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Bleep Bloop Bop

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Bleep Bloop Bop
Bleep Bloop Bop
"This looks awfully familiar..."
Japanese ピコピコハンマー
Rōmaji Piko-piko Hanmā
Translation Bleep Bloop Hammer
Strength Magic
Base Unit Ultima Base Unit
+36 +1 +64 +0 +1
Defense Crit Rate Crit Bonus
Base Unit Base Unit Base Unit
+0 +1 +0 +1 +4 +1
Attack Speed Approach Speed
Ground Air
1.0 1.0 1.0
1: Heart Bonus
Casual Gear ② (Lexaeus)

The Bleep Bloop Bop is a joke Axe Sword that can be wielded by Lexaeus in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It makes a squeaking sound when swung.


The Bleep Bloop Bop takes the form of a toy mallet with a mostly bright yellow handle, save for a small, silver section near the top. The head of the hammer is split into two identical, bellows-style halves, both of which are bright orange.

"Bleep bloop" is an onomatopoeia for the sound the hammer makes when it hits something, while the second part of its name, "Bop", means "hit". "Piko piko" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the squeaky sound a toy hammer makes when it hits something. "Bleep boop" achieves the same results in English. The Piko Piko Hammer itself is a popular icon in Japanese anime and games, often wielded as a means to punish others in a mostly harmless way when they cause mischief.


The Bleep Bloop Bop's normal ground combo starts with a single-handed upward diagonal slash and ends with a powerful two-handed downward slash. The Y combo can be activated after the first upward slash, and consists of another single-handed upward slash, followed by a leap and a two-handed, downward slam.

The aerial combo consists of a two-handed upward slash followed by a powerful, two-handed, downward slam.