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English Cards[edit]

Light & Darkness

LaD-54: Bit Sniper [C]
Bit Sniper LaD-54.png
You may play three "Bit Sniper" cards at once. These cards put into play in this manner count as a single Dark/Heartless Card with respect to Dark Limit. Treat these cards separately after they have been played.
Type Dark/Heartless
Level 4

Break of Dawn

BoD-119: Bit Sniper [C]
Bit Sniper BoD-119.png
Before playing this card, you may discard any number of cards from your hand. If you do so, the level of this card decreases by 1 for each card you discarded while playing the card.
Type Dark/Heartless
Level 4
Home World End of the World
POW 10