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Wishing Star KH.png Sweetstack (Aqua) KHBBS.png

"My Keyblades"
Name ParadiseFusion15
A.K.A No.XV, Willyx
Gender Male
Signature Frost Crystal KHII.pngParadiseFusion15
Keyblades Sweetstack and Wishing Star
Attribute Aura
Owned KH Games *Kingdom Hearts
*Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
*Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
*Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
*Kingdom Hearts II
*Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
*Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance


Sweetstack Keychain KHBBS.png This user is friends with the nefarious Keyblade.
ParadiseFusion15 - Leave, already? I, for one, would apply myself a bit more. Wishing Star (card).png
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ParadiseFusion15 - Anger and hatred are supreme. Frost Crystal KHII.png
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Featured Quote

Xemnas KHII.png You had better check. Make sure the box's contents match what's on the label.

Petal Marluxia.gif Featured Weapon

Sword of the Ancestor KHII.png Mulan's sword is one made for fighting; it has been passed down to her by Fa Zhou and still provides good power in tough times.

My Opinions

Category Favorite Runner Up 3rd Favorite Least Favorite
Game Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Storyline Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Joke Weapon Pizza Cut Midnight Snack Just Desserts Wyvern
Organization Member Zexion Xemnas Demyx Luxord
Battle Soundtrack Forze dell'Oscurita The Encounter Darkness of the Unknown Scythe of Petals
Keyblade Sweetstack Wishing Star Counterpoint Hero's Crest
Original World Hollow Bastion Castle Oblivion The World that Never Was Traverse Town
Disney World Symphony of Sorcery Monstro The Land of Dragons Agrabah
Heartless Parasite Cage Sergeant Pirate Leechgrave
Nobody Dancer Assassin Sorcerer Dusk
Unversed Symphony Master Scrapper Metamorphosis Buckle Bruiser
Dream Eater Spellican Commantis Ryu Dragon Thunderaffe
Boss Chernabog Hades Maleficent (BBS) Mysterious Figure
Reality Shift Melody Catcher Nightmare's End Mirage Split Code Break
Shotlock Flame Salvo Prism Rain Photon Charge Sonic Shadow
Limit Break Meteor Mirage Magic Hour All-Vanity Wave Gigs
TWEWY Character Rhyme Beat Shiki Neku
FF Character Tifa Auron Fuu Leon
Party Member Ariel Auron Mulan Donald
Command Style Rockbreaker Cyclone Rhythm Mixer Thunderstorm
Limit (KHII) Eternal Session Complete Compilement Bushido Treasure Isle
D-Link Maleficent Mickey Vanitas Snow White
D-Link Finisher Hero's Pride Miracle Dance Faithcharge Goofy Turbo
World Battle Theme Monstrous Monstro Scherzo di Notte All for One Go for it!
World Theme Mickey Mouse Club March The Secret Whispers A Very Small Wish Traverse in Trance
Organization Weapon Chakrams Ethereal Blades Lexicon Shield

Willyx's Reports

Willyx's Report 1

It was just like any other day in the town. Other than, perhaps, the fact that it was being attacked by creatures called, "the Heartless." I worried my brother, Ienzo, was in terrible danger, so I went to the castle.

On my way, I had nothing to fight with other than a strong heart. I arrived at the castle postern but was unable to go any further. A heartless attacked me, and I blacked out.

I no longer could save my brother, even if he himself was still okay. The darkness was sucking me in...

Willyx's Report 2

I have finally woke up. I had forgotten who I was and what I was doing, but decided I should keep moving forward toward the castle. I traversed a long corridor seing a strange man along the way. I asked who he was, and he replied,"Ansem." That's when I realized: it was Xehanort. I continued forward toward Ansem the Wise's Study, only to find he wasn't there.

I approached the computer room where I saw three lifeless shells: Even, Braig, and my brother, Ienzo.

I was astounded. However, in no time at all, I vanished and mystically left the room.

Willyx's Report 3

I wasn't quite able to tell where I was, but I heard the ocean, I saw teeth, and I saw a tongue. I was in a large monster. Recently, I discovered that this monster is named Monstro. Around me, I see large amounts of wood, including something wooden that I would never mistake.

I saw a wooden keyblade. Thing is, it was split in half. It was then I remembered the importance of the "keyblade". A boy named Ventus used a keyblade to save my brother. I began to want one, but did not know how. I took the broken sword and tried to put it back together, but failed.

Instantly, it transformed into a blade which I took. It then transformed into a new keyblade. My keyblade.

Willyx's Report 4

Paradise Fusion. It is the Product of a Sweetstack and a Wishing Star fusing together to create a key that rivals the x-blade in power. It can be unfused to create two keyblades, but together, oh, now that is power!

Sweetstack is the keyblade of Ice Cream. Interestingly, I am a fan of Ice Cream. Wishing Star captured the wood qualities of this whale. They fused together using the power of Aura, which then became my power. With the power of Aura, I can see the past, present, and future. I see anything and everything.

The immense power of such a keyblade caused tremors in the mouth. Not like an earthquake, but more like it was spitting me out.

Willyx's Report 5

There I was. Floating in nothingness. Such place is called the Lanes Between, and named so forth because it is between worlds. My keyblade reacted to such environment and put me in special armor. It even became a vessel on it's own. It started to move towards a large world of sorts. It was to become my new home.

The stronghold of Organization XIII was dark and malevolent. It's towering buildings elicited fear out of a heart, except I am devoid of one. As I approached a large castle, a hooded man came out. He called himself, "Xemnas". It was then I realized a stood in front of the man who destroyed my home. I pulled out the Paradise Fusion to strike him down until I collapsed.

I woke up in a black coat in a grey room. I knew not what was going on other than the fact that I was in the castle I saw outside. Xemnas came into my room. I was going to attack him but I decided to listen.

