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"Review the game tutorials you have seen so far."
—Description in pause menu.

Tutorials are pieces of information that explains to the player how to play the game. After a tutorial is triggered, the text are stored in the "Tutorials" section of the pause menu. This page contains a transcript of all tutorial texts.

First, Get Down the Basics[edit]


Use D-Pad to move around.
Use B to jump.

The "Attack" Command[edit]

Press A to attack.
Keep pressing to chain together a combo!

The Command Deck[edit]

The blue boxes above the Attack command
are called deck commands. Press X to use the
command in the middle box. You must wait for
deck commands to reload between uses.


Keep holding D-Pad as you approach a ledge
and you will automatically jump up or across,
depending on context.

Adjusting the Camera[edit]

Hold R and press D-Pad, or just slide
along the map on the Touch Screen
to adjust the camera.

Locking On[edit]

Lock on to an enemy to automatically
keep it in your sights
L + R (tap): Lock on/ Exit lock-on
L + R (hold) + Up/Down: Change targets

The HP Gauge[edit]

The green gauge in the lower right
represents your HP, or health.
If you run out of HP, it's Game Over.

The Map[edit]

On the Touch Screen is a map that shows your
position and where to find enemies and exits.
Press Select to zoom the map and camera out
when you are moving through dense areas.

Save Points[edit]

Enter a save point and press A to
open the save menu, where you can
record and save progress.

Keep Those Abilities Flowing[edit]


Attack enemies or certain objects to fill up
the clock gauge
. Each time you do, you will rise
a clock level, activating an ability on the
Clock Ability Tree and moving to the next tier.

Finish Commands[edit]

Page 1/2
After you have reached one of the endpoints
on the tree, filling the clock gauge one last
will change the Attack command to Finish.
Press A to unleash a devastating attack!

Page 2/2
Afterwards, your clock level will
return to 1, and your abilities for clock
levels 2 through MAX will deactivate

The Clock Ability Tree[edit]

Touch the TREE icon on the Touch Screen to
bring up the Clock Ability Tree at any time.

Choosing Abilities[edit]

By touching your choice on the Clock Ability Tree,
you can control which ability will activate next.
Keep in mind that Finish commands are more
powerful at higher levels along the tree.

Leave No Spoils Unclaimed[edit]

EXP (Experience)[edit]

Page 1/2
You receive EXP for defeating enemies.
Earn enough EXP and you will receive a
Level Up chip.

Page 2/2
Install Level Up chips in the main menu's
Stat Matrix to increase your level.


Defeating enemies may cause them to
drop prizes. Collect the green ones
to restore HP.


If you want to shop, you will need
munny first. Take out enemies or break
prize blox to keep your wallet happy!

Stat Chips[edit]

Install any stat chips you find in the
Stat Matrix to increase your HP, strength,
or other attributes.

The Moogle Shop[edit]

Visit this shop to buy a wide selection
of chips or sell the ones you have.

Use the Stat Matrix to Power Up[edit]

The Stat Matrix[edit]

Install chips into the slots on the
board to gain new powers.

Installing Chips[edit]

Start by pointing to an empty, adjacent
slot and pressing A to select a chip.

Reconfiguring Chips[edit]

Something to keep in mind: you cannot
remove a chip
from a slot, but you CAN
swap it with another chip that hasn't
been installed yet.

Unlocking Boards[edit]

A new section of the Stat Matrix is
unlocked whenever you complete a world.
Each section has its own CPU you can use
as a starting point.

Bonus Boosters/Support Abilities[edit]

Use chips to fill in the slots between
these pink objects and a CPU to unlock
useful support abilities.

Command Expansions[edit]

Use chips to fill in the slots between a CPU
and these objects marked with a key to unlock
one additional slot group in the Command Matrix.

Accessory Expansions[edit]

Use chips to fill in the slots between a CPU
and these objects marked with an armlet to
unlock one additional accessory slot in the
Gear Matrix.

