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This page contains a list of quotes said by Riku during the course of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

  • "Giving up already? Come on, Sora."
    talking to Sora.
  • "Hey. Did you come from the outside world?"
    talking to Terra.
  • "To protect the things that matter. You know, like my friends."
    talking to Terra about wanting to protect his friends.
  • "I really can't. I've gotta keep it a secret."
    talking to Sora about his secret.
  • "Too slow, Sora! See ya at the finish line!"
    upon Aqua seeing him.
  • "Somebody up there must be sad."
    while Sora sheds a tear.
  • "They say every world is connected by one great big sky. So maybe there's somebody up there in all those worlds who's really hurting, and they're waiting for you to help them."
    talking to Sora about the worlds being connected.
  • "Hmm... Maybe they just need you to open your heart and listen."
    after giving Sora advice.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "You sure you didn't just hear it this time?"
    in a flashback when Sora tells him he saw a "monster".
  • "All right. Suppose there really is a monster... Think we can beat it by ourselves, Sora?"
    to Sora in a flashback.
  • "Shh, quiet. We've gotta be careful."
    in a flashback before entering the Secret Place.
  • "See that? It was just the wind making that noise."
    debunking the "monster".
  • "A window, or maybe a door? It won't open."
    inspecting the Keyhole.
  • "What do you expect in a boring place like this?"
    on the Secret Place.
  • "When we grow up, let's get off this island. We'll go on real adventures, not this kid stuff!"
    during Sora's flashback.
  • "Giving up already? Come on, Sora. I thought you were stronger than that."
    to Sora.
  • "So, I guess I'm the only one working on the raft."
    talking about making the raft.
  • "Well, I haven't really thought about it. It's just... I've always wondered why we're here on this island. If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there are other worlds... Then ours is just a little piece of something much greater. So we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right?"
    talking about why they are here.
  • "If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what. C'mon, I know you want to try it."
    talking about the Paopu Fruit.
  • "Deal? The winner gets to share a paopu with Kairi."
    before the race with Sora.
  • "The door has opened..."
    talking to Sora at the small island.
  • The door has opened, Sora! Now we can go to the outside world!"
    explaining to Sora.
  • "Kairi's coming with us! Once we step through, we might not be able to come back. We may never see our parents again. There's no turning back. But this may be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us! I'm not afraid of the darkness!"
    before he is engulfed in darkness.
  • "Isn't she with you? Well, don't worry. I'm sure she made it off the island, too. We're finally free. Hey, she might even be looking for us now."
    talking to Sora and company in Traverse Town.
  • "So, this is called a Keyblade?"
    holding Sora's Keyblade.
  • "But Sora, I thought you liked games. Or are you too cool to play them now that you have the Keyblade?"
    taunting Sora in Monstro.
  • "Why are you doing all this for me? What's the catch?"
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "You up for this?"
    before he, Sora and company fight Parasite Cage.
  • "Are they that important to you? More important than old friends? Instead of worrying about them, you should be asking...about her."
    talking to Sora in Neverland.
  • "Let's get under way, already. And keep Sora away from Kairi until we're ready to land."
    ordering Captain Hook.
  • "No vessel, no help from the Heartless... So tell me, how'd you get here?"
    talking to Beast.
  • "Maleficent was right. You don't have what it takes to save Kairi. It's up to me. Only the Keyblade master can open the secret door...and change the world."
    upon him gaining the keyblade.
  • "Really... Well, we'll just see about that!"
    before he tries to hit Sora in Hollow Bastion.
  • "Your heart? What good will that weak little thing do for you?"
    before fighting Sora.
  • "What? You're saying my heart's weaker than his?"
    talking to Xehanort's Heartless.
  • "You've got to run! The Heartless are coming!"
    warning Kairi, Donald, and Goofy before Ansem completely takes over his body.
  • "Come on, Sora! Together, we can do it!"
    trying to close the Door to Darkness.
  • "Take care of her."
    before closing the door.

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix[edit]

  • "Sora... Kairi... I'm sorry..."
    regretting relying on darkness, working for villains, and almost killing Sora and Kairi.
  • "Is this the afterworld?"
    wondering where he was.
  • "I'm not ready. Not yet. Not until I see Sora and Kairi one last time."

