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Traverse Town Logo KH.png

Item Amount Obtained Item Amount Obtained
Blank Chip KHREC.pngBlank Chip 4 First District, Second District, Third District HP Chip KHREC.pngHP +2 1 Alleyway
Strength Chip KHREC.pngStrength +1 1 Second District Defense Chip KHREC.pngDefense +1 2 Second District, Third District
Thunder KHREC.pngThunder 1 First District Cure KHREC.pngCure 1 Second District
Cid KHII.png
Huey KH.png
Dewey KH.png
Louie KH.png

After completing Destiny Islands, you are introduced to Traverse Town. During the initial cutscene, Data-Sora and Mickey celebrate their successful debug of Destiny Islands before deciding to scout the new area for bugs. Data-Sora then meets Cid, who expresses his worry about his missing triplets, Huey, Dewey and Louie. Data-Sora agrees to look for them and then the two part ways, giving you back control.

You'll find yourself in the First District, the centre of the town where most of the residents live. First of all, speak to all the NPCs, especially the old lady in the south-west corner, who will give you a Potion. Now it's time to clear the room of its treasure. Firstly, ascend the stairs beside Cid to get to the north-right corner of the map. Look at the wall immediately to your right to find a climbable ladder, leading to a Metal Blox. Jump from it to bounce on the Bounce Blox to reach the roof of the centre building. From there, face towards the southern section of the area and you'll notice another Bounce Blox, which lets you bounce to the Rare Prize Blox further south. Break it to obtain a Thunder. Afterwards, return to the roof of the centre building and then use the Bounce Blox to reach the roof of the wooden structure in the north-west corner. Break the Rare Prize Blox there to obtain a Blank Chip. Now that you found all the treasure in the area, take the northern door to continue onto the Second District.

At the moment, this area is mostly empty of any Heartless or Rare Prize Blox, although there are a few regular Prize Blox. Drop straight down into the main plaza area and go right to the end. Enter the corridor to the right to rescue Huey however you must first defeat the three Shadows that will attack you, giving you a Fire. A small cutscene will play, revealing that the triplets were separated and the other two were probably in the Alleyway. More Heartless interrupt so defeat them. After they're dispatched, Huey gives Sora a Mystery Piece before returning to Cid. Next, return to the area you found Huey to break the Rare Prize Blox, containing a Blank Chip, hidden amongst the pile of Metal Blox. Then, make your way to the Alleyway, accessed through the door besides the fountain, however be wary of the Heartless that now spawn.

The Alleyway is a thin lane with balconies and gutters. Staying on the ground, go down the path. Eventually, a voice will call out to you but ignore that for the time being and continue to the end. Go around the corner and climb up the ladder propped up against the wall. Jump along the floating Metal Blox to reach a Rare Prize Blox, containing a HP +2. Now focus on the voice. Make your way up to the balcony level by jumping onto supports or blocks and find Dewey in a balcony around the middle. Talk to him to initiate a cutscene, during which you will be rewarded a Thunder. Dewey realises he left something in the Second District so he runs off to retrieve it, beckoning Data-Sora to follow. After you regain control, listen to Dewey and follow him back into the Second District.

After a cutscene, you'll need to deal with another wave of Heartless, initiating another cutscene when they are defeated, where Data-Sora allows Dewey to continue to look for his missing item. In the background, a group of Bug Blox snakes into a hole, requiring you to locate a backdoor for a System Sector. The backdoor is located on the wall to the west so find the spot and enter the portal. This System Sector only has one floor, which contains a Core Blox. Clear the floor and proceed to redeem rewards:

System Sector A
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Accessory KHREC.png Fire Charm 300
Strength Chip KHREC.png HP +2 140
Magic Chip KHREC.png Magic +1 140
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Fire Chip KHREC.png Fire 70
Sliding Dash KHREC.png Sliding Dash 140
EXP KHREC.png EXP 10% of remaining SP Exit
Munny KHREC.png Munny 10% of remaining SP Exit

Back at Traverse Town, Dewey found what he was looking for, which is revealed to be a Mysterious Piece. It combines with the other Mystery Piece Huey gave to Data-Sora, making them realise that the pieces are supposed to combine to make something and that they're missing some. Data-Sora decides to take Dewey to Cid before looking for the other pieces so head back to the First District and speak to Cid.