System Memory[edit]

Each command uses up a certain amount of
system memory. You cannot install a command
if it will cause the MEMORY indicator at the
bottom of the Touch Screen to exceed 100%.


All chips are powered by CPUs.
Install your first chip next to a CPU, then
build outward to complete the Stat Matrix.

Dual Processing[edit]

Now that you have more than one CPU,
try connecting them with chips to activate
dual processing. This doubles the effect
of chips
between the two CPUs!

Bug Chips[edit]

Sometimes these bug chips will impede
your progress. Use Debug Devices to
blast them clean off the matrix!

Debug Devices[edit]

If you have a Debug Device, you can use it
to destroy one bug chip of the same color.


Wiring is another way to pass power from
the CPU to objects on the board. If an object
has two wires attached, you will need to
connect chips to both wires to power it up.

Perform Great Feats with Cheats[edit]

Cheat Tuners[edit]

Connect chips to these cheats and you can
then use them to alter stats or rig the game
in your favour.

The Difficulty Cheat[edit]

You can change the game's difficulty anytime
you want with this gadget. Beginner is the easiest,
Critical the hardest. Enemies drop better items in
harder modes.

The Prize Cheat[edit]

Use this to tweak how many prizes you get
from defeating enemies or destroying blox.
Increasing your prizes will make enemies
stronger, and the cheat unfortunately has
no effect on SP or score prizes.

The Loot Cheat[edit]

Use this to tweak how often enemies drop
when defeated. Increasing your loot
will lower your HP.

The CP Cheat[edit]

Use this to tweak how much CP you receive.
Increasing your CP intake will lower the amount
of EXP you receive.

The HP Cheat[edit]

Use this to simultaneously tweak your HP and
enemy HP
. Setting the cheat to 0% will reduce
everyone's HP to 1.

Upgrade Commands with Conversion[edit]

The Command Matrix[edit]

In this game, every action you can take
is represented by a command. Use this board
to install the commands you use in combat.

Installing Commands[edit]

When you obtain a new command, try
installing it into an empty blue slot.

CP (Command Points)[edit]

Page 1/2 Defeat enemies and your installed commands
will gain CP. Once a command gains enough CP,
it will be marked with an exclamation point.

Page 2/2 Install new commands with a [!] in two adjacent
blue slots, and you can then convert them into
a powerful new command.

Converting Commands[edit]

Once the two commands in adjacent blue
slots have absorbed as much CP as they can,
you should convert them into a single, more
powerful command

Test-Converting Commands[edit]

If you install commands in two adjacent blue slots,
they will temporarily transform into a new command
which appears in the red slot. This red command is
the one you will take into battle.


Usually, when you convert two commands,
you wind up with exactly what was shown in the
red slot. Sometimes, though, your new command
will be overspec: in other words, more powerful
than expected.

Upgrading Commands[edit]

The icons next to a command name indicate that
the command will...

C = fill more of the clock gauge with each hit.
R = reload more quickly than usual.
CR = C + R
LV. = have a greater effect at higher levels.

Item Commands[edit]

Item commands like Potions are marked with a
numeral, and do not reload until after combat.
In the heat of battle, you can only use the
quantity shown
. However, you can use them in
rapid succession.

Managing the Command Deck[edit]

Did you know you can press X to switch control to
the top screen? From there, you can reorder your
commands or assign one shortcut command.
(Check out Controls and Shortcut Behaviour in the
Config menu for more info about shortcuts.)

Arm Yourself and Accessorize[edit]

The Gear Matrix[edit]

Arm yourself with a Keyblade, accessories,
and a devastating Finish command by installing
them in this board.

Keyblade Chips[edit]

The Clock Ability Tree on the top screen
lists special abilities unique to each Keyblade.
You can unlock secret abilities (???) by
defeating enemies and upgrading the Keyblade.

Finish Command Chips[edit]

Finish commands are the most powerful attacks
in your arsenal. You can use the one you've
installed once the clock gauge reaches MAX.

