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Inverse Burst

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Inverse Burst (インヴァースバースト Invāsu Bāsuto?) is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. It allows the user to do a spinning attack together with Mickey Mouse, firing orbs of light and darkness.


In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories, Inverse Burst is a Friend Sleight that can be used by Riku while in Dark Mode. Riku and Mickey stand back-to-back with the Soul Eater and Kingdom Key D extended and spin, with Mickey firing orbs of light from the tip of his Keyblade and Riku firing orbs of darkness from the Soul Eater. They can freely move around the field with the left analog stick while using Inverse Burst.

Learning Inverse Burst[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

  • Riku can use Inverse Burst after gaining access to the Mickey friend card and Dark Mode.
    • The card combination is:
    The King (card).png + Soul Eater (card).png + Soul Eater (card).png

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