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Random Enigma
Ven's armor in Birth by Sleep.

Jiminy Journal - Random Enigma- Ventus's animated armor, however, unlike other armors, it is does not seem to be Ventus' Lingering Will. no ones sure what it wants, only that it appears random and sporadically, eager to fight whoever finds it.

Jiminy Journal II - Random Enigma- A Fragment, the only one of its kind. Maleficent placed a bugged version of it within the datascape, however, thanks to cooperation between Sora and Data-Sora, it was defeated. However, now the real one has appeared once more in the real world, bringing with it a host of empty armours to inhabit.

Jiminy Journal III - Random Enigma - A Frgamnet, once thought to be Ventus', but revealed later on to be the Fragment of Vanitas, when Sora, Aqua, Terra, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Roxas, Axel, Xion, the Riku Replica and Naminé fought him in the Keyblade Graveyard, he summoned hoards of Unversed, Heartless, and Nobodies, in an attempt to win. However, Sora won in the end, and freed the piece of Ventus' heart he had a hold over.

D Reports - Random Enigma- The armor that rescued Riku from the realm of darkness during the events of Sora's first journey. It left him at Hollow Bastion, where Maleficent found him.

Debug Reports - Random Enigma- A Fragment, the only one of its kind. When Ventus' heart fractured part of it inhabited the armor he once used, now it has entered the datascape, but for what reason, no one knows. As an added bonus, he can be refought in the datascape.


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