Accessory Chips[edit]

Install accessory chips to gain a wide
variety of new abilities.

Revisit Worlds to Uncover Secrets[edit]

Selecting a World[edit]

Choose Select a World from t(Unlocked:)savehe save menu to
replay episodes you have completed, challenge
world bosses in Score Attack, or just head in
to explore.

Replaying Episodes[edit]

Once you've completed a world, you can
replay that episode anytime you want to
relive your adventures or grab the prize
blox you missed.

Score Attack[edit]

Choose this to tackle the boss stages of
episodes you've completed an shoot for
a high score.


Choose this to explore episodes you've
completed and take on quests, hunt for hidden
system sectors, or battle the Heartless.

The Quest List[edit]

Quests you have agreed to take on are
automatically added to the Quest List
in the main menu.

Smash Bugs in the System Sectors[edit]

System Sectors[edit]

The datascape created from Jiminy's journal
requires code to run. This code is housed in
special areas called system sectors.

Locating Backdoors[edit]

Page 1/2
To fix glitches, you will first need to
find a backdoor into the system sector.

Page 2/2
Use the sensor on the map to track it down.
As you get closer, the sensor will flash more
quickly and eventually turn red.

Powering Up the Sensor[edit]

As you unlock higher levels of the Scan ability,
your sensor will power up, revealing new
backdoors that lead to previously inaccessible
system sectors

Sector Debug[edit]

Glitches in the datascape are caused by
abnormal enemies inside the system sector.
Defeat these bug baddies and debug the sector
to return the world to normal.

SP (Sector Points)[edit]

While inside a system sector, you will
rack up SP that can be redeemed for EXP,
munny, or other rewards once you have
completely debugged the sector.


Defeat the last of the bug baddies inside
a system sector to reveal a terminal some-
where on the floor. This is your way out.


Some system sectors contain multiple floors.
Defeat all the bug baddies on one floor to
reveal a link to the next.

Floor Challenges[edit]

Attempt these challenges to earn extra SP.
First, decide what percent of your SP
to wager. Fail the challenge, and you will
lose this SP. Succeed, however, to earn it
back times the rate shown.


This system sector floor has been corrupted
by a virus. As long as the virus is present,
you must complete the floor challenge or you
will forfeit all of your SP.

Know Each World's Wacky Workings[edit]

Boss Stage Scoring[edit]

Page 1/2
Defeat enemies or bash blox to release
prizes that increase your score. You will be
awarded items based on your performance.

Page 2/2
Looking to give your score an extra boost?
Keep your HP as high as you can and defeat
the boss in record time!

Overlay Commands[edit]

Grab the diamond-shaped power-ups to arm
yourself with special commands. Each command
has a limited number of uses.

W3: Inklings[edit]

Everyone's lost memories have been scattered
about Wonderland in the form of Inklings.
Reunite the Inklings with the correct owners in
the correct order to set things right.

W4: Coliseum Rules[edit]

Page 1/2
Gltiches in the Coliseum have caused massive
to your abilities and how you fight.
Most deck commands, your shortcut command,
and the Loot Cheat have all been disabled.

Page 2/2
You can lower the difficulty to make battles in
the Coliseum easier, but be warned: doing so
even once will reduce the value of the rewards
you receive at the end.

W4: Shred of Wisdom: Comhat[edit]

Page 1/5
Press A without selecting any commands from
your deck to perform a regular attack. You will
strike first, then the enemy; once everyone has
had a swing, control will return to you.

Page 2/5
You can also press A just before you strike
the enemy to attack up to two additional times.
Sometimes these combos will trigger devastating
special attacks that deal even more hits.

Page 3/5
Press Y at just the right time before
an enemy attack connects to block and
reduce the damage you take by half.

Page 4/5
Outnumbered? Don't be afraid to
hold down R and try to escape
the battle.

Page 5/5
Combat still works the same now that you have
a teammate, but keep a close eye on Sora's HP.
If he falls in battle, it's Game Over.

