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English Cards[edit]

A Darkness Awakened

ADA-95: Hollow Bastion [C]
Hollow Bastion ADA-95.png
[Dark 3]
You get -2 Attack Value while fighting Dark Cards placed on this World Card.

Type World
Level 3

Break of Dawn

BoD-158: Hollow Bastion [C]
Hollow Bastion BoD-158.png
[Dark 2]

Type World
Level 2

Japanese Cards[edit]


Rj-49: Hollow Bastion [C]
Hollow Bastion Rj-49.png
[Dark 1]
[Reconstruction Committee] When you play this card, if you have "Leon" in your Friend Area, you may return up to three "Hollow Bastion" Friend Cards from your discard pile to your hand.

Type World
Level 1
Rj-50: Hollow Bastion [R]
Hollow Bastion Rj-50.png
[Dark 3]
Your opponent may place Dark and Nobody Cards of any level on this World Card. When you play this card, you may choose one "Leon" from your discard pile and put it into your hand.

Type World
Level 3