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Issues: Weapons that use y-combo

The Y-Combo is an alternate combo used in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


For some weapons, the player may be prompted to press Y during its combo. This will make the player switch to a different combo that is usually quicker and more powerful. The player must press Y every time it is prompted, or else the combo will end. Each weapon has a different Y-Combo, some with none at all.


Ethereal Blade Y-Combo
Infinity Xemnas throws four blades in a horizontal line.
Interdiction Xemnas throws four blades in a horizontal arc.
Arrowgun Y-Combo
Gullwing Xigbar backflips and fires six shots around him.
Blue Frame Same as Gullwing
Ignition Xigbar fires a spread of four shots around him, then backflips and fires two shots forward.
Armstrong Xigbar drops to the ground right-side up.
Stardust Xigbar flips upside-down and fires six shots around him wildly.
Crime & Punishment Same as Stardust
Cupid's Arrow Same as Stardust and Crime & Punishment
Lance Y-Combo
Moonglade Xaldin swings his lances from the same starting point upward to two far points in a "V" formation, then leaps and slashes downwards using one lance.
Aer Xaldin leaps into the air, swinging his lances above him in a circular formation, like a fan, then thrusts all six lances forwards at once in a pointed, star-like shape.
Nescience Same as Aer
Nightcloud Same as Moonglade, but with the finisher being identical to Aer's.
Shimmer Same as Nightcloud
Aether A thrust of all six lances forwards, followed by a star-shaped shockwave being emitted from the tips of the lances, then a forward thrust of all six lances, and X-shaped shockwaves.
Mazzaroth Same as Aether
Hegemon Xaldin swings all six lances in a circle above his head, resembling helicopter blades.
Foxfire Identical to Moonglade
Yaksha Identical to Hegemon
Cynosura Same as Hegemon
Lindworm Xaldin knocks enemies into the air before performing his air combo finisher.
Broom Same as Moonglade
Shield Y-Combo
Snowslide Vexen throws his shield up, leaps, and slams it down.
Iceberg Vexen leaps and slams his shield down.
Edification Vexen performs an air combo, consisting of a thrust upwards, a throw, and a slam.
Contrivance Vexen does an uppercut. Consecutive presses of Y have him poise the shield upward and slam it down.
Subzero Vexen spins the shield 360 degrees, which can be chained three times. Consecutive presses of Y have him poise the shield above him and slam it down.
Cold Blood Vexen poises his shield above him and slams it down.
Diamond Shield Vexen poises his shield above him and slams it down.
Aegis Vexen jumps and thrusts the shield upward. Continually pressing Y will start a combo finisher of throwing the shield in an arc upward then crashing down on the enemy.
Pot Lid Vexen jabs forward. Pressing Y again has him hurl the shield forward.
Axe Sword Y-Combo
Goliath A one-handed upward slash, a leap, and finally a two-handed downward slam.
Colossus Identical to Goliath
Octiron An upward slash, a downward slam, and finally a spinning attack.
Clarity Identical to Octiron
1001 Nights Identical to Octiron
Cardinal Virtue Two upward slashes, a leap, and a one-handed downward slam.
Skysplitter Knocks enemies into the air, and then an aerial, downward slam.
Bleep Bloop Bop Identical to Goliath
Lexicon Y-Combo
Claymore Y-Combo
Chakram Y-Combo
Sitar Y-Combo
Card Y-Combo
Scythe Y-Combo
Knife Y-Combo
Keyblade Y-Combo
Abyssal Tide Roxas/Xion leaps into the air and spins the Keyblade above their head like a vertical buzz saw.
Total Eclipse Roxas/Xion draws the Keyblade back, flips it, rushes forward and performs a quick, angled spinning slash from their left leg.
Kingdom Key+ Roxas/Xion leaps into the air and does a downward slash. Pressing Y again has them do a sliding Keyblade slash.
Crown of Guilt Roxas/Xion does a short hop and makes a 360° slash in the air.
Leviathan Roxas/Xion performs a spinning front flip attack that ends in a strong downward slash that can spike airborne enemies.
Silent Dirge Roxas/Xion jumps back, flips the Keyblade, rushes forward, and does an angled spinning slash from the left leg.
Lunar Eclipse Same as the Silent Dirge and Total Eclipse Y-combos.
Astral Blast Roxas/Xion jumps into the air and does a spinning slash with the Keyblade overhead.
Maverick Flare Roxas/Xion does a jumping, vertical, downward slash. Pressing Y again has them thrust downwards.
Twilight Blaze Roxas/Xion strikes downwards in midair, then stabs downwards.
Omega Weapon Roxas/Xion does a downward thrust.
Oathkeeper Roxas/Xion leaps into the air and does a slightly angled spinning slash.
Two Become One Same as Oathkeeper
Oathkeeper & Oblivion[1] Ground: Roxas slashes left to right. Consecutive presses of Y have Roxas slash with the Keyblades, then slash upwards with some spin, and finally spin the Keyblades around him.
Air: Roxas has his Keyblades orbit him dangerously before catching them.
Aubade Roxas/Xion jumps into the air and performs a spinning slash.
Sword Y-Combo
Way to the Dawn Riku dashes forward, thrusting with sword in hand.
Oblivion Riku does an uppercut and jumps slightly. Pressing Y again has Riku thrust downward.
Shield Y-Combo
Dream Shield Goofy dives forward.
Keyblade Y-Combo
Bond of Flame Sora jumps in the air and vertically spins, striking upward with his Keyblade at the end.
Dream Sword Sora does an uppercut with the Dream Sword. Pressing Y again has Sora do a buzzsaw uppercut.

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