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This page contains a list of quotes said by Mickey Mouse during the course of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-, Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Terra's Story[edit]

  • "Alakazam!"
    before flying away from the Mysterious Tower.

Ventus's Story[edit]

  • "Don't worry! You're safe."
    after guarding Ventus from Vanitas's attack
  • "Tell me where you got that! Keyblades are not something you use just to bully somebody around! Here, I'll show ya!"
    before he and Ventus fight Vanitas.
  • "Yep. I've been trainin' under the great Yen Sid. He found out the worlds are in trouble, an' I sorta took off without tellin' him."
    talking to Ventus after defeating Vanitas.
  • "All I hafta do is think it, and the Star Shard will take me anywhere I wanna go. At least I thought it would. I haven't quite got the fine points down, like...when, or where... It just kinda kicks in whenever it wants to. But I wouldn't have met you if it hadn't brought me here."
    talking about the Star Shard.
  • "Ya know, it might not be an accident. Maybe it starts workin' 'cause it's reactin' to somethin'."
    before the Star Shard glows brightly and transports both him and Ventus.

Aqua's Story[edit]

  • "Hurry! Ya gotta get that girl to someplace that's safe."
    before protecting Aqua and Kairi from the Unversed.
  • "And I'm Mickey. I used to be Yen Sid's apprentice. I came back to him for some more training."
    introducing himself to Aqua.
  • "Let's join forces! Oh no, not now! I'll be okay! See ya real soon!"
    before the Star Shard reacts and begins to glow.
  • "Gosh, I'm glad you're okay."
    upon seeing Aqua in the Keyblade Graveyard.
  • "That's not Ven!"
    while guarding Aqua from Ventus-Vanitas's attack.
  • "Oh no! It...it's gone all haywire!"
    after defeating Ventus-Vanitas.
  • "Don't you worry, Aqua. I believe in Ven, too. Gosh, he's been as good a friend to me as anybody. And if both you and me believe in him with all our hearts...then he'll have two lights to follow instead of one."
    talking about protecting Ventus.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

  • "Riku, can you hear me? I'll be there soon."
    to Riku in the realm of darkness.
  • "I have the other Keyblade—the one that belongs to this world. I've been trying to get through to you, but the darkness in your heart kept me away."
    to Riku.
  • "Your heart won the battle against darkness, but it was too late for your body. That's why you're here—in this place of darkness where hearts are gathered."
    to Riku.
  • "The Door of Darkness will open soon, but it's a door we can't enter. It has to be closed from both sides. To do this, you need two keys and two hearts. Maybe you're here for the same reason I am. Maybe it was fate."
    to Riku.
  • "Don't you feel the echoes of their hearts? You already know the answer. Look inside your own heart."
    to Riku about Sora and Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

  • "Aqua, are you okay?"
    finding Aqua in the realm of darkness.
  • "No time to talk."
    when the Demon Tower appears.
  • "They're called Heartless!"
    before fighting the Demon Tower.
  • "Better not push our luck. Gosh. I never thought I'd find ya in the realm of darkness, that's for sure. So, um, what happened?"
    talking to Aqua after fighting the Demon Tower.
  • "No, just you."
    telling Aqua that he did not see Terra or Ventus.
  • "Oh. But, you'll be okay."
    when Aqua said that the darkness is getting to her.
  • "Say, we've been looking for ya a long time. How come you're in this place?"
    asking Aqua why she is in the realm of darkness.
  • "About...ten years."
    when Aqua asks how long has it been in the realm of light.
  • "I...didn't know."
    when Aqua told him what happened to her.
  • "It's the Heartless. They've been attacking worlds and taking their hearts. And worlds with no hearts vanish into darkness. But if we can lock the door between the two realms—light and dark—from both sides, we can protect the other worlds. So ya see, I came here to find the key on this side. Turns out, it's not so easy getting into the realm of darkness. The points you can cross have become unstable. It's only when a world gets consumed, that an entrance appears in the realm between. So, I waited for my chance...to sneak in. But hey, when I got here, I felt a warm, familiar light. I followed it to find my way...to you."
    explaining what is happening in the realm of light and why he is in the realm of darkness.
  • "Yeah!"
    on Terra and Ven bringing him and Aqua back together again.
  • "We still haven't found him."
    talking about Terra.
  • "I think you're right. He'll be just fine."
    talking about Terra.
  • "Good. Then let's locate that key and go home together!"
    when Aqua wants to go back to the realm of light.
  • "Well, uh, I was so busy finding a way in, that I didn't give a lot of thought to where there'd be a way out. But, together we're sure to find one!"
    talking about finding a way out of the realm of darkness.
  • "May our hearts be our guiding key."
    saying a phrase.
  • "Keyblade wielders used to say those words to each other. And now, it's something I like to try and remember."
    talking about the phrase.
  • "So. Ready?"
    before going deeper into the realm of darkness.
  • "So many worlds have been lost. And now they're trapped here in the dark. Wait—you know this place, Aqua?"
    upon entering the remnants of Destiny Islands.
  • "Aqua. What were the boys' names?"
    asking Aqua the boys' names.
  • "I see. We're getting warm."
    when Aqua says Sora and Riku's names.
  • "Welp, it's Sora and Riku who've been helpin' me. We're tryin' to get that door shut for good."
    explaining to Aqua about Sora and Riku.
  • "Aqua, if this is where my friends first got the Keyblade, it also must be where we'll find its counterpart. The Keyblade of darkness has gotta be here on the dark side of their world."
    realizing where the Keyblade of darkness has to be.
  • "We'll have to hurry. C'mon!"
    before heading to the Secret Place.
  • "Let's keep goin'."
    after fighting the Demon Tide.
  • "I bet it's in here."
    before opening the door in the Secret Place.
  • "There!"
    finding the Kingdom Key D.
  • "Yep, it's just the key I was looking for. A Keyblade from the dark realm!"
    talking about the Kingdom Key D.
  • ""The door of darkness...tied by two keys. The door of darkness...to seal the light." Welp, we've got the keys. Now, we find the ones to close the door."
    taking the Kingdom Key D.
  • "The door between the two realms—it won't let a heart with light pass through. So only darkness keeps spilling out. We can lock the door by using the two Keyblades, but we need help on both sides to get the door shut."
    explaining to Aqua how to close the door of darkness.
  • "Sorry, but the job's taken...by somebody else."
    when Aqua asks that she close the door of darkness.
  • "Yep, the door to Kingdom Hearts. Welp, it's not the Kingdom Hearts you know. Not exactly. But even though it's smaller, it's still the heart of many worlds. And even if it's not a complete Kingdom Hearts, we definitely can't leave it open like this, or darkness will escape and destroy the remaining worlds. It's time. With this key and Sora's in the realm of light, we're gonna close this door. Now, all we need is Riku."
    upon finding the door of darkness.
  • "There! That's everybody! Come on, Aqua—"
    seeing Riku before the Demon Tide appears.
  • "Oh no!"
    when the Demon Tide goes to attack Riku.
  • "Aqua!"
    when Aqua restrains the Demon Tide.
  • "No, I—!"
    when Aqua says to go without her.
  • "Aqua!"
    getting separated from Aqua by the Demon Tide.
  • "Aqua..."
    being forced to go on without her.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Now, Sora! Let's close this door for good!"
    upon Donald and Goofy seeing him on the other side of the door.
  • "Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light."
    talking to Sora.
  • "Donald, Goofy, thank you."
    before he and Sora seal the Door to Darkness.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]


