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English Cards[edit]

A Darkness Awakened

ADA-28: Tidus [U]
Tidus ADA-28.png
You may choose to discard this card from your Friend Area. If you do so, choose and discard a level 0 Friend or Magic/Friend Card in play.

Hey, Sora! Let's play!
Type Friend
Level 0
Support Value +1
Magic Value 0

Japanese Cards[edit]

Piece of Memory

PoM-22: Tidus [SR]
Tidus PoM-22.png
If you discard this card from the field, choose one of your opponent's Level 1 Friend Cards in the field and discard it.

よっ! ソラ! オレと勝負ッス!
Yo! Sora! Let's fight!
Type Friend
Level 1
Home World Destiny Islands
Support Value +0
Magic Value 0