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]


  • "Urgh...Where...where am I..."
    upon starting.
  • "This is Maleficent's castle! How'd I end up HERE? Someone must have brought me here while I was sleeping. But who?"
    upon arriving in Hollow Bastion.
  • "Of all the people I could run into, it had to be you..."
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "That's fine with me. I turned to darkness because my heart was weak. I hate that weakness. It's like I'm my own enemy. And seeing people like you embrace the darkness just makes it worse! Enough talk, Maleficent."
    before battling Dragon Maleficent.
  • "You always were chatty when it came to darkness. So let me guess... You want to pull me back into the darkness and play puppet master again... right?"
    talking to Xehanort's Heartless.
  • "That voice...! Your Majesty, is that you?!"
    upon Mickey appearing before him.
  • "Something...tastes kind of funny... What is it? It's so familiar... Darkness. The taste of darkness. What's happened to me... The darkness even seeps into my senses."
    sensing darkness.
  • "You're...an illusion? My hand passes right through you."
    before Mickey disappears.
  • "Maybe we do... But so what! Is that an invitation to join your club? Yeah, there's darkness inside me, just like you said. But darkness is my enemy! And you are, too, for making everything around here reek of it!"
    before battling Vexen.
  • "What the... What are you supposed to be?"
    upon meeting Riku Replica.
  • "Are you calling me a coward?"
    before battling Riku Replica.
  • "Oh, I get it. You think I'll stop fighting the darkness just to prove I'm not afraid of it. Nice try. But I'm gonna keep fighting."
    before Xehanort's Heartless gives him more cards.
  • "That scent... You're another "nobody.""
    upon meeting Lexeaus.
  • "Huff...huff... What's wrong...Lexaeus... Is that all...darkness can do?"
    after battling Lexeaus.
  • "Unnh... The king... protected me? Your Majesty, where are you? Please answer! You're with me...aren't you..."
    after Mickey saves him from Xehanort's Heartless.
  • "I never thought I'd miss the island winds so much... Funny — there was a time I couldn't wait to get off this rock. And now I'm acting all relieved. Is that...?"
    upon arriving in Destiny Islands.
  • "That's a lie! I remember everyone from the islands! Tidus and Selphie and Wakka...Kairi and Sora, too! They're my...my... They're my friends..."
    talking to Zexion.
  • "Ha ha, this time you're real. No illusions. I'm so glad you came!"
    talking to Mickey.
  • "Where am I now? I don't remember this place. Your Majesty, do you know where we are? Your Majesty?"
    arriving in Twilight Town.
  • "It'll go somewhere. Probably the same place my heart will go."
    before Riku Replica vanishes.
  • "Hey! It's Sora! What did you do to him?"
    talking to Naminé about Sora.
  • "I knew as soon as I met you. Somehow you...smell the same. Look after Sora."
    before leaving Twilight Town.
  • "Boy, you really like pushing decisions on other people."
    talking to DiZ.
  • "Oh, I do. I used all the power you had to give and still lost to Sora. I'm not impressed."
    before battling Xehanort's Heartless.
  • "I don't know if I can. It's still there. His scent...it's faint, but not gone. I can't go home until it is. His darkness may still have a hold on me..."
    talking to Mickey at Castle Oblivion entrance.
  • "No...The road to dawn."
    during Reverse/Rebirth ending.

Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "This seemed like a boring place to take a nap anyway."
    resolving to investigate Castle Oblivion.
  • "A door to the truth, huh?"
  • "I thought it was you, Ansem."
    after Ansem reveals himself.
  • "All you have been talking about is the darkness. I can only assume you wanna pull me back in... so you can play Puppet Master."
  • "Excuse me... for being weak."
  • "That's not gonna happen!"
  • "I won't lose to darkness. Not today."
  • "What, that all you got?"
  • "Don't worry, I'm not running. Give it. I'll enter the world and in the end, if I haven't given into the darkness... then I win."
  • "Something smells... funny... What's that scent? It's so familiar... Darkness. It's the smell of darkness. I can't believe this is happening. The darkness even seeped into my skin."
  • "Are you with Ansem?!"
  • "Riddles were never my thing. Try again."
  • "Like you said, there really is darkness left inside of me. But so what?! Darkness is my enemy! And so are you for reeking of that awful smell!"
  • "It was a trick all along."
  • "Huh? What are you supposed to be?"
    confronting his replica.
  • "So you're a fake me."
  • "Are you... calling me a coward?"
  • "Hey, Fake! I thought I heard you say you were gonna wipe the floor with me."
  • "Then let's fight now!"
  • "No way. I'm not a coward."
  • "Come out! Show yourself, Fake!"
  • "What are you saying? Isn't he just a copy of me?"
  • "When have I been afraid of the dark?"
  • "Be quiet!"
  • "Just one card left. If I get through this, will I be free of the darkness?"
  • "That scent. You're another one of those Nobodies."
  • "I do not... fear it!"
    denying Lexaeus's claims.
  • "You're finished!"
  • "Too slow."
  • "Lexeaus?!"
  • "Your Majesty!"
  • "You're with me, aren't you?"
  • "One of the scents has died— a really strong one."
    noticing Marluxia's death.
  • "Keyblade... You mean Sora. Sora is here?"
    realizing that Sora is inside the Castle.
  • "What's that mean?"
  • "This card. This is our..."
  • "Stop it, Sora! Don't you recognize me?!"
    attacked by "Sora".
  • "You reek of darkness. Even the light can't block the smell."
    explaining how he was able to recognize Zexion.
  • "I guess I followed the darkness right to you."
  • "I know who I am."
  • "Can't move."
  • "Your Majesty, it that you?"
  • "This time, you're not an illusion. I'm so glad that you could make it here."
  • "But how did you get here? I thought it was too far."
  • "Are you Naminé?"
  • "Sora! What have you done to Sora?"
    upon seeing a sleeping Sora.
  • "So Sora chose to forget about this castle...and get his old memories back?"
  • "Why me, too? No one's messed with my memories."
  • "That's it. When this slacker wakes up, I'll tell him off. I told him to take care of Kairi, and here he is just taking a nap! But I can't chew him out like he deserves— if I've been asleep."
  • "I don't need my heart locked. I'm ready— I'm gonna fight Ansem."
  • "I knew when I met you. You and Kairi smell the same. Look after Sora."