  • "You betcha! Riku, you're not alone. Listen careful now, Riku. The light'll never give up on you. You'll always find it, even in the deepest darkness! But you have to believe!"
    upon appearing before Riku.
  • "I can only send a little bit of my power here. But I have a request."
    wanting a request from Riku.
  • "Riku, don't let go of yourself just because darkness has a hold on you. Fight the darkness inside you! It won't be easy... But don't forget! Even in the darkest darkness, there's always a little light."
    to Riku.
  • "You and I have seen it! The far-off, welcoming light inside the door to darkness... The light of Kingdom Hearts, Riku—it'll show you the way. Please don't give up. Believe in the light. That's all I ask."
    telling Riku to believe in the light.
  • "And I'll try to find a way to reach you. I'll come, I promise."
    to Riku.
  • "But we shook hands, in our hearts. We're connected, you and me."
    before disappearing.
  • "Riku, fight! Don't let Ansem take you!"
    to Riku.
  • "Golly, I'm glad I made it in time! That should keep Ansem tied up for a while. Sorry I couldn't come sooner, Riku."
    interrupting Ansem.
  • "This card showed me the way. I was lookin' for the way out of the realm of darkness, and then this card came along. As soon as I picked it up, it showed me your heart, waaay out beyond the darkness. And that's how I tracked you down. I guess the card thought it belonged with you."
    to Riku.
  • "The power of light should keep Ansem locked up for a while."
    talking to Riku about Ansem.
  • "So, you decided not to go to sleep, huh?"
    talking about Riku's choice.
  • "I'm not really sure. I can't help feeling that I met him somewhere before..."
    talking about DiZ.
  • "Golly, it sure feels like I've met DiZ somewhere before."
    talking about DiZ.
  • "Don't you worry! Together, we can defeat him!"
    to Riku about Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.
  • "No can do! I already made my choice. No matter what happens, I'm going to be there to help you. I'm not backing down. Unless you don't believe I'll come through for you..."
    saying that he'll help Riku.
  • "Same here. You won't lose—not in a million years."
    to Riku.
  • "You'd never let the darkness get the best of you. I'm sure of that."
    talking to Riku.
  • "I know you wanted to do this alone, but you don't mind a LITTLE help, right? Let's go, Riku."
    after Ansem vanishes.
  • "Your darkness belongs to you. Just like your light. Until now, I thought darkness was nothing but bad. But my time with you made me change my mind. You've chosen a road I never thought of. Light and dark, back to back. With you, they mingle in a way no one's ever seen before. I want to see where that road leads. And if it's okay, I want to walk the road with you."
    talking about the darkness.
  • "Oh, you don't have to call me that, heh heh!"
    before the ending.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "Gosh, have I been worried about you! Where've you been all this time?"
    talking to Riku.
  • "For a second there, you looked just like...well, you know..."
    talking about Ansem.
  • "That's great to hear. But, you said that Sora hasn't woken up yet... Did something go wrong?"
    worried about Sora.
  • "Gosh, I guess that explains things. It's almost like they're trying to buy some time..."
    talking about Organization XIII.
  • "Well, then you have to let me help! Maybe I could get the memories back!"
    trying to help Riku.
  • "Sure. Just tell me what you need."
    accepting Riku's favor.
  • "Don't say that, Riku."
    to Riku.
  • "Of course, Riku. I promise."
    promising Riku.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX[edit]

  • "The way you looked—"
  • "And Sora... Did something go wrong with fixing all his memories?"
  • "You know, you and me were both looking into what the Organization was up to, but what I saw didn't look like much. Almost like they're trying to buy some time..."
  • "I promise, Riku."