Willyx's Report 6

Xemnas told me that I could be part of this "Organization XIII," under one condition. I served as a bounty hunter and did his dirty work as he pleased. He asked me about my powers and I told him of my ability over Aura. He accepted me as an unofficial member of the group.

As I walked out to the grey room, I saw a room full of Nobodies. This was "Organization XIII". I even saw familiar faces. Even in a black coat, Braig in a black coat, and my brother in a black coat reading a book -- a Lexicon. Now, however, he was called Zexion.

I was finally able to be with my brother. My first assignment was at a place called Castle Oblivion.

Willyx's Report 7

I was to locate the Chamber of Waking, which didn't take long. I used the power of Aura to figure out that it was on the second floor. Of course, I now had spare time, so I was going to track down the hero the light, Sora. Word has it, he was at that point destroying members of the Organization, like Larxene. Sora, of course, had just defeated Marluxia and sealed him into a chamber where he could never escape.

When I arrived on floor 13, Sora had already left. Namine took him to Twilight Town. I no longer had anything to do with Castle Oblivion, other than my brother in the basement. Well, at least until I discovered my brother perished at the Riku Replica's hand.

I wasn't incredibly angry. However, I swore to destroy Riku Replica the next time I saw him.

Arriving back in the castle, I ran to my room, where I kicked back and relaxed.

Willyx's Report 8

It has been awhile. Over a year I think. Much has happened since I last wrote.

Vexen took data from Roxas to create a replica known as "Xion." Roxas befriended the puppet only until Xion had to forge with a sleeping Sora. Roxas is now in Twilight Town, er, a simulated form because he was defeated by Riku. Xemnas is furious. He lost both keyblade wielders neccessary for his Kingdom Hearts plan. I'm what's left. I never told Xemnas of Paradise Fusion, but I want to do something with it.

A rebellion. Xemnas wants me to team up with Axel and find Roxas. But I knew where he was. I thought that, during my mission, a rebellion would be good. My own Organization. With my foresight, I see all Organization members perishing. But...

They will be revived.

Willyx's Report 9

Xemnas died today. He was defeated by the keyblade wielders Sora and Riku. Now, Sora is on his way to Disney Castle to complete some mission involving his erased journal. Ha! He should just ask me! Sadly though, he has yet to meet me. But that's going to change.

I know what to do. I'll bring EVERYBODY back. The Organization. Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Vanitas and Xehanort too. Boy, it will be a ride. Using my Aura, I will send my recreated friends back to none other than the Keyblade Graveyard. That is where the plan will go. But I have other ideas. Sora will partake in the Mark of Mastery exam soon, as he traverses the realm of sleep.

He will then traverse the realm of heart.

Willyx's Report 10

Sora has failed his examination. He gave into darkness and only Riku became a master. I will now cast Sora into an illusion so I can enter the realm of heart.

The realm of heart is a place that is merely a Mirage created by those who touch Sora's heart and vice versa. In other words, all that Sora will experience is a sham. A lie. In this realm, Ventus plays an important part as well. You see, Vanitas also exists in Sora's heart. It means that if I play the correct cards, Vanitas and Ventus will fight and forge my ultimate prize: the X-blade. If I can extract the blade from Sora's heart, the force of Ventus would leave him and his heart. Meaning...

Sora will no longer be able to wield the keyblade. It is a similar occurence to what happened in Hollow Bastion before, only Ventus had nothing to do with it. Or so I think.

Willyx's Report 11

I have arrived in the realm. I am at Sora's home island where I see him talking to Riku. Rather than bothering him now, I will go to other worlds and set up the chaos for him to "fix".

I thought to start at my homestead of Radiant Garden, which has gone through a lot while I was gone. Entering Ansem's Lab, I saw the old Hollow Bastion OS system data taht I helped Ansem the Wise with. Looking in, I found nothing. Other than perhaps Sark in the recycling bin. I extracted him. It seems Tron was moved by somebody. That being Kevin Flynn, to a new system. I will now locate members of my rebel Organization.

Starting with Zexion and Larxene.

Willyx's Report 12

The basement meeting room of Castle Oblivion still had Zexion's essence. But not just him; Vexen, Lexaeus, Riku Replica, and even Axel too. I knew that this was going to be the meeting ground for my rebellious organization. Xemnas would just reside in the Nobody World while I stayed here.

Although, Ventus has still yet to be found by him, so he will continue searching. Zexion and Larxene, now revived had few words, other than Larxene's usual contempt. I left for the place where keyblade wielders leave their mark on fate, The Keyblade Graveyard.

In such a place, I saw Aqua and Terra, in seperate areas using their keyblade glider to return to their destroyed home, which is now Castle Oblivion. I have foreseen what will happen.

Ventus will wake up also, and clash with Vanitas to forge the grand prize.

Willyx's Report 13

I must say, these reports have come a long way. 13 entries and counting...

My plans have been arranged. I will send the Trinity and Vanitas on a wild goose chase, and Sora and Riku will follow. Me? I will just mess with Sora a little bit. I will send the members from Castle Oblivion to him that he doesn't remember. If all things allign in such a way, my plans to uproot the x-Blade may succede. Sora, however, will encounter some new worlds he didn't before. Such places exist in his heart and in his heart only.


Willyx's Report 14

I may perish soon. If so, I want my brother Zexion to continue these reports. As for the real world...

I am a member of the true Organization XIII. I am a seeker of darkness, and I will fight any attempt for Sora to reveal me. Honestly, I want this all to be a dream to Sora if it fails, and I will not truly exist. Rather, I shall plan an attack on another member, the Riku Replica to avenge my brother...

And serve a purpose in this world.

Past Weapons


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