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This article is about the ability from Kingdom Hearts coded.
You may be looking for the item from Kingdom Hearts.
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The Hero's License, otherwise known as Licenses (ライセンス Raisensu?), are special power-ups that appear within the Labyrinth of Olympus Coliseum, in Kingdom Hearts coded. They are obtained after minor story events and are dropped by Heartless and Prize Blox.


In Kingdom Hearts coded, the Hero's License grant the player the ability to use magic. There are several types however the player is initially limited to six.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Licenses are one-time use items that execute certain abilities. They are sorted into combat licenses, which can only be used within battle, and map licenses, which are used on the field. Only eight types of licenses can be stocked at one time, making older licenses drop if newer licenses are picked up.

List of Licenses[edit]

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

License Type Description Unlocked
Strength-L (パワーL
Pawā L
?, lit. "Power-L")
Combat Doubles the damage all allies deal to enemies for 6 turns. Layer 2
Defense-L (ガードL
Gādo L
?, lit. "Guard-L")
Combat Halves the damage taken by all allies for 6 turns.
Scout-L (レンジャーL
Renjā L
?, lit. "Ranger-L")
Map Ensures the player is never back-attacked throughout the current layer.
Break-L (ブレイクL
Bureiku L
Map Destroys all breakable blox in the area.
Charge-L (チャージL
Chāji L
Combat Lets the player store up power for 1 turn to triple the damage dealt by the next attack. Save Room between Layer 2 and Layer 3
Auto-Block-L (オートガードL
Ōto Gādo L
?, lit. "Auto-Guard-L")
Combat Causes all allies to automatically block enemy attacks for 6 turns.
Regen-L (リジェネL
Rijene L
Combat Restores 10% of each ally's HP at the end of every turn for 6 turns.
Auto-Life-L (リレイズL
Rireizu L
?, lit. "Reraise-L")
Combat Brings allies back into the fight if they have fallen during that turn.
Timing-L (ジャストL
Jasuto L
?, lit. "Just-L")
Combat Loosens up the timing for all allies' combo strikes for 6 turns Save Room between Layer 5 and Layer 6
Reload-L (リロードL
Rirōdo L
Combat Instantly reloads all your commands.
Escape-L (エスケープL
Esukēpu L
Combat Ensures you escape a battle unharmed.
Reload-Boost-L (リロードプラスL
Rirōdo Purasu L
?, lit. "Reload-Plus-L")
Combat Speeds up reloading of all your commands for 6 turns. Save Room between Layer 15 and Layer 16
Entrap-L (トラップL
Trappu L
?, lit. "Trap-L")
Map Ensures you get a preemptive strike in every battle throughout the current layer.