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Halloween Town Logo KH.png

Upon entering this world, you'll notice that Sora, Donald and Goofy look different. Sora is now a vampire in a uniquely designed outfit with a pumpkin-mask covering his right eye, Donald is a mummy with some parts unveiled to reveal nothing, and Goofy is a Frankenstein-like being with a screw protruding into his head and wearing stitched up clothing. Donald changed their appearances to blend in with the other people in this world.

Sora HT KH.png
Donald Duck HT KH.png
Goofy HT KH.png
Jack Skellington

Once you enter Guillotine Square, a puff of black smoke will appear ahead from a chimney, and a dozen Search Ghosts are surrounding the square. However Sora and his party are ready to attack, the Heartless aren't attacking... strange. Head to the right a bit for a cutscene, The Mayor introduces Jack Skellington to the party with the Heartless acting as entertainment. Jack heads to the Research Lab to consult the Doctor, Doctor Finklestein that is. But now head to the right and enter the gates to a house, underneath the stairs there is a chest with Dalmatians 67, 68 and 69. Go out and keep going right and ignore the door, head across the opening and jump to grab onto a ledge, then go into the open room and open the chest to the right to get a Power Up. Now head back to the door and go into the Research Lab. Jack wants to make a Heart with the help of the Doctor, however they require a number of components to get it right, they have the container however it's locked and Sora is thinking of offering help, and unlocks the Heart for them, however even with all the components the experiment fails. Then the Doctor concludes that Sally has the component they need for memory. Now you need to find her, she's in the Graveyard but first we need to get a few treasures. Interact with the bookshelf on the left to get a Torn Page. Then head out to the Lab Entryway where The Mayor will warn you that there is a major crisis, that the Heartless are out of control and Jack assumes that maybe the experiment triggered something.

Head out to Guillotine Square. The Heartless are now attacking, head to the left and then left once more and go up the stairs to the Graveyard. Take care of the Heartless here to allow Sally some space, after they're all gone Zero will appear from under his grave, Jack will ask him if he's seen Sally anywhere and he'll run into her behind a statue. Jack then tells her that they need her memory and she holds up a bouquet of dying Forget-Me-Nots, she gives them to you and says she has a bad feeling about this. Exit the area and watch the cutscene where 3 rotten kids, Lock, Shock and Barrel converse about what they've just heard, Jack's plan, however they come to the plan of telling Oogie Boogie. Once you're back at Guillotine Square, head back to the Research Lab and talk to the Doctor for a cutscene. The Doctor will tell you to talk to The Mayor on where to get "surprise". In the next cutscene Oogie plans on stealing the Heart and using it to control the Heartless. Now when you're back in control head back to the Graveyard and interact with the slightly open coffin to get to the Boneyard, head forward and talk to The Mayor and he'll tell you what to do. If you get one right, a small tune will play and if you get all three right an explosion will occur off-screen. Head to the blown-up pumpkin and open the chest within to get the Jack-in-the-Box.

Now head back to the Research Lab and talk to the Doctor, once he's added the component in and about to try it Barrel gets in the way of him and makes him drop it with Lock catching it and the three of them run off with it. Head out to Guillotine Square and Jack will call Zero to go after them. Head to the Graveyard and you'll see them escape across Moonlight Hill in a bathtub. Head into the coffin to the Boneyard and then go around to the second exit to Moonlight Hill. At the base of the hill there's a small lever, examine it to uncurl the hill and get to the Bridge. Now here there are three of chests and an exit to Guillotine Square. The chest on the left on a ledge contains Dalmatians 40, 41 and 42. The one underneath the bridge contains a Dispel-G. And lastly, the one on the right of the bridge on another ledge contains a Defense Up. Now head to the gates to Oogie's Manor where the bathtub is headed to. Go straight ahead jumping across any gaps, then head to the doors but open the chest to the left of the doors to get an Ether. There is a chest inside here to the right containing an Ether, and a Red Trinity, you must use this trinity before defeating Oogie, otherwise it is lost forever. If you're playing Final Mix, the Red Trinity is moved to the archway below the manor and can be used at any time. Cast Fire onto the platform to make it go up... and return down. Jump on to it and get off once you reach higher ground. You can choose to fight Heartless here or you can choose not to as you might fall and have to make your way up once more. Keep going straight and then go up the stairs, take the path to the right here as the left will only lead to more ways to fall down. Keep going ahead then up some stairs again and through the door ahead to the Evil Playroom.