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "You made me a promise."
    talking to Naminé.
  • "You can't get the memories back out."
    talking about Sora's memories.
  • "Riku. Sora's friend."
    introducing himself to Xion.
  • "To Sora, she's someone very special."
    talking to Xion about Kairi.
  • "When his memories were scattered, some of them found their way inside you. Now, Sora has been put to sleep so that we can piece together his memory. Except..."
    talking to Xion about Sora's memories.
  • "Well, the answer you come up with can't just be right for you. It has to be one that works best for everybody, you and your friends and everyone else."
    before leaving Xion.
  • "Go to Twilight Town. You'll find a girl there by the name of Naminé."
    talking to Xion about going to Naminé.
  • "You don't have to worry. I'm getting the hang of keeping the darkness under control."
    talking to Mickey about his darkness.
  • "I have to face one of the Organization's members soon. I might not survive the fight. And if I do, it might only be because I gave in to the darkness. That means you're the only one who will be there for Sora, Donald, and Goofy--the only one who can guide them when they awaken."
    wanting to give a promise to Mickey.
  • "Because I want back the rest of Sora's memories."
    talking to Roxas.
  • "If you try and make contact with Kingdom Hearts, the last thing you'll get is your life back. The Organization will destroy you."
    before fighting Roxas.
  • "So it's true. You really are his Nobody. Guess DiZ was right after all."
    after Roxas' sudden outburst.
  • "The dark power that I've been holding back. Even...if it changes me forever."
    before releasing his darkness and fighting Roxas once more.
  • "DiZ... he can feel Sora."
    about Roxas, to DiZ.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX cutscenes[edit]

  • "There's a reason the Organization's been quiet since our battle at Castle Oblivion. And now I know it's not because a depletion in members has made them weak. Taking Sora's memory apart piece by piece was only the first step in what they were trying to do at Castle Oblivion. And I think they needed more time to fix his memory."
  • "Sora's memories are what they're after. And they needed all this time until now to absorb every piece of it. The process of putting his memory back together has gone nowhere... They have what's most precious to Sora... his memories of Kairi."
  • "I have to face one of the Organization's member's soon. I might not survive the fight. And if I do, it might be because I gave in to the darkness. That means you're the only one who will be there for Sora, Donald, and Goofy— the only one who can guide them when they awaken."
  • "Promise me, Mickey. When our friends wake up, you have to be there to help them out."

