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Japanese Cards[edit]

Eternal Darkness

ED-15/ED-16: Winnie the Pooh & Piglet [R]
Winnie the Pooh cardPiglet card
#15, #16のカードは2枚同時でプレイし、場に出たら1枚のカードとして扱う。場に出た時、場の全ての+1カウンターをこれの上に移す。これは戦闘やチャレンジに参加できない。これをプレイしたあなたは幸せになれる気がする。
Card #15 and #16 are played at the same time, and are treated as one card once they enter the field. When this card enters the field, move all +1 counters on the field onto this card. This card cannot participate in battles or challenges. You will be happy that you played this card.

Type Friend
Level 0
Home World Hundred Acre Wood
Support Value +0
Magic Value 0