Lock, Shock and Barrel will turn around and notice you, starting a fight with all three. They don't have too much health, but they are small and agile, with this making hitting them difficult. Lock-on and fight them one at a time to dispatch them quickly.

Lock, Shock and Barrel
WLock, Shock and Barrel KH.png
Lock: 150
Shock: 120
Barrel: 180
24 20 36 Lock: 180[1]
Shock: 120[1]
Barrel: 240[1]
Resistances Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.4 x0.3 x0.5 x0.5
Rewards Lock: HP Ball x5
Shock: MP Balls x5
Barrel: N/A
Keep hitting Lock or casting magic against him, and use the HP Orbs he drops to heal. Keep hitting Shock or casting magic against her, and use the MP Orbs she drops to renew your MP. Keep hitting Barrel or casting magic against him.

After defeating Lock, Shock and Barrel, a Save Point will appear, save and heal, then attack the lever near where the trio are. Then head to the Red Trinity that you missed and use it to get a chest with a Mythril Shard inside. Leave the room and look right, there is another platform, jump to it then drop down again and enter the green door to fight Oogie Boogie. While Jack was wanting the Heart back, Oogie works against him and eats it instead, and then calls to the Heartless... of which only 2 Gargoyles respond to.

Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie KH.png
450 24 20 38 2500
Resistances Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.5 X0.25 X0.25 X0.5
Gravity Stop KO Other
X0.2 X0 x0.5 x0.5
Rewards Holy Circlet, Ansem's Report 7
Once the battle starts, Oogie will send the 2 Gargoyles to attack you, once they're done with the buttons will rise and glow around the central area. Press the correct button to lock Oogie off from leaving the area and your platform will raise you to Oogie's level where you can drop a number of combos at him. However when Oogie drops 3 dices, you can deflect them back to him and earn 24 Tech EXP per die. However depending on the total, he will use a number of methods to attack, one being the 3 cowboys, another being a spinning saw and another being the Heartless. Once his HP has started dwindling down, he will call down a tri-bladed knife to bounce around the area, dodge the blades as they go up and keep away from them when they drop. Use Cure and Potions to heal.

After defeating Oogie Boogie, he will become nothing but an insect and the Heart lying among his remains. However once the party leaves the area, or is about to, the ground shakes and after the screen blackens Oogie is shown to have fused with his Manor and now is one being, you must now fight the remains of his Manor.

Oogie's Manor
Oogie Boogie's Manor KH.png
90 24 20 40 2500
Resistances Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x0.0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0.0 x0.0 x0.0 x0.0
Rewards Gravity
Jump to the bottom and climb the tree branch to the right, keep going straight until you reach some ledges, jump and head to the left and defeat the Shadow Glob there. Then jump to the right where a Shadow Glob is on the ground. Then go ahead and turn left forgetting the lantern, and attack the Shadow Glob there. Then jump across the metal mouth and attack the Shadow Glob on the wall. From here keep going straight until you reach the roofing of a tower, then jump up onto it and onto the platform with the ribs surrounding it, defeat the Shadow Glob here then drop down. Go back to the branch we went on but take the 2nd branch ahead of it, near the lantern. Jump up and get to the Shadow Glob there and take care of it. Next, head around the branch and jump onto the branch near Oogie's left foot then onto the ledges and then to the final Shadow Glob. Use Cure to heal.

After defeating Oogie's Manor it will break down into nothing and the Keyhole will appear underneath where it once stood. Later Jack will hand you the Pumpkinhead, ending this world's story.

When you return...[edit]

If you want to get a 100% in the game, you'll need to return to Halloween Town later to access the remaining treasures as well as a Trinity Detect (which is unlocked after your first battle with Riku in Hollow Bastion) Any treasure from the Manor that was not collected will be found in the Graveyard, in a hidden area that cannot be accessed during the main trip. As mentioned before, if you're playing the original Kingdom Hearts the Trinity Charge is now gone since the Manor was destroyed, preventing you from getting a 100% completion.


  1. ^ a b c Becomes 1/10th if this child is not defeated last.
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