chests, one with a Torn Page and another with a Megalixir. Then head left to a secluded area with a chest containing a Mythril. Now head to Chamber 3 and get to the higher ledges on one of either side of the room, each one contains a chest, one containing a Tornado-G and the other containing Dalmatians 76, 77 and 78. Finally, head to the Throat and defeat the Heartless to get to a Blue Trinity, which gives you Munny and a Mythril Shard.

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