He'll ask Data-Sora to look for Louie in the Third District and gives you Speed Combo. The Third District can only be first accessed by going through the Second District however, the door to the Second District is blocked, due to a bug. This requires you to go through another System Sector. The backdoor is located on the back entrance of Cid's Accessory Shop so find the portal and enter. The sector consists of three floors that contain some new types of Bug Blox. Clear it to redeem rewards:

System Sector B
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Accessory KHREC.png Wizard Armlet 280
Strength Chip KHREC.png Strength +1 150
HP Chip KHREC.png HP +2 150
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Heat Dash KHREC.png Heat Dash 110
Quick Blitz KHREC.png Quick Blitz 110
EXP KHREC.png EXP 10% of remaining SP Exit
Munny KHREC.png Munny 10% of remaining SP Exit

The door is now unblocked so enter the Second District, which is slightly modified and more "bug-heavy" than the last time you saw it. Due to this, new Rare Prize Blox are available so you'll need to go treasure hunting. Firstly, bounce up onto the floating Metal Blox, using the Bounce Blox near the entrance. Jump along the path of Metal Blox until you get to the end at the corner of the area. Don't break that last Prize Blox and instead get on top of it and then use it as extra height to jump to the roof of the Gizmo Shop, in the east. If the block does break somehow, simply exit and re-enter the area for it to respawn. On the roof, bust open the Rare Prize Blox in front of the wooden fence to obtain a Defense +1 chip. Afterwards, go to the opposite edge of the roof, in the east edge of the map, and drop down into a little platform with two Bug Blox closing off the ledge. Break the Rare Prize Blox there to obtain a Cure. That's all the loot for now so return to the ground floor and take the narrow alleyway leading to the door to the Third District, which is in the south-east corner of the map. Make sure you have the Rare Prize Blox before continuing onto the next area as you may not be able to get them later.

Once you're at the Third District, save and then go down into the centre of the area, initiating a short cutscene where Data-Sora calls out for Louie but Heartless attack him instead. After you defeat them, the cloaked man will reappear and is seen making his way towards the First District. Before you follow him, gather the Rare Prize Blox in the Third District. A network of floating Blox hangs above the district and the way to reach the bottom block is to go to the west edge of the map, where a staircase is. There, you are able to jump and hang onto the edge of a Metal Blox to lift yourself up. From there, jump across the pathway and staircase of Blox. Once you've reached the top, jump to the faraway block to the east and then jump to the block to the right. From there, you can reach a Rare Prize Blox containing a Defense +1. Next, return to the ground floor and go to the door with a fire emblem on it, in the west corner. If you look closely, you can notice a ladder on the wall. Climb to the top and then jump along another pathway of blocks and then leap to the balcony, where a Rare Prize Blox containing a Blank Chip is. Now, you have all the treasures so make your way to the First District by taking the east door.

Once you've got there, Data-Sora will notice that all the townspeople have disappeared due to a bug and the cloaked man will fade into the south door. This means you need to go through a System Sector to undo the glitch. Its backdoor is found at the south door and it only has one simple floor so rinse through it and redeem your rewards.

System Sector C
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Type A Finish KHREC.png Energy Bomb 300
Magic Chip KHREC.png Magic +1 100
Strength Chip KHREC.png Strength +1 100
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Fire Edge KHREC.png Fire Edge 70
Round Blitz KHREC.png Round Blitz 70
EXP KHREC.png EXP 10% of remaining SP Exit
Munny KHREC.png Munny 10% of remaining SP Exit

Now that all the townspeople are back, talk to Cid and he'll advise you to check for Louie around the town again. Then, go to the Second District and you'll find out that it has been packed with bugs, which opens up new Rare Prize Blox. To get the treasure, use the pile of blocks close to the entrance door, to jump to the roof of the building to the right, where a Rare Prize Blox containing a Strength +1 chip is. Afterwards, go to the end of the roof, jump to the next roof and keep going north until you reach the edge of the map. Westward, there is a Rare Prize Blox, containing a Blank Chip, on a platform of blocks so jump there to reach it. Once you've got that, descend back to the ground and go close to the bugged building in the north to begin a cutscene. Turns out, Louie dissolved with the bug so Data-Sora is required to go through yet another System Sector. The backdoor is located in the north-west corner of the map, at the "Hotel" door. This is a three floored sector that contains new block types. It's also quite big and has a few small tricks to it too. Clear it and redeem your rewards.