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Shh! You gotta board the train and leave town! The train knows the way."
    upon meeting Sora and company in Twilight Town.
  • "Say, fellas, did somebody mention the Door To Darkness?"
    upon appearing in Hollow Bastion.
  • "Well, the Door To Darkness can only be opened by the seven princesses. There's Snow White, Jasmine, and Belle..."
    talking about the password for the DTD.
  • "I'll see ya when you get back. Oh! One more thing. Let me give your clothes some new powers, Sora."
    before giving Sora Master Form.
  • "Finding Ansem's research data will have to come first. I'll explain everything later. Please be careful."
    talking to Sora and company.
  • "Of course I do! And this is him! I'm positive!"
    talking about Ansem the Wise.
  • "Well, the man in the picture is definitely the one who tried to take over Kingdom Hearts-the one you fellas defeated. But, what you actually fought was his Heartless. Ya see, he wasn't really Ansem. He just went around telling everybody that he was."
    talking about Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.
  • "I know I've met this fake Ansem before, and I've seen the leader of Organization XIII, too. Hmm, kinda felt like bein' around the same fella."
    talking about Xemnas.
  • "Don't worry. There's already lotsa help here. We'll take care of this fight."
    while in the Bailey.
  • "You sure have lotsa friends to help. So, I guess we better all pull together and finish this battle for good!"
    after defeating Demyx.
  • "They'll pay for this."
    after Goofy is knocked unconscious.
  • "Yep, that's what worries me too."
    during his flashback.
  • "Now I remember! Xehanort! Ansem's apprentice! The leader of Organization XIII is Xehanort's Nobody!"
    before fighting 1000 Heartless.
  • "I got somethin' to tell ya. I found out where Ansem is---Ansem the Wise! The real Ansem! He snuck into Organization XIII's stronghold."
    talking to Sora and company about where Ansem the Wise is.
  • "I don't wanna break my promise."
    talking about his promise to Riku.
  • "Riku's going to be so mad at me. Still, we have to hurry and search the mansion!"
    talking about Riku and the mansion.
  • "There should be a computer leading to another world in this mansion! I'm sure we'll find it if we search hard enough!
  • "Hey, that's it! Ansem the Wise loved ice cream!"
    giving a clue about Ansem's password.
  • "Then we better find a way to get to that castle!"
    upon arriving in The World That Never Was.
  • "You can bet Organization XIII will be waiting for you in that castle. I don't need to tell you how powerful they are. Don't let your guard down."
    talking about Organization XIII.
  • "Ansem the Wise. Why didn't you come to me before things got so bad?"
    talking to Ansem the Wise in The World That Never Was.
  • "Gosh, we didn't lose each other exactly. Riku left...well, 'cause Xehanort's Heartless was still inside his heart, troubling him. And he sure must've been suffering. But what I don't understand is why he looks like that now, when he's still Riku at heart..."
    talking about Riku's current appearance.
  • "I guess it must have been after that when I saw Riku again. He said he wanted to help Sora... but he made me promise- Promise that Sora wouldn't ever find out about what happened to him while he was out in the darkness."
    telling Ansem about his promise to Riku.
  • "What's this gadget for?"
    talking about the Kingdom Hearts Encoder.
  • "Ansem did say "anything could happen"..."
    upon seeing back to normal.
  • "They're doing what their hearts command. We can't interfere."
    talking about Pete and Maleficent.
  • "Aw, we don't hate it. It's just kinda...scary. But the world's made of light AND darkness. You can't have one without the other, 'cause darkness is half of everything. Sorta makes ya wonder why we are scared of the dark."
    upon meeting Xemnas.
  • "Xemnas! No!"
    during Xemnas' speech.
  • "The worlds gave us this doorway. They want us to be the guardians of their destiny!"
    talking about the door.
  • "Xemnas has probably grown even stronger, and is waiting for us. This battle began with Ansem's research. Let's finish it for him!"
    before the final battle.
  • "Gosh, you all did great!"
    after defeating Xemnas for the first time.
  • "Well, I'm not sure. But we'd better hurry and get through."
    before going through the portal.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

