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If you can speak french, the francophone Kingdom Hearts Wiki needs you !
The Unversed logo from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania.
Age 17 years old
Kana アンバース (Anbāsu)
Country France
Least favourite kh game Kingdom Hearts II (how disappointing...)
Actually playing Re:CoM, Final Fantasy X and Zelda Spirit Tracks

Hello there, just a french kh fan (breton, and proud of it) trying to correct the crap.

I also founded a french equivalent to this Wiki, here, hope you guys will help.

New talkbox

Unbirth Discussion — Et moi, Jack, L'EPOUVANTAIL !

Ils me trouvent génial, mes mauvais tours les émerveillent, tous les ans c'est le triomphe et la gloire.

Here's my talkbox.

Nothing else to say.

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