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English Cards[edit]

Base Set

BS-42: Oathkeeper [R]
Oathkeeper BS-42.png
When you play this card and a Dark/Heartless Card is defeated in the same battle, you gain +1 HP.
Note: This effect can only be used once per turn.

Type Attack
Support Value +5

Break of Dawn

BoD-94: Oathkeeper [C]
Oathkeeper BoD-94.png
When a "Kairi" card is in your Friend Area, you can equip this card to a "Sora" or "Mysterious Boy" card. When you defeat a Dark/Heartless Card, you gain +1 HP.
Type Equipment
Support Value +4
Magic Support Value +0

Japanese Cards[edit]

Piece of Memory

PoM-30: Oathkeeper [C]
Oathkeeper PoM-30.png
This card can only be equipped on a "Sora" or "Mysterious Boy" card when a "Kairi" card is in your Friend Area.
When you defeat a Heartless card with this card, you gain HP +1.

Type Equipment
Home World Destiny Islands
Support Value +4
Magic Support Value +0