  • "It looks like Jafar cast a special kind of spell on this city."
    talking about Jafar.
  • "Maleficent. I didn't expect you to be here, in the data world."
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "Hey, Jiminy, how many more worlds still have bugs left inside them?"
    talking to Jiminy about how many worlds are left to debug.
  • "Riku's body was taken over by the bugs. So that means...Oh! If we don't get rid of these bugs, Riku might never wake up!"
    talking about Riku to Sora.
  • "Thanks to you and your hard work, all the bugs are gone from the data world. Thank you so much."
    thanking Sora.
  • "I thought you'd already know. You and I, we're friends, Sora. So, remember... You're not fighting this battle all by yourself. The light that never goes out, even in the deepest darkness...You already have that light within you!"
    during the battle of Sora's Heartless.
  • "No, Sora. That's how it feels to say goodbye. Since meeting you here in the data world, I've come to remember a lot of things. Things about the first time I left home to go on an adventure. About the first time I made friends, long ago... This all brought back so many memories. And now I understand. The notebook didn't only contain the record of your journey. It also held everything that each of us felt. Our hearts. I promise you. We will tell everything that happened here to Sora and Riku. That way, we can all remember this adventure, together. Memories link hearts to each other. They link us to each other So... we'll be friends forever."
    saying goodbye to Sora.
  • "Sora, let me explain. Once upon a time, you lost all of your memories. This girl was the one who helped you recover them."
    during the conversation with Sora and Naminé.
  • "Sora, Riku, Kairi. The truth about the Keyblade is connected to you in many ways. It was in your hearts all along. Sora, everybody connected to you is waiting for you. You are the only one who can relieve their sadness. It could be that your journeys so far were only a warm-up for the next one. Everything you thought was a coincidence is turning out to have a connection. The door to a new journey is just about to open."
    during the ending.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • "A mysterious message?"
    during the opening.
  • "Hmm... "Their hurting will be mended"? Gosh, Jiminy. Sounds like somebody needs help and doesn't know what to do. Let's get to the bottom of this."
    to Jiminy.
  • "Sure, the words you wrote are gone, but that doesn't mean the journal is empty."
    to Jiminy.
  • "Hmm, isn't there something else we can try?"
    to Chip and Dale.
  • "And I think we know just the guy to do it! Am I right, fellas?"
    to everyone.
  • "Oh! Somebody wrote a strange message in Jiminy's journal. And the only way to find out who is by analyzing the book."
    talking to Goofy about the situation.
  • "Really? I'm pretty sure that's what it said, Jiminy."
    to Jiminy.
  • "Listen! Can you hear me? You have to go after him!"
    to Data-Sora about Data-Roxas.
  • "Watch out! Heartless! Use your powers!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Now, open the door. Hold out the Keyblade."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Gee, well...sort of. I'm Mickey. Let's just say I know you, Sora. And Sora knows me. We're good friends!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "You see, I'm from another world and— Gosh, it's a long story. There's this mystery me and my friends are tryin' to solve. But we can't get to your world, so we were hopin' you'd lend a hand."
    talking to Data-Sora.
  • "Just take a look around. We're counting on you."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "It's a deal! I'll give you the details as we go."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Okay, so the first things we're looking for are "glitches." Anything out of the ordinary."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Perfect! That's part of our mystery."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Thanks. And remember, Sora... We might be worlds apart, but just say the word and I'll do my best to guide you."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Sora, I'm picking up some kind of signal. Wait, I'm analyzing it and... Yep, no question. There's some kind of invisible door near your position."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Great! I'll watch the signal and let you know if you're getting hot or cold. I think we're finally on to something!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Huh? What... What's that bright light?"
    to everyone.
  • "Another message!? Let's see... "There's a road for the taking if you end our world's aching.""
    when a new line is written in the notebook.
  • "The world is aching?"
    to everyone.
  • "Hmm... Why don't you try the Keyblade?"
    talking about the Keyhole to Sora.
  • "I'm not sure. But I'll tell ya one thing... Whatever's causing the glitches must be in there with you."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "It's too soon to say. You better take a look around."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Just be careful, Sora. Whatever's in there, it's powerful."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Do you think Sora's all right?"
    to Jiminy.
  • "Gee, you must've been taken someplace else. Tell me about where you are now."
    upon Sora arriving in Traverse Town.
  • "Yep! All the blocks are all gone. You did a great job, Sora."
    talking about the Bug Blox.
  • "Could be. Mind taking a look around?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "You think the source of the glitches might be waiting inside."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "The town might turn back to normal... You'd do that, Sora?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Sora, careful! Things don't seem to work the usual way inside that Keyhole. Some kind of energy spike is causing the world around you to distort."
    to Data-Sora.>
  • "It sure seems that way. The energy spike is coming from further in."
    to Data-Sora.>
  • "Now, hold on. You need to know what you're getting into. The distortions are sure to limit your movement—and not all your abilities will work."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Stay sharp, Sora. The energy spike is still further up ahead."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "You're real close, Sora. Just promise you'll play it safe."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Sora, look out! You're right on top of the energy spike!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "You did. Now you just need to sweep up. Use your power, Sora, and end the glitches here once and for all!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Uh-huh. A power that's yours and yours alone. Use the Keyblade to lock the Keyhole for good!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "That should be the end of the blocks in town. Nice work, Sora! You've solved this world's mysteries."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Hmm... It looks to me like a new message gets added every time a world inside the journal is repaired."
    to everyone.
  • "We gotta check the rest of the castle now!"
    to everyone.
  • "It won't open! Hey! Hello!? Anybody out there?"
    to everyone.
  • "Well, fellas...I hate to say this, but we're trapped."
    to everyone.
  • ""Undo the hurt to unbar the way"?"
    to everyone.
  • "Well then, we'll just have to keep going, repairing the journal's data as fast as we can."
    to everyone.
  • "I'm as worried as you are, Donald, but right now our best hope is fixing up the journal."
    to Donald.
  • "I'm sorry, Sora. I don't know what's goin' on. Eliminating bugs in one world must open a road to the next. "Undo the hurt to unbar the way"..."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "That's right—or at least bugs are what caused them. So far, the major bugs seem to have been hiding inside Keyholes. You'll probably need to find this world's Keyhole, too."
    talking to Sora about a way to turn the world back to normal.
  • "Right. Be careful. I have some good news, though. Your Keyblade has gained new powers...to help you fight the glitches in there."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "You did it, Sora! Now everybody's memories are sure to return to normal."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "That's another world repaired."
    after Wonderland is repaired.
  • ""Undo the hurt to unbar the way." Other worlds in the journal must still need our help."
    to everyone.
  • "After him, Sora! He knows something!"
    about Data-Riku.
  • "Don't worry. Sora will catch him. Then we'll know for sure."
    to everyone.
  • "You're here!?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Datascape? We're in the journal!?"
    talking to Data-Riku.
  • "Then we really are inside the datascape, just like Riku said. Maybe you can tell us—is there any way for us to get back home?"
    saying that him and company are in the datascape.
  • "Sora. That's another one who owe ya."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yep, the bug readings are off the charts. It almost looks like... Gosh, Sora. It looks like the Coliseum's turned into a labyrinth."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "I agree, but Sora... This time the glitches are affecting you, too."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Another thing... I'm picking up some $trange features 1n thé m0r1d @round you. Uh=oh. I don"t th1nk my v0ice will re@ch you much lonGGGer. G00d lUCK,, Sor@!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Pete's here? How'd you get in?"
    upon meeting Pete.
  • "He must be up to something. Quick! After him!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "I wanted to tell you right away...about memories from the past that sleep within you, and...about the pieces that will tie you to your future. Sora, Riku, Kairi... The truth behind the Keyblade has found its way through so many people, and now I know that rests in your hearts. Sora... You are who you are because of those people, but they're hurting, and you're the only one who can end their sadness. They need you. It's possible that all your journeys so far have been preparing you for this great new task that's waiting for you. I should have known there were no coincidences, only links in a much larger chain of events. And now the door to your next journey is ready to be opened."
  • "Yen Sid, I think we're finally close to figuring out where Ven's heart is."
  • "Right. And we've gotta save all three of them."
  • "Xehanort? But his two halves are gone. There was Ansem, who commanded the Heartless...and Xemnas, who commanded the Nobodies. Didn't Sora defeat them both?"
  • "And you think...you think that maybe he's gonna try something?"
  • "Well, it doesn't matter what he cooks up. Me and Sora, we'll be ready, and Riku, too!"
  • "What? What do you mean?"
  • "Of course, but...why?"