System Sector D
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Accessory KHREC.png Blizzard Charm 300
Lucky Strike KHREC.png Lucky Strike 200
Magic Chip KHREC.png Magic +1 200
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Rising Strike KHREC.png Rising Strike 200
Thunder KHREC.png Thunder 200
EXP KHREC.png EXP 10% of remaining SP Exit
Munny KHREC.png Munny 10% of remaining SP Exit

After you've cleared it, the bugs in the area vanish and a new path of blocks appears. Climb up to get to the roof, where you'll find Louie. Talk to him to start a cutscene, where Louie gives a third Mystery Piece and suggests that one more piece will create a keyhole. Data-Sora says to head back to Cid and you obtain a Blizzard. Take the south door to the First District. Once you get there, the cloaked man intercepts Data-Sora, gives him the final Mystery Piece and leaves. The four pieces combine to make a Keyhole and Data-Sora goes inside it to vanquish the source of the town's bugs.

When within the Keyhole, Data-Sora's power is limited, changing gameplay to become a side-scroller; however you are given instructions about these changes. The aim of this mini-game is to (quite simply) reach the end and it is divided into three stages. At the end of the first stage you must defeat a number of Shadows and at the end of the second, you must defeat Soldiers. For both stage endings, Thunder Rain is extremely powerful and effective. The third stage consists of picking a power-up and fighting the Guard Armor, the world's boss and source of bugs.

Guard Armor
Guard Armor KH.png
? ? ?
Resistances Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
? ? ? ?
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
? ? ? ?
Slow Stop Confuse Stun
? ? ? ?
Magnet Other
? ?
Rewards Wishing Star
Keep the Wind Spin power as it is an easy, sure-fire way to deal damage to the Guard Armor and it has a lot of uses. Dodge its attacks, be mindful of falling blocks, and jump out of the way if it leaps at you. If it wraps up into a ball and charges up energy, run to the opposite edge of the screen before it does a heavy laser attack. Take advantage of any Prize Blox or Heartless that drop or fall, to regain some health if needed. Jump from fallen blocks to reach the Guard Armor's torso easily. After enough damage has been dealt, it will collapse into a pile of parts, allowing you to land some more hits.

After the Guard Armor is defeated, Data-Sora locks the Keyhole and the world is complete. After some cutscenes, you are taken to the next world, Wonderland.



Speaking to Cid will give you a total of three quests. The first quest requires you to retrieve a Wrench, which is redeemed from Traverse Town: System Sector E for 7000 SP, and the reward is a Thunder Charm. The second required you to retrieve a Waistband, which is redeemed from Hollow Bastion II: System Sector B for 3000 SP, and the reward is a Triple Blizzaga. The final quest requires you to retrieve Goggles, which is redeemed from Traverse Town: System Sector F for 129000 SP, and the reward is a Judgement Triad.

System Sector E

At Scan Level 2, you can detect a new System Sector that's backdoor is located in the Third District. After three floors, you can redeem rewards:

Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Accessory KHREC.png Zip Watch 7000
Key Item KHREC.png Wrench 7000
Key Item KHREC.png Debug Device: R 4000
HP Chip KHREC.png HP +2 1000
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Strength Chip KHREC.png Strength +1 1000
Magic Chip KHREC.png Magic +1 1000
Air Spiral KHREC.png Air Spiral 1000
EXP KHREC.png EXP 10% of remaining SP Exit
Munny KHREC.png Munny 10% of remaining SP Exit
System Sector F

At Scan Level 4, you can detect a new System Sector that's backdoor is located in the Alleyway. It has five floors and is quite difficult overall. One challenge needs you to ignite Heartless, but this can be done easily with most Fire-elemental commands or Wishing Star's level 3 finisher, Fire Counter. Another challenge denies you to use any recovery commands so be careful when close to enemies and mainly use commands from afar. Also, there is a challenge where you must not miss with more than four attacks; for this you may want to decrease the HP Cheat so that enemies require less hits to die, decreasing the chance of you missing an attack or you can just fight with only magic commands.

Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Keyblade KHREC.png Lionheart 348000
Key Item KHREC.png Goggles 129000
Fire Chip KHREC.png Fire +1 29000
Blizzard Chip KHREC.png Blizzard +1 29000
Reward: Reclaimable? SP Cost
Thunder Chip KHREC.png Thunder +1 29000
Aero KHREC.png Aeroga 9000
Magnet KHREC.png Magnega 9000
EXP KHREC.png EXP 10% of remaining SP Exit
Munny KHREC.png Munny 1% of remaining SP Exit
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