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Lingering memories

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Lingering memories are four hidden collectibles in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-. They are scattered across the Dark World: one in Castle Town, one in the World Within, one in the Forest of Thorns, and one in the Depths of Darkness. Obtaining them is the crux of the Wardrobe Objectives 38, 45, and 49.


The lingering memories are colored symbols scattered across the Dark World. The one located in Castle Town is a neon glass slipper, the one in the World Within is a red apple, the one in the Forest of Thorns is an orange spinning wheel, and the one in the Depths of Darkness is a pink heart.


Lingering memory Area Location
Castle Town On the rooftops.
The World Within On a pillar in the center of mirrors.
Forest of Thorns After defeating the Darkside in an offshoot room.
Depths of Darkness On the wall at the bottom of the hidden lower section.