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "You don't think— No! Master Yen Sid!"
    realizing something.
  • "Uh-oh!"
    when Diablo came in from the window.
  • "Why, that's Minnie's."
    upon seeing Queen Minnie's crown Diablo left.
  • "It's from Maleficent. She's kidnapped Minnie."
    after reading the letter.
  • "The letter says for me to return to Disney Castle...or else."
    saying that Maleficent wants him to return to the castle.
  • "Okay. You fellas stay here."
    asking Donald and Goofy to stay here.
  • "Gosh...I guess you're right, pals. We friends need to stick together. Master Yen Sid, we'll be back!"
    when Donald and Goofy decides to go with him.
  • "Then I've got bad news for you—that day's never gonna come."
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "No! Minnie!"
    when Pete is holding her hostage.
  • "All right, Maleficent. Tell us what you want."
    telling Maleficent what she wants.
  • "You're lying, Maleficent. Not even you would go through this much trouble just for that. What is it you're really after?"
    telling Maleficent what she really wants.
  • "You know him?"
    when Maleficent says that she knows Xehanort.
  • "What do ya mean?"
    shocked when Maleficent asks for the data for all the worlds.
  • "Why do you want the data?"
    asking Maleficent why she wants the data of the worlds.
  • "Minnie!"
    when Minnie escapes form Pete's clutches."
  • "Maleficent...you lose!"
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "You used the darkness to get here? That was reckless. But gosh, I didn't expect you to save us... Axel."
    when Lea appeared out of the portal.
  • "WHAT!?"
    when Lea said something to Yen Sid.
  • "But are they safe right now?"
    asking Yen Sid about Sora and Riku's safety.
  • "So..."
    questioning Yen Sid.
  • "Master Yen Sid. Gosh, do ya think he'll be able to do it?"
    asking Master Yen Sid about Lea.
  • "Oh... But what about Sora and Riku?"
    talking about Sora and Riku.
  • "Gee, do you really think it's possible Xehanort could have planned things that far in advance?"
    talking about Master Xehanort.
  • "Oh... Oh no. I remember—Xehanort did give up his body. It was a version of him that was possessing Riku."
    talking about Xehanort's Heartless.
  • "If it's all right with you, can I go help Sora and Riku out?"
    asking Master Yen Sid to go help Sora and Riku in the sleeping worlds.
  • "If Xehanort really is behind all this, then they won't stay in the dream worlds forever. Eventually, they're gonna reappear somewhere that we can go reach 'em. And we can even probably guess the place. Follow the hearts, and you'll find the way. That's something Master Aqua told me once."
    telling Master Yen Sid on how to find Sora and Riku.
  • "Aw, fellas, you're my best pals. But this time, I really do need to go it alone. The dangers are greater than anything we've ever faced before. If something were to happen to Sora and Riku and me—why, you'll be the only ones left to keep this world safe."
    when Donald and Goofy wants to go with him.
  • "Thank you. I promise I'll bring them both back safe and sound."
    when Yen Sid tells him where Sora and Riku is.
  • "Stopza!"
    casting Stopza on the members of the real Organization XIII.
  • "I'm glad I'm not too late."
    appearing before Riku.
  • "Just grab Sora so we can go! I can't stop them for long."
    telling Riku to hurry.
  • "Oh no. Are you..."
    noticing it is Master Xehanort possessing his younger self.
  • "Are you okay, Riku?"
    after Riku fought Young Xehanort.
  • "Master Xehanort! We were right about you!"
    upon seeing Master Xehanort.
  • "Why are you doing this?"
    talking to Master Xehanort about his plan.
  • "What you did back then—your mistakes—changed the destinies of three of my friends!"
    talking about Terra, Ventus, and Aqua.
  • "I couldn't find a way to save 'em. But I wanted to believe that their sacrifice stopped you for good. Why? How was I so blind? I should've seen it, as soon as Maleficent started gathering the seven princesses of heart."
    realizing that everything had happened was all Master Xehanort's doing.
  • "Seven guardians of light? Well, for Keyblade wielders, there's me and Riku and Sora. And my three missing friends, that's six. Then the seventh would be... That means...the thirteen seekers of darkness..."
    talking about the seven guardians of light.
  • "The χ-blade!"
    knowing what the prize Xehanort seeks is.
  • "No!"
    when Xehanort begins to turn Sora into the thirteenth vessel.
  • "He made it!"
    when Lea protects Sora.
  • "Right!"
    when Lea says to get out of there.
  • "Goofy, Donald! You saved us!"
    when Donald and Goofy arrives.
  • "Aw, Sora. Don't tell me your heart's sleeping, too."
    looking at Sora sleeping.
  • "You want him to dive back into Sora's sleep? But Master, Sora's heart is down in the darkest abyss. If Riku's not careful, he might just get trapped down there with him. No... I'll go instead."
    when Yen Sid says Riku now has the power to awaken Sora's heart.
  • "There's something real strong that binds us to each other. Even in the darkness, you can reach him. All you gotta do is follow that connection!"
    when Riku says that Sora needs him.
  • "Riku!"
    when Riku awakes from Sora's sleep.
  • "Congratulations, Riku!"
    on Riku becoming a Keyblade Master.
  • "Be careful."
    when Sora is leaving for something to take care of.
  • "Seven pure lights. They're...the princesses of heart."
    when Yen Sid is explaining the seven lights.
  • "So...there's gonna be a clash between seven lights and thirteen darknesses...and there's nothing we can do to avoid triggering the Keyblade War?"
    on the inevitability of a clash.
  • "So we're missing one guardian of light."
    on the seven guardians of light.
  • "Riku! You're back!"
    after Riku returns.
  • "Huh? Wow!"
    upon seeing the mystery guest.