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "But...why would the Nobodies steal photographs?"
    talking to DiZ.
  • "Is it really that hard to make a beach?"
    talking to DiZ about making a beach for Roxas.
  • "It's best he doesn't know the truth."
    talking to Roxas before leaving.
  • "Let's go."
    upon realizing the completion of DIZ's work.
  • "Go."
    setting Axel and Naminé free.
  • "I owe you both."
    upon thanking Axel and Namine.
  • "Castle Oblivion. You helped us."
    recalling his and Sora's first conflict with the Organization to Axel.
  • "Take it."
    before giving Kairi the Destiny's Embrace.
  • "I'm no one---just a castaway from the darkness."
    before Sora and company finds out that it is Riku.
  • "I told you: I didn't wanna be found. Not like this, I couldn't. I fought with Ansem. With... Xehanort's Heartless---when it invaded my heart, and I won. But to use the power of darkness, I had to become Ansem myself."
    talking about how he looks like Ansem.
  • "In the past, I was overcome by the dark and betrayed you. Look what's become of me. I wasn't sure I wanted to see you...but Kairi insisted."
    talking about how he looks like Ansem.
  • "Some members of Organization XIII see fighting as a game. No matter what the rules are, you'll always have a chance to win. Don't miss that chance."
    talking about Organization XIII before facing Luxord.
  • "It's the King and DiZ---I mean, Ansem the Wise. They must be higher up. We better hurry.'"
    before Sora fights Luxord.
  • "Hmph. Not bad, Sora. You've grown stronger. You don't need my weapon, Soul Eater, or the power of the dark yet."
    after Sora defeats Luxord.
  • "I can sense Saïx. He's using something to boost his power. If we can figure out his power source, we may be able to use it, too."
    talking about Saïx.
  • "Xemnas was the one who found Roxas. He could use the Keyblade because he was your Nobody. That's why Xemnas brought him into the Organization--- But Roxas betrayed them. After that I fought him because I thought it would help you wake up. I lost, but the next time we met I made sure I was the stronger one."
    talking about Roxas and how he lost to him.
  • "Maybe I didn't need to fight Roxas after all. I think he left the Organization, because... he really wanted to meet you."
    realizing that fighting Roxas was unnecessary.
  • "I met Roxas because of a guy named DiZ. I didn't trust DiZ at first, but we both needed each other's help."
    talking about Roxas and DiZ.
  • "The path is open. Xemnas is waiting up ahead. He's the leader of Organization XIII. Try not to slow me down, Sora."
    talking about Xemnas.
  • "His heart's decided. We can't change that."
    grabbing Mickey's hand.
  • "Have you forgotten? I'll tell you why. 'Cause I'm not a total sap like you."
    talking to Sora.
  • "We must defeat Xemnas. He's the Organization's last survivor. C'mon."
    talking about defeating Xemnas.
  • "It's because of who's lurking inside it."
    talking to Xemnas.
  • "Sora, answer me!"
    after Sora fights Xemnas.
  • "Once we go through, there's no turning back. It's victory...or oblivion. So, Sora...are you ready? Do you remember before? We stood facing each other on opposite sides of that door. Now we stand side-by-side. Let's go home together this time."
    after the door appears.
  • "I had given in to the darkness."
    after Xemnas vanishes.
  • "Don't worry. You're all still you."
    after Roxas goes into Sora.
  • "Don't worry, we'll make it happen. Once we're through with this, you can thank her all you want."
    talking to Sora before the final battle.
  • "You're right, light and darkness are eternal. Nothing probably goes on forever, too. But guess what, Xemnas?"
    during the final battle with Xemnas.
  • "I wouldn't be too sure of that."
    upon Xemnas' defeat.
  • "You know... I always figured I was better at stuff than you."
    while he and Sora walks in nothingness.
  • "This world is perfect for me. If this is what the world really is...just this, then maybe I should fade back into darkness."
    arriving in Dark Margin.
  • "If the world is made of light and darkness... We'll be the darkness."
    to Sora at the Dark Margin.
  • "What I said back there...about thinking I was better at stuff than you... To tell you the truth, Sora... I was jealous of you."
    talking to Sora about being jealous of him.
  • "Sora? I think it's for you."
    before giving Sora Kairi's message.
  • "Yeah. It's always closer than you think."
    talking about the Door to Light.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

