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English Cards[edit]

Light & Darkness

LaD-91: The King [SR]
The King LaD-91.png
["The King" limit 1]
When this card is played, Choose any card from your deck, put it into your hand, and then shuffle your deck. Discard this card at the beginning of your Discard Phase.

Type Friend
Level 0
Support Value +0
Magic Value 0

Japanese Cards[edit]

Eternal Darkness

ED-3: The King [SR]
The King card
[Only one per deck.]
When the HP of your Player/Light card is reduced to 0 or less by your opponent, set the HP to 1, discard all Friend cards (including Magic/Friend card), Darkness/Nobody, and Equipment cards in play, and play this card from your hand on top of your Player/Light card. This card is discarded at the end of the Discard Phase on your turn.

Type Player/Light/FC
Level 0
HP 1
Attack Value 30
Magic Value 0