W4: Shred of Wisdom: Compiling[edit]

Page 1/4
To use deck commands in combat, you have to
compile them. Press X to add a command to the
queue. Once you've picked up one or more commands,
press A to combine them into a single attack.
Use B to back up if you change your mind.

Page 2/4
Compiling commands results in different
than usual. Figuring out what you get,
however, will take a little trial and error.

Page 3/4
In the Coliseum, commands will not reload
over time
. Hit enemies with regular attacks
or destroy blox to gradually reload them.

Page 4/4
Potions and Hi-Potions are your best friends.
They don't need to reload, and more importantly,
they are the only deck commands that you can
use outside of combat

W4: Shred of Wisdom: Bug Level[edit]

Page 1/3
The gauge in the upper-left represents
the current room's bug level. Destroy blox
and defeat enemies to drain the gauge.

Page 2/3
This is the key to advancing.
Reduce the bug level to 1 by draining the
gauge past the white line, and metal blox
and danger blox in the room will transform
into normal blox or prize blox.

Page 3/3
The bug level also affects enemy strength.
Level 1 (yellow gauge): Normal
Level 2 (red gauge): Double strength
Level 3 (flashing gauge): Triple strength

W4: Shred of Wisdom: Encounters[edit]

Page 1/4
A battle will begin when you attack
an enemy
or the enemy attacks you.

Page 2/4
While in the field, attack an enemy from
to trigger a preemptive attack.
This gives you one extra turn at the
beginning of the battle.

Page 3/4
However, be careful. If an enemy attacks
YOU from behind
, you will get caught in a
back attack. This means the enemy gets to
strike first
in battle.

Page 4/4
Beware the swirling pools of shadow.
These powerful foes will pursue you mercilessly
even if you flee to another room.

W4: Shred of Wisdom: Layers[edit]

Page 1/3
The glitched Coliseum is divided into layers
(think of them like floors). The only way to
escape each layer is to destroy blox and
uncover the hidden warp point

Page 2/3
At the end of each layer, you will be given a
score based on how many score prizes you collect.
Earn bonus points by completely eliminating bugs
from as many rooms as possible.

Page 3/3
Between the Coliseum's layers you will find
save rooms you can use to record your progress
and prepare for the battles ahead.

W4: Shred of Wisdom: Licenses[edit]

Page 1/16
Inside the Coliseum, you may find special
items called licenses by breaking blox or
defeating enemies.

Page 2/16
You can only carry 8 kind at one time, but
there are a wide variety of licenses that do
just as many wonderful things. Each license
you find can only be used once.

Page 3/16
You can toggle between the Command Deck and
your list of licenses by pressing:

L + R
Type A)
L + R
Type B)

depending on your Config settings.

Page 4/16
Strength-L (Combat License)
Doubles the damage all allies
deal to enemies for 6 turns.

Page 5/16
Defense-L (Combat License)
Halves the damage taken by allies
for 6 turns.

Page 6/16
Scout-L (Map License)
Ensures you are never back-attacked
throughout the current layer.

Page 7/16
Break-L (Map License)
Destroys all breakable blox in the area.

Page 8/16
Charge-L (Combat License)
Lets you store up power for 1 turn to
triple the damage dealt by your next attack.

Page 9/16
Auto-Block-L (Combat License)
Causes all allies to automatically block
enemy attacks for 6 turns.

Page 10/16
Timing-L (Combat License)
Loosens up the timing for all allies'
combo strikes for 6 turns.

Page 11/16
Reload-L (Combat License)
Instantly reloads all your commands.

Page 12/16
Escape-L (Combat License)
Ensures you escape a battle unharmed.

Page 13/16
Regen-L (Combat License)
Restores 10% of each ally's HP at the
end of every turn for 6 turns.

Page 14/16
Reload-Boost-L (Combat License)
Speeds up reloading of all your
commands for 6 turns.

Page 15/16
Entrap-L (Map License)
Ensures you get a preemptive strike in
every battle throughout the current layer.