  • "I am like the Sora that stands with you. Strictly speaking, I am data in the form of Riku."
    upon meeting Sora.
  • "But, because of these bugs, I could not complete the restoration. Out of all available memories, I was selected to be a vessel to hold them all together."
    talking about himself.
  • "It's no use. The path connecting the data to reality has been taken away."
    while typing.
  • "You must be at Olympus Colosseum... There should be corruption in that world, too. First, look for the keyhole."
    talking to Sora in Olympus Coliseum.
  • "Because I wanted you to grow a little. "We must return to free them from their torment." To solve the mystery behind those words, this world needed a keyblade, and a wielder with power."
    talking about the message.
  • "The worlds... I won't let you have them!"
    talking to Maleficent.
  • "Sora! Don't come any closer! Argh...!"
    upon him being transformed.
  • "Ugh... Defeat..."
    before Sora battles him.
  • "To be precise, I'm the last of my consciousness, partitioned off from the rest of my data. It looks like the bugs inside me stole your power away from you. The bugs have already infiltrated this part of me. Take this and get out of here right away."
    talking about himself.
  • "You should take care of your power, first. Leave the source of the bugs until you finish getting it back. The bugs are corrupting everything. Take care of yourself."
    before Sora goes through the worlds in his memories.
  • "Sora! Thank you. I'll see you on the other side."
    before Sora leaves his data.
  • "As promised, the path to the real world has opened. You can go home to the real world, Mickey."
    talking to Mickey about going back to the real world.
  • "Can everybody hear me? It looks like you made it home safely."
    upon Mickey and the others have come back from the real world.
  • "Right. Everything you recorded during the first journey is back. Everything else... will be reset. That means, everything we did to fight off the bugs... The memories that Sora and I made in this world of data... All of that will be erased."
    talking about all the data.
  • "Yeah. I figured out the truth behind the bugs. This thing is the shadow of your existence... Sora, this is your Heartless."
    talking about Sora's Heartless.
  • "No, they were devoured by this thing! This monster drew all the Heartless you defeated into Darkness. It devoured the Darkness data and it's trying to change itself into something new. Just like you did, getting stronger as you made your way on this journey."
    before Sora faces his Heartless.
  • "I'm counting on you, Sora."
    before disappearing before Sora.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Main Article: Quotes: Data-Riku

  • "This world has been connected. Memory and reality now stand tied. And now it's time you learned the truth."
    meeting Data-Sora in Wonderland.
  • "Sorry. Not quite. Much like Sora there. I'm just zero's and ones that look like somebody you know."
    revealing himself to Data-Sora, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.
  • "Memories used to fill Jiminy's Journal--but when they were pulled apart and then stitched back together, bugs appeared. It was these bugs... that kept the book from being completely restored. Of all the possible vessels to protect the data, I was chosen from the journal's pages. The full set of memories was transferred inside of me, to shield them from corruption. So, in a way, what I really am is Jiminy's journal."
    revealing himself to Data-Sora, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.
  • "Well, don't expect them to stay that way. One of the bugs interfering with the link is in Olympus Coliseum--I'm sure of it. And you know where it'll be hiding. Find the Keyhole. If my findings are right, that'll take you to the world's core. Get rid of whatever's harming the core and the rest of the bugs will be purged with it."
  • "Bug spray. Hang on, Sora. Did you know you have access privileges to worlds you've already debugged?"
  • "Basically, yes. Technically, no. You'd be accessing an emulated version of the world's data. The emulator gives you some degree of control over the data. For example, you could start the whole experience over from scratch."
  • "I know, why fight the same enemies again? But what if I told you you might find some new adversaries? You did a good job repairing the worlds, but there may still be bugs lurking in the system sectors."
  • "All right, that's your cue. Go save the world, hero."
  • "Right. Those scenes--they originated inside my mind. When you got rid of the bugs, you gave me deeper access to the memories associated with those worlds. The things I saw must have found their way back through the link and showed up on your monitor."
    explaining the appearance of the images.

Blank Points[edit]

