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Vortex (ヴォルテックス Vorutekkusu?) is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It allows the user to close the distance to nearby enemies with a powerful spinning attack.


In Kingdom Hearts, Vortex is a combat ability that costs 1 AP to equip.

Learning Vortex[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

  • Sora learns Vortex at level 57 with the Dream Sword, level 78 with the Dream Shield, and level 84 with the Dream Rod.

Other Appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Roxas's ground combo finisher with one weapon resembles Vortex.[citation needed]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Xion uses a Vortex-like spinning attack in her second form, during her three-step ground combo.[citation needed]