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<gallery> File:Ominous Blight KHD.png|Ominous Blight File:Abaddon Plasma KHD.png|Abaddon Plasma File:Pain of Solitude KHD.png|Pain of Solitude File:Sign of Innocence KHD.png|Sign of Innocence File:Crown of Guilt KHD.png|Crown of Guilt File:Abyssal Tide KHD.png|Abyssal Tide File:Leviathan KHD.png|Leviathan File:True Light's Flight KHD.png|True Light's Flight File:Rejection of Fate KHD.png|Rejection of Fate File:Midnight Roar KHD.png|Midnight Roar File:Glimpse of Darkness KHD.png|Glimpse of Darkness File:Total Eclipse KHD.png|Total Eclipse File:Silent Dirge KHD.png|Silent Dirge File:Lunar Eclipse KHD.png|Lunar Eclipse File:Darker Than Dark KHD.png|Darker Than Dark File:Astral Blast KHD.png|Astral Blast File:Maverick Flare KHD.png|Maverick Flare File:Twilight Blaze KHD.png|Twilight Blaze