  • "Sora. Your mind's made up?"
    asking Sora about the letter.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "Am I in...Traverse Town? My clothes have changed. Sora, where are you?"
    when Riku arrives in the Third District.
  • "I remember we fell overboard after Ursula attacked...and then I think we opened a Keyhole. So...this must be one of the Sleeping Worlds. My Keyblade--it just sort of...popped into my hand when I needed it most. Right. It's started."
    looking upon the Third District and remembering what happened.
  • "Kn-knight? You've got the wrong idea."
    reaction from Shiki's "flirting".
  • "Are you sure that's what's stopping you? Because I think something else is holding you back. Ask your heart, Quasimodo. I'll check the edge of town. Thanks."
    after meeting Quasimodo.
  • "Wish I could take my own advice..."
    while leaving the Cathedral, after talking to Quasimodo.
  • "Oh, like this is fair... No use, I gotta run for it."
  • "He won't listen. Once you've fallen that far, there's almost no coming back."
    talking to Captain Pheobus while they're seeing Frollo use his darkness to command the Wargoyle Nightmare.
  • "You should take it easy. I'll deal with Frollo."
    volunteering to go after Frollo and his monster.
  • "Quasimodo, where did the creature go?"
    asking Quasimodo about the Wargoyle's location.
  • "Quasimodo, did your heart have the answer?"
    asking Quasimodo if he found his answer.
  • "I guess... you three got this covered."
    seeing Victor, Hugo, and Laverne defeat a Meow Wow Nightmare.
  • "I see a sad old man with a dark heart."
    upon seeing Frollo marvel the flames on the city.
  • "You could write a book about that!"
    responding to Ansem's rhetoric about darkness at the top of Notre Dame.
  • "You're Ansem! Why are you here?"
    talking to Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.
  • "I walk the road to dawn!"
    making his decision clear.
  • "He thinks I'm afraid of the dark?! No. Not while I have the Keyblade. It'll guide me to the light!"
    thinking about Young Xehanort's words and the Keyblade.
  • "I know the road my heart walks."
    as he thinks about Ansem (Master Xehanort's Heartless) before unlocking La Cite des Cloches' sleeping keyhole.
  • "That was my... my dark side. I gave in to the darkness once. And ever since, it's chased me around in one form or another. The Seeker of Darkness who stole my body... a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart... and now, I'm facing me."
    explaining Jiminy who the boy in the black coat they just saw was and how his darkness keeps comes back to him.
  • "That stupid grin he's always wearing— he's the best teacher I could ever have."
    answering Jiminy's question about having a friend to talk to whenever he has a problem he shouldn't have to face alone.
  • "What now? Is something in there? Pinocchio, Jiminy, you should head back. I'll see what's shaking things up."
    upon hearing a loud roar coming from within Monstro.
  • "I thought I was only sent to the past on Destiny Islands. So why does it seem like time was rewound in this world too? Maybe it's like Master Yen Sid said: the world was freed from darkness but has yet to wake from it. It's trapped in a never ending dream."
    remembering what Master Yen Sid said about time flow in the Sleeping Realm as he sees Pinocchio reunited with Geppetto before awakening Prankster's Paradise.
  • "My clothes... Is this world special? A Dream Eater? No... Let's see how this plays out."
    upon entering The Grid.
  • "You gonna explain why it's so lucky?"
    being given a Light Cycle rod.
  • "How hard can it be?"
    before activating his Light Cycle.
  • "I think I've had enough entertainment for one day."
    deciding to take his leave.
  • "Glad I get to fight more than boredom."
    when Grid-type Nightmares pop up.
  • "So what happened... to your gift?"
    asking Kevin Flynn about the ISOs.
  • "Look too hard for one thing, and you miss everything else. And then, the people around you get hurt in the process. Like Xehanort. His single-minded thirst for answers created Ansem. We all have a little of that curiosity within us... So if we're not careful, any one of us could create an Ansem."
    analyzing Kevin Flynn's situation with Master Xehanort's.
  • "If this is a father-son thing, I won't butt in. But we should probably get back that disc back at least— before CLU uses it to destroy the outside world."
    deciding what should be best for the team to do.
  • "You can leave this one to me."
    deciding to go up against the Commantis Nightmare.
  • "Don't even think about it!"
    preventing CLU from getting to the Portal.
  • "These gates that connect worlds— maybe when we pass through them, we're challenged and changed. And it's not over. There are still more challenges that we have to overcome. But we'll be ready, Sora."
    before unlocking The Grid's sleeping keyhole.
  • "So time flows differently here and there? So what? That's true to any two worlds. Their home world would be flowing on a different time axis, too."
    analyzing how time flows in the two sleeping Traverse Towns.
  • "You mean there's a past... and a future?"
    when Joshua says the two Traverse Town are not parallel worlds.
  • "Beat, what happened to your Dream Eaters?"
    realizing Beat's Spirits are gone.
  • "Sorry, it's just... you two are cut from the same cloth."
    after laughing at how Beat and Rhyme argue.
