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Japanese Cards[edit]

Eternal Darkness

ED-5: Saïx [U]
Saïx card
[Organization XIII] If this card loses a Challenge, place a +1 counter on it when the HP value has decreased.

Type Player/XIII
Level 3
HP 6
Attack Value 5
Magic Value 2
ED-6: Saïx (Berserk State) [SR]
Saïx card
[Organization XIII] This card is played on top of your "Saïx" card when you have 3 or more +1 counters on your "Saïx". During the Challenge Phase, you can challenge an extra time by removing one +1 counter from this card. This card is discarded when you play a Friend card, or when there are no more +1 counters on it. At the end of your Discard Phase, remove one +1 counter from this card.

Type Player/XIII/FC
Level 6
Attack Value 13
Magic Value 3