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English Cards[edit]

Base Set

BS-37: Cure [C]
Cure BS-37.png
You gain +1 HP.
Type Magic
Level 1

Break of Dawn

BoD-79: Cure [C]
Cure BoD-79.png
You gain +1 HP.
Type Magic
Level 1

Promotional Cards

Scan of TCG card
Cure - Healing Hand - Often overlooked because of its common rarity, the Cure spell can be a life saver! Instantly healing one Health Point, players using higher level Player Cards often forget to include Cure spells since they have superior attack power. However, higher level Player Cards have lower Heart Points to begin with and can easily become weakened by several successful Challenges by their opponent. That's when the Cure spell comes in handy and allows you to bounce back and regain some of your health to continue the battle!
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