  • "Yeah. He's come through for me, so I know what you mean."
    describing Beat's personality.
  • "All right, now we ruffled its feathers. Ready to do this?"
    once the Spellican is annoyed by their good humor.
  • "Isn't that Pete? What kind of world did I end up in this time? Well, one thing's for sure: that guy adds up to trouble in any world."
    when he sees Pete looking out in front of the Opera House entrance and wonders where he is and what he's up to.
  • "Is that suppose to be Mickey and the others? Yeesh. Those three are together even when they're made out of wood."
    upon seeing the Beagle Boys carrying wooden cutouts of Mickey, Donald and Goofy in Country of the Musketeers.
  • "How do you like that?"
  • "Looks like I was right in the nick of time...Sora."
  • "Musketeer? What is that, anyway?"
  • "They...they actually say that?"
  • "You're right. And it does fit the moment."
  • "All for one...and one for all."
  • "If brute force won't work, tell me what will."
  • "I'll try. Leave it to me."
  • "You waiting for me?"
  • "Maybe so. But I'm here to change all of that."
  • "If you're feeling so chatty, let's skip to where you reveal what this is all about."
  • "Sora can find the brightest part of anything, and pull off miracles like there's nothing to it. It's pretty hard not to smile around him."
  • "Where am I now? Why am I here? I unlocked all seven Keyholes--so I should be back in the world I came from."
  • "Is that... Sora? Sora! Don't! You've gotta wake up! Sora!"
  • "Are you what's trapping him in that nightmare? 'Cause if you are... I'm what nightmares fear!"
  • "Sora, don't chase the dreams. They'll lead you nowhere, just to an abyss you'll never be able to wake up from."
    when trying to awake Sora in The World That Never Was.
  • "What? What's going on in Sora's world? Why won't he open his eyes? Is he still in the nightmare?"
  • "Sora would never give in to the darkness!"
  • "Me? I'm a Dream Eater?"
  • "Ansem. Or...Xehanort. You used to be a Keyblade wielder. But darkness stole your heart, and the Keyblade with it. Don't you see? That's half the reason I'm even on this journey. After allowing darkness into my heart, am I still fit to wield the Keyblade?"
    explaining to Ansem why he decided to take the Mark of Mastery exam.
  • "After allowing darkness into my heart, am I still fit to wield the Keyblade? Even after locking you away, here you are, haunting me again. So I get it now. There's no point in trying to hold the darkness back."
  • "You know...when I look at you...there's this memory that flashes back. A secret I said I'd keep when I was little. The main reason I kept dreaming about the outside world...was 'cause of him."
    explaining to Ansem why he dreamed about leaving the islands.
  • "My journey begins here and now. I'm going back to the real world, and then to Sora's side."
    deciding what he will do next to get to Sora.
  • "I know the way. Consume the darkness, return it to light."
    When asked by Ansem if he knows the way to save Sora.
  • "Ansem! You're part of my heart now. Part of the light!"
    Before the second battle with Ansem.
  • "Strength, to protect what matters."
    after defeating Ansem.
  • "This place... Did I finally make out of the dream?"
    as he appears in front of Memory's Skyscraper.
  • "Sora and I have been split up since the start of our journey, because Ansem - no, because Xehanort planned it. And that means we're a long way off course from the Mark of Mastery exam Yen Sid gave us."
    analyzing the situation of Master Xehanort's plan and the Mark of Mastery Exam.
  • "All right, Sora has gotta be here...somewhere."
    deciding to go look for Sora as he heads to the Brink of Despair.
  • "End of the road, huh? I know I'm back in the real world, but I still have my Dream Eater powers. Which means...he still hasn't woken up. Where are you, Sora?"
    upon reaching the Brink of Despair.
  • "A Dream Eater! Is that where Sora is? How do I get across?"
    upon seeing Sora's Meow Wow.
  • "Right. I get it."
    petting his Komory Bat for coming up with an excellent idea with Sora's Meow Wow.
  • "But you failed. Sora stopped you in your tracks on both counts."
    reminding Master Xehanort of how Sora foiled his plans.
  • "Why are you here, Axel?"
  • "Mickey... I really appreciate it. But...I'll go wake Sora up. Look at his face. Sleeping like nothing's wrong—like there's nothing to even worry about. (Sighs) He's always been like that. The three of us would agree to work on the raft, and then this guy would go take a nap on the beach. You see, it's my job to keep him on his toes. Besides, what kind of Keyblade Master sleeps through his test? I'm doing it for me, too. Sora saved me once. And...I heard him call my name. He needs me."
    watching Sora sleep after rescuing him from The World That Never Was with Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Lea.
  • "Guys, thank you. Sora and I will be back soon."
    before departing for Sora's dreams again.
  • "I'll find you, Sora."
  • "DiZ! I mean... Ansem the Wise. What are you doing here?"
  • "Uh...I kinda need to wake Sora up."
  • "You mean...the Sora wrapped in that black phantom?"
  • "Wait, haven't we got this backwards? And why are you having a tea party?"
  • "Really? I'm a Keyblade Master?"
  • "Master Yen Sid. I brought you the guest you asked for, but... you never said why."
    upon bringing an unexpected visitor to Yen Sid's chamber.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