Page 16/16
Auto-Life-L (Combat License)
Brings allies back into the fight if
they have fallen during that turn.

W5: Finding Iago[edit]

Search the city for Iago and retrieve the lamp
before time runs out. Defeat enemies or break
blox to uncover timer prizes that will put some
precious seconds back on the clock.

W6: Fighting as a Team[edit]

Each time you press A, Goofy will switch between
following you -> attacking foes -> destroying blox.
His current strategy is shown as an icon in the
lower right of the top screen. Lock-on to enemies
or blox you want him to deal with first.

W6: Goofy[edit]

Page 1/2
Goofy has come to the rescue!
Press A to Ask for Help, and he will aid
you in one of three ways.

Page 2/2
Any attack command in your deck will be
substituted with one of two Goofy commands.
Install more attack commands and a Potion
for healing to make the most of Goofy's help.

W6: Donald[edit]

Page 1/2
Donald has joined the fight!
Donald and Goofy will both follow the
same strategy when you Ask for Help.

Page 2/2
Any magic commands in your deck will be
substituted with one of two Donald commands.
You should still keep a Potion installed for
healing to make the most of your friends' help.

W6: Spinner Ray[edit]

Now you, Donald and Goofy can team up
to use the powerful Spinner Ray command!
Charge up the clock gauge and give it a try.

W6: Rescuing Friends[edit]

If your friends get KO'd in battle,
move up close to them and choose Rescue
to help them back on their feet.

W7: Data Recovery[edit]

Page 1/3
Breaking prize blox and defeating enemies
may cause blue data prizes to appear.
You must collect these to restore your powers.

Page 2/3
Once you have collected enough data to
regain some of your powers, find and debug
the system sector. This will increase the total
amount of data you are allowed to recover.

Page 3/3
Your data recovery progress is shown
in the upper left of the top screen.
Debug Riku to restore your powers in full.

W8: World Cards[edit]

Page 1/2
World cards are the key to advancing
through Castle Oblivion.

Page 2/2
When you approach the door and use a
world card, illusions will appear in the
room beyond.

W8: Ending Cards[edit]

Page 1/3
How things turn out in each card-world is
directly dependent on your actions. The ending
you receive is a reflection of this.

Page 2/3
Each scenario has three possible endings:
a normal ending, which follows what was written
in the journal, plus extra and alternate endings,
which do not.

Page 3/3
Ending cards, unlike world cards, have no
specific use, but collecting them all
may prove worth your while...

Becoming a Blox Expert[edit]


Bugs in the journal data have caused blox
to pop up all over the world. You can break
them with the Keyblade
to reveal prizes,
or use them as stepping stones.

Blox Types[edit]

The blox marked with a star ★ are called
prize blox. Smash these with your Keyblade
to reveal the treasures inside.
Grey metal blox cannot be destroyed.

Rare Prize Blox[edit]

Blox marked with silver stars ★
contain valuable items. It takes three
hits to break one.

Bounce Blox[edit]

The blue blox with bubbles on them will
push you back if you try to approach from
the side. However, if you jump on them
from above...

Ghost Blox[edit]

The green blox will pop in and out of
existence at regular intervals. While fully
visible, they can be used as stepping stones.
While they are transparent, you will walk or
fall right through them.

Slider Blox[edit]

You can move the blue blox with the
turquoise pattern someplace more useful
by hitting them with your Keyblade.

Pair Blox[edit]

Page 1/2
Each blue blox with a star ★ has a
corresponding light green blox with a star ★
somewhere in the area. Both of these pair blox
will move if you hit them.

Page 2/2
Slide the blox up next to each other
to turn them into a prize blox.

Blast Blox[edit]

Red blox with a cracked pattern will explode
not long after you touch them, or immediately
if they are hit with too much force.

Magnet Blox[edit]

Blox marked with a red and blue swirl are
called magnet blox. The glowing sides of
these blox will pull you toward them, but the
darkened sides have no effect.

Connect with Friