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Stationery Squadron

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Kingdom Hearts III
Stationery Squadron
Japanese ステーショナリーズ
Rōmaji Sutēshonarīzu
Translation Stationeries
Cost HP Offense Power
927 1037 1020 -67
Speed Mobility Rolling
230 0 78
Countdown 11 (A-rank)

Stationery Squadron is a Blueprint in Kingdom Hearts III.


Required Gummi Blocks[edit]

Gummi Blocks used
Basic Gummies
a Gummi Block Angular/G-01 x20 a Gummi Block Angular/G-04 x4
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-01 x24 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-04 x12
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-06 x8 a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-08 x4
a Rounded Gummi Rounded/G-09 x4 a Cylindrical Gummi Cylindrical/G-01 x26
a Cylindrical Gummi Cylindrical/G-02 x2 a Cylindrical Gummi Cylindrical/G-05 x8
a Cylindrical Gummi Cylindrical/G-06 x8 an Aero Gummi Aero/G-01 x14
an Aero Gummi Aero/G-02 x2 an Aero Gummi Aero/G-03 x4
an Aero Gummi Aero/G-04 x2 an Aero Gummi Aero/G-06 x2
an Aero Gummi Aero/G-07 x8    
Deco Gummies
a Canon Gummi Firaga/G-01 x1 an Impact Gummi Gungnir/G x2
an Engine Gummi Vernier/G x6 an Engine Gummi Booster/G x1
a Cockpit Gummi Mini-Helm/G x1    }}
a Gummi Material Standard/M a Gummi Material Plastic/M-01
a Gummi Material Timber/M a Gummi Material Steel/M
a Gummi Material Mirror/M    
A numeral sticker One/S x1 A numeral sticker Two/S x1
A sticker Nightmare/S x2 A festive sticker Barcode/S x4