  • "She sacrificed herself to save me? Why did you keep it from me for so long?"
    asking Mickey why he kept Aqua's fate a secret.
  • "What about us? You could've given us a choice. We could have gone and helped her."
    talking to Mickey about helping Aqua.
  • "Why keep it secret?"
    talking to Yen Sid.
  • "Yeah! Count me in!"
    volunteering to help Mickey find Aqua.
  • "New me?"
    talking to Kairi.
  • "Should I be flattered? I try too hard to be the role model. It's more fun to just listen to my heart. Which is Sora-esque."
    describing his new personality.
  • "Thank you, Master."
    when Yen Sid gives Mickey and Riku new clothes.

Battle Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Don't tell me you're giving up already!"
  • "Heh, you still don't got it..."
  • "What are you afraid of?"
  • "Come on!"
    after flipping back to his feet.
  • "My turn!"
  • "Don't give up!"
    jumping up to the upper platform in the first Parasite Cage battle.
  • "Stay with it!"
    while on the upper platform in the first Parasite Cage battle.
  • "Sora!"
    randomly during the second battle.
  • "It's not over, not yet..."
    upon defeat.
  • "Come."
  • "Foolish boy."
    countering magic with Dark Firaga.
  • "Here it comes!"
    doing a quick jumping 180 degree downward slash
  • "You're finished!"
    when doing a 2-handed downward ground stab.
  • "Is that it?"
    when you avoid 2-handed downward ground stab
  • "You give up yet?"
    if you get hit by 2-handed downward ground stab.
  • "Show me your power!"
    when taking defensive stance.
  • "Well, what now?"
    when taking defensive stance.
  • "Okay."
    after defensive stance if not attacked.
  • "You're nothing."
    when attacked in defensive stance.
  • "Useless."
    when attacked in defensive stance.
  • "Now witness true power!"
    while powering up.
  • "Welcome oblivion!"
    while powering up.
  • "Behold the power of darkness!"
    beginning Dark Aura.
  • "Open your heart to darkness!"
    beginning Dark Aura.
  • "Surrender!"
    finishing Dark Aura.
  • "It's over!"
    finishing Dark Aura.
  • "My skills... failed me."
    upon defeat.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "It's over!"
    launching Dark Firaga.
  • "Keep trying!"
  • "Just try to keep up!"
    while powering up.
  • "Hope you're fast!"
    beginning Dark Aura.
  • "Sloppy!"
    finishing Dark Aura.

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Like it?"
    when finishing a combo.
  • "Vanish!"
    last hit of Dark Aura.
  • "Outta my way!"
    when winning a card duel.
  • "Just me!"
    when starting a card duel.
  • "C'mon!"
    when starting a card duel.
  • "Take this!"
    when winning a card duel.
  • "This one's mine!"
    when winning a card duel.
  • "Your Majesty!"
    when summoning Mickey.
  • "Time's up!"
    when using Holy Burst or Inverse Burst.
  • "Get a load of this!"
    winning a card duel.
  • "Darkness!"
    activating Dark Mode.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Sora!"
    when supporting Sora.
  • "Donald!"
    when supporting Donald.
  • "Goofy!"
    when supporting Goofy.
  • "That's it!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "Thanks!"
    when supported.
  • "Is that all you got?"
    when switched into the party or using Eternal Session.
  • "Outta my way!"
    when using Eternal Session.
  • "You're gonna lose it all!"
    when starting Eternal Session.
  • "Time's up!"
    when finishing Eternal Session.
  • "Kairi..."
    when knocked out.
  • "I'll take 'em!"
    when revived or using Eternal Session.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "You're done!"
    when using or finishing an ultimate combo.
  • "Goodbye!"
    when finishing a combo.
  • "Heal!"
    using Cure or Esuna.
  • "Yeah!"
    using magic.
  • "Drift!"
    using Zero Gravity-based magic.
  • "Fire!"
    using Fire-based magic.
  • "No way!"
    using Shadow Slide.
  • "Gotcha!"
    using fast moves.
  • "Time!"
    using Stop-based magic.
  • "Dream Link!"
    linking with Dream Eater(s).
  • "Sorry!"
    finishing a combo.
  • "Nice!"
    when using Diving Strike during Dive Mode.
  • "Great!"
    when healed by a spirit.
  • "Thanks."
    when healed by a spirit.
  • "Come on!"
    using a Link style combo.
  • "Yeah."
    using an Item or opening a large chest.
  • "'Kay."
    using an Item.
  • "It's over..."
    upon defeat.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "You're... done!"
    when using a situation command or finishing a combo.
  • "Sorry!"
    when using a situation command or finishing a combo.
  • "Bye!"
    when using a Shotlock salvo attack, or Counter Blast.
  • "Take this!"
    when using a combo finisher, Shotlock, or Thundaga magic.
  • "Gotcha!"
    when using any finisher, Shotlock, or attack magic command.
  • "Burn!"
    casting Dark Firaga.
  • "Gotta stay in this!"
    when low on HP.
  • "Heal!"
    casting Curaga.
  • "Thunder!"
    casting Thundaga.
  • "I will be your oblivion!"
    when starting combat with Dark Riku.
  • "Go back to the shadows, Ansem!"
    when starting combat with Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.