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Game:Vali, Vala, & Vidar

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Vali, Vala, & Vidar

The Vali, Vala, & Vidar<span style="font-weight: normal">&#32;(<span class="t_nihongo_kanji" style="white-space:nowrap" lang="ja" xml:lang="ja">ヴァーリ&ヴォルヴァ&ヴィーザス</span><span class="t_nihongo_comma" style="display:none">,</span>&#32;<i>Vāri & Voruva & Vīzasu</i><span class="t_nihongo_help noprint"><sup><span class="t_nihongo_icon" style="color: #00e; font: bold 80% sans-serif; text-decoration: none; padding: 0 .1em;">?</span></sup></span>, lit. "Vali & Völva & Víðas")</span> boss from the Last Episode. Their other arms are missing in the game as well, it's probably a visual bug but I didn't want to manipulate the image by re-adding them.

Japanese ヴァーリ&ヴォルヴァ&ヴィーザル
Rōmaji Vāri & Voruva & Vīzaru
Translation Vali & Völva & Víðarr
Homeworld Scala ad Caelum
Game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

KHDR tracks
Battle theme - True Darkness
Episode LV BP
Last Episode 70 30000
Physical Magic Fire Water
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Lightning Wind Light Darkness
Normal Normal Weak Normal
Poison Sleep Paralysis Blind
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Attack Physical
Passive Effects
Defeat 1 HP +1
Defeat 10 Strength +2
Defeat 100 Strength +10
Defeat 1000 Strength +10

Vali, Vala, & Vidar are the first bosses of the Last Episode in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.