As a Musketeer[edit]

  • "Donald! Where ya goin'?"
    when Donald runs off scared.
  • "Hey, Goofy, that's the wrong way!"
    when Goofy attacks the wrong way.
  • "All right. I'll show ya what a Musketeer can do!"
    before attacking the Dream Eater.
  • "Huh? Have we met before?"
    upon meeting Sora.
  • "You okay? What's wrong?"
    talking to Sora.
  • "Hmm? Where'd you get that key?"
    wondering about the Keyblade.
  • "I know. You came from another world right?"
    asking Sora.
  • "My name's Mickey. I'm workin on a problem. That's why I'm in this world bein' a Musketeer."
    explaining to Sora.
  • "You seem confused."
    talking to Sora.
  • "Look out!"
    when the Dream Eaters appear.
  • "Thanks. I sure owe ya one. Some Musketeer I turned out to be."
    after Sora defeated the Dream Eaters.
  • "Everything's under control, Goof."
    talking to Goofy.
  • "Say fellas, this is Sora. And it doesn't matter when we met. Once we make a friend, we're friends for life."
    introducing Sora to Donald and Goofy.
  • "Now, we've gotta go protect the princess! Donald, Goofy, follow me!"
    before leaving to escort Princess Minnie.
  • "But you're not a Musketeer. And this mission is fraught with danger."
    when Sora wants to come along.
  • "Hmm... Well, all right. Thank you!"
    accepting Sora's offer.
  • "All for one... and one for all!"
    doing the pose with his friends.
  • "Somebody's after the princess? Count on us!"
    agreed to guard the princess.
  • "Don't worry. Donald's real brave, and Goofy's clever. And while I may be small, I've got the heart of a Musketeer!"
    reassure themselves.
  • "Bad guy!"
    when the Nightmare Tyranto Rex appears.
  • "Don't be. It's not your fault."
    when Sora lost the carriage.
  • "Goofy's right. As a team, we can do anything!"
    reassures Donald.
  • "Yep. She's out there somewhere, counting on us to come to the rescue."
    talking about Princess Minnie.
  • "And we're gonna be the ones to save her!"
    before going to save Minnie.
  • "Sora! Thank you. Princess Minnie is safe. We couldn't have done it without ya!"
    thanking Sora.
  • "Wait, Sora. Got any suggestions, Goofy?
    asking Goofy.
  • "You've got an idea?"
    when Goofy has an idea.
  • "Sure, take your time."
    when Goofy asks him to hold on.
  • "Yeah! We did it! Hurray for the Musketeers!"
    when they got rid of the Beagle Boys.
  • "All for one, and one for all!"
    doing the pose after saving Princess Minnie.
  • "What's the matter, Sora? Hold on!"
    when Sora tries to catch up to Goofy.
  • "Goofy's gone? But why would he leave his post?"
    worried about Goofy.
  • "Not you too, Donald?"
    when seeing Donald running.
  • "Calm down, Donald! Start from the beginning."
    talking to Donald.
  • "What? But he's the one who made us Musketeers."
    being told that Pete's going to kidnap Princess Minnie.
  • "A lie? Well...lie or no lie, Musketeers don't ever run from danger!"
    finding out that Pete made them as a Musketeer was a big lie.
  • "Donald, wait! Together we can stop Captain Pete."
    trying to stop Donald from leaving.
  • "C'mon. We'll be right beside you, 'cause we're friends."
    telling Donald that they'll be by his side.
  • "Donald! Donald..."
    when Donald leaves.
  • "Aw, thanks, Sora."
    when Sora says that Donald will be back.
  • "Captain Pete, by the power vested in me as a Musketeer, I arrest you, mister!"
    trying to arrest Pete before he was knocked out by him.
  • "Donald? Goofy? You too, Sora? You came back."
    after he was rescued from drowning.
  • "Aw, fellas. We're not even real Musketeers."
    depressed about not being Musketeers.
  • "You know what? You're right, pals. When the bunch of us stick together, we can accomplish anything!"
    when being encouraged by his friends.
  • "Pete said he was headed for the opera house. And that's where we'll find Her Majesty! C'mon, Musketeers. We've got a princess to rescue."
    before going to the opera house.
  • "Princess! C'mon. It's time to put our Musketeering to the test!"
    when going to save Princess Minnie.
  • "The jig is up, Pete!"
    when going to fight Pete.
  • "Right. Thanks, Sora!"
    before getting Princess Minnie to safety.
  • "Hurray!"
    after being dubbed royal Musketeers.
  • "Fellas? All for one, and one for all!"
    doing the pose after being dubbed royal Musketeers.

As a Sorcerer's Apprentice[edit]

