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Sweet Wheels

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Kingdom Hearts III
Sweet Wheels
Japanese スウィーツビークル
Rōmaji Swītsu Bīkuru
Translation Sweets Vehicle
Cost HP Offense Power
1588 2660 47 35
Speed Mobility Rolling
2 20 250
Teeny Ship
Cookie Chick
Speed Skirmish 11 (A-rank)

Sweet Wheels is a Blueprint in Kingdom Hearts III.


Required Gummi Blocks[edit]

Gummi Blocks used
Basic Gummies
a Gummi Block Angular/G-01 x10 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-01 x4
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-02 x4 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-04 x6
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-05 x4 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-06 x4
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-09 x2 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-11 x14
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-12 x10 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-13 x70
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-14 x38 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-15 x14
a Cylindrical Gummi Cylindrical/G-01 x2 a Cylindrical Gummi Cylindrical/G-02 x4
a Cylindrical Gummi Cylindrical/G-05 x26 an Aero Gummi Aero/G-01 x8
an Aero Gummi Aero/G-08 x8 an Aero Gummi Aero/G-09 x8
an Aero Gummi Aero/G-12 x6    
Deco Gummies
a Canon Gummi Fira/G x1 a Wing Gummi Angel/G x2
a Wheel Gummi Tire/G x4 a Cockpit Gummi Bubble Helm/G x1
an Option Gummi Neon Orb/G x4 an Option Gummi Neon Chain/G x2
an Option Gummi Muffler/G x2 an Option Gummi Cat Ear/G x4
an Option Gummi Cat Tail/G x6 A Figure Gummi Flantastic Seven/G-03 x1
A Figure Gummi Cake/G x4    }}
a Gummi Material Standard/M a Gummi Material Clear/M
a Gummi Material Plastic/M-01 a Gummi Material Plastic/M-02
a Gummi Material Cheese/M a Gummi Material Sponge Cake/M
a Gummi Material Cookie/M a Gummi Material Snow/M
a Gummi Material Diamond/M    
a Gummi Pattern Emblems/P-01    
A symbol sticker Ribbon/S x1 A sticker Heartless/S x1