  • "Gosh, is that a Keyblade? Who are you an apprentice to? I'm Mickey, the sorcerer's apprentice."
    when meeting Sora telepathically.
  • "Thank you, Sora, but it's no use. A monster's possessed that music. And he's releasing darkness that stops anybody from going in there to fight him. To dispel the darkness, we need a Sound Idea."
    when Sora wants to help him.
  • "What? You'll find one for me?"
    when Sora wants to find a Sound Idea.
  • "Inside this musical score should be a power that can sweep away any darkness. But you gotta be careful. In between those clefs and notes are monsters- not as strong as the big one, but still pretty strong."
    summoning a musical score.
  • "Thank you, Sora. I can tell you found us a Sound Idea. Well, I guess we should try and put it to work."
    When Sora found a Sound Idea.
  • "That's strange... Is one Sound Idea not enough?"
    When the Sound Idea is not strong enough.
  • "Wow! The sounds are all joining together to make even more powerful music!"
    when another Sound Idea appeared and combined the powers together.
  • "Yes. But Sora-"
    when Sora is ready to fight the Dream Eater.
  • "Thanks, Sora! Don't know what I woulda done without ya!"
    after he was free from the darkness.
  • "Oh no! The water! I'm in big trouble if I don't fetch it! See ya real soon, Sora!"
    before leaving to get some water.
  • "You won't be able to defeat that darkness with brute force. I'm Mickey, the sorcerer's apprentice. Who are you?"
    when meeting Riku telepathically.
  • "Do ya really mean you're gonna try and help me?"
    when Riku wants to help him.
  • "Gosh, Riku, something tells me you and I are gonna be good friends, and we'll help each other out a lot someday."
    when Riku is going to help him.
  • "Inside this music is a Sound Idea powerful enough to dispel the darkness. Can ya find it?"
    summoning a musical score.
  • "Thank you, Riku. Say, can we try out that Sound Idea?"
    after Riku defeats Chernabog.
  • "That was amazing! What happened?"
    after he was free from the darkness.
  • "Sora? Funny.. Just hearing that name kinda makes me wanna smile."
    when Riku mentions Sora.
  • "Whaddaya know... Riku and Sora. The Sound Ideas you two set free joined together. And when they did, they made a great and powerful harmony."
    talking to Riku about the combined efforts of him and Sora.
  • "Wow! No wonder the music sounded like so much fun. But I bet he's got you to thank for that. Having such a good friend means he could really enjoy it."
    talking about Sora.
  • "It's like each of you is holding on to a little part of the other. Your hearts are always in tune, so they're free to sing. Gosh, I hope I can be part of the team someday."
    talking about Riku and Sora's friendship.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

  • "I saw her. In the realm of darkness."
    starting to explain to Riku and Kairi about what happened to Aqua.
  • "I thought...I heard her voice in the distance."
    after explaining to Riku and Kairi about what happened to Aqua.
  • "I had to respect her choice."
    when Riku asks why did he keep it from him for so long.
  • "I know..."
    when Riku says that they could have helped her.
  • "But, now we can help Aqua. You and I—we're gonna go find her!"
    saying that he and Riku are going to find Aqua.
  • "He means Axel."
    explaining Lea's identity to Kairi..
  • "He's a regular person now. He even saved Sora for us. You can trust him!"
    telling Kairi about Lea.
  • "C'mon, Riku. It's time for us to go. First, we gotta find an entrance to the realm of darkness."
    before Yen Sid gives them new clothes.
  • "Thank you, Master."
    when Yen Sid gives Mickey and Riku new clothes.
  • "Okay, let's go!"
    before he and Riku start heading off to the realm of darkness.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "What's wrong, Riku? Are you tired? Do you need a break? We can stop."
    to Riku in the Dark World.
  • "Well, gee. Think of all you've seen! All the feelings you've felt. Why, you've done years of growin' in almost no time at all."
    to Riku.
  • "It's not me. I think it's because you've finally found inside you that special strength to protect what matters. Sometimes you care so much for somebody that other feelings disappear. And then, there's no room for fear or doubt."
    to Riku.
  • "Sort of, but the realm of darkness has changed since I was here with Aqua."
    to Riku.
  • "Usually, I'd just follow my heart, and Aqua would show me the way. But the closer I get, the hazier our connection feels."
    to Riku.
  • "It's gone. I'm positive Aqua was here. But now...her trail's gone dim."
    to Riku at the Dark Margin.
  • "Aqua...has fallen into an even darker abyss—somewhere I can't see her. And I don't think we're equipped to dive any deeper than we already are."
    to Riku.
  • "Oh no! Riku...be careful. Even the least threatening Heartless are stronger in this realm."
    to Riku.
  • "Riku... Wake up... Riku. Are you okay?"
    to Riku.
  • "I got more than half of 'em, and the rest vanished. But, they spit you out first."
    to Riku.
  • "I know ya feel invincible, but we're not."
    to Riku.
  • "Yeah, thanks to the new gear. But...your Keyblade... The Heartless here are stronger than what we expected. I guess we probably should've powered up our Keyblades before we came in here, huh? I think we need to go back to Master Yen Sid's tower so we can regroup."
    to Riku.
  • "But Aqua... She's like Sora."
    to Riku.
  • "No no no... Strong like Sora!"
    when Riku is confused about how Aqua is like Sora.
  • "Hey there, fellas. So, what've you three been up to?"
    to Donald and Goofy.
  • "All traces of her vanish into the great abyss...beneath the realm of darkness."
    about Aqua.
  • "I'm not sure who's even left to ask. Ventus is hidden...and Aqua's the only one who knows where. Plus, nobody's seen Terra in ages. Aqua was the last."
    to everyone.
  • "Good plan, sir. Riku and I will retrace her steps and see if we can find any sort of clues, but first... We got hit pretty hard in the realm of darkness. My Keyblade was damaged, and the Heartless broke Riku's clean in half. So, we're gonna need to get replacements before we can continue."
    to Master Yen Sid.
  • "Yeah, she said he was acting strange."
    to Riku about Aqua and Terra.
  • "She sensed darkness in him, and they ended up getting into a big fight."
    to Riku about Aqua and Terra.
  • "Ansem the Wise took the stranger in, but that was a mistake. Xehanort betrayed his master, stole his research, and along with his fellow apprentices, separated his heart from his body. Xehanort's heart took his master's name, "Ansem," and traveled to the past to give his younger self instructions. He even briefly had control of you. His empty body stayed in the present, took the name Xemnas, and founded Organization XIII. Their goal was to prepare thirteen vessels for Xehanort's heart."
    to Riku about Terra-Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas.
  • "Yep, she did. The problem is we didn't notice. You remember the end of the Mark of Mastery exam, when Master Xehanort made his grand return? That's the Xehanort I remember. He was already a pretty old man then. But how do you explain Ansem and Xemnas, his Heartless and his Nobody? Isn't it strange how young they look? Why aren't they old men? It's because Xehanort was using a different body when the split happened. That face from the portrait I mentioned—it wasn't just some stranger that Ansem the Wise took under his wing. It was the young man whose body Master Xehanort possessed."
    to Riku about Xehanort.
  • "Yep. Master Xehanort told us "another on our list" belonged to him. He was talking about Terra. Turns out, Aqua saved more than just her friend that day."
    to Riku about Terra-Xehanort.
  • "Hmm... It's 'cause Master Xehanort's collecting vessels! He claimed to have two of our seven lights. We got Sora back, but Terra must still be on Xehanort's side."
    to Riku about Terra-Xehanort.
  • "No, Riku and I are visiting Radiant Garden. Actually, we were just about to call you guys, but it looks like you beat us to the punch."
    to Sora and his gang.
  • "I'll talk to Ienzo. He was in the Organization back then, so he might know more."
    to Sora and his gang.
  • "Aw, it's okay. But there's something you guys should know about one of their members."
    to Sora and his gang.
  • "So, let the rest of us worry about Roxas and Naminé for now. You journey on, and keep an eye out for Terra."
    to Sora and his gang.
  • "They don't change, do they?"
    to Riku about Sora and his gang.
  • "Welp, we gave Merlin the vestments for Kairi and Axel. Let's go stop by Ansem the Wise's study."
    to Riku.
  • "The dark corridors—"
    to Ienzo about Even.
  • "Of course! The Organization could also use the replicas!"
    to Riku.
  • "We'd better go tell Master Yen Sid. And Sora, and the others, too!"
    to Riku.
  • "She must be. But still, she chose to wield a Keyblade and fight with us as one of the guardians of light."
    to Sora about Kairi.
  • "I'm sorry. It's all my fault."
    to Anti-Aqua.
  • "Thank goodness. You're awake!"
    to Aqua.
  • "I feel bad for letting you guys down. We tried, but we still haven't found Terra."
    to Aqua and Ventus.
  • "Oh, gosh! That little girl was Kairi?"
    to Aqua.
  • "Welp, we've got our seven guardians."
    to everyone.
  • "Kairi's right. We're all in this together, Sora."
    to Sora.
  • "It's time. The Keyblade Graveyard is up ahead."
    to the guardians of light.
  • "No, we should all get to safety, while we still can."
    to Aqua.
  • "The Organization's been using hearts. Ones Xehanort got to in the past and has influence over. So, that must be you from when Ansem had control of your heart."
    mistaking Dark Riku for Riku's past self.
  • "We're not gonna leave you behind!"
    to Master Yen Sid.
  • "Sora, I'll go after Xemnas, while you go find the others."
    after Marluxia and Larxene's defeats.
  • "You'll pay! Ultima!"
    attacking Master Xehanort after Kairi's crystallization.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • "...Sora ...Sora. It's me. I'm glad my voice is reaching you."
    contacting future Sora.
  • "I know, but we can still save her."
    to Sora about Kairi.
  • "Master Xehanort's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Kairi's one of the seven hearts, which is why he crystallized her—so he can use her as insurance until Kingdom Hearts is opened. She's his last resort."
    explaining why Xehanort crystallized Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "We've still got one hope."
    to everyone.
  • "But, it won't be easy. Aqua, Riku, I'll need both your help if we're gonna push Xehanort out of this world."
    to everyone.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • "Everybody, be strong!"
    to everyone, holding Kingdom Hearts back.
  • "No...I can't give up!"
    defending against the Replica Xehanorts alone.
  • "No matter how far... The light will connect our hearts!"
    defending against the Replica Xehanorts alone.
  • "We are—all of us— Together!"
    assisted by Sora.
  • "Let the light connect us!"
    shining light into the keyhole.
  • "Sora... What are you doing here...? Is it...really you?"
    to Sora.
  • "Now, let's follow Sora's heart!"
    to everyone.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "It's finally over."
    after closing Kingdom Hearts.
  • "Sora, listen. The power of waking isn't to go chase hearts around! Even if you do locate Kairi, you might never come home to us again."
    trying to convince Sora not to abuse the power of waking.
  • "Yeah... Safe journey, Sora."
    wishing Sora farewell.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit]

  • "Riku went alone!? But that's way too dangerous! I hafta go after him now!"
    worried about Riku.
  • "But Master Yen Sid, he's all alone in a world we know nothing about!"
    to Master Yen Sid.
  • "But we defeated Xehanort. Is there anybody else we can ask?"
    to Yen Sid.

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Ventus and Aqua's Story[edit]

  • "Now!"
    while attacking.
  • "There!"
    when using Pearl.
  • "Let's team up!"
    before starting Burst of Faith.
  • "Together!"
    after finishing Burst of Faith.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "Here goes!"
    The King activating his Limit Break.
  • "Gotta win!"
    The King activating his Final Limit.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Sora!"
    when entering battle and using Healing Light.
  • "I'll help ya!"
    when entering battle.
  • "My turn!"
    when using D-Charge or Pearl.
  • "Keyblade!"
    when using D-Charge.
  • "Light!"
    when using D-Charge or Pearl.
  • "Give me power!"
    when using D-Charge.
  • "The rest is up to you, you gotta wake up!"
    when reviving Sora with Healing Light.
  • "Don't give up!"
    when reviving Sora without Healing Light.
  • "Oh, boy!"
    using Pearl.
  • "Now!"
    using a spinning attack and Pearl.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

  • "Oh no…"
    when falling into low health.
  • "Light!"
    finishing Wayfinder.
  • "You okay?"
    when supporting Aqua.
  • "Hang on!"
    when supporting Aqua.
  • "Aqua, now!"
    after Aqua activates the Wayfinder Situation Command.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Riku, come on!"
    when starting the battle against the demon tide with Riku.
  • "Sora, come on!"
    when starting the battle between Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene.
  • "Sora, Riku, come on!"
    when Starting the fight against Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort.
  • "Heal!"
    when casting cure.
  • "Don't give up!"
    when in Critical HP.
  • "It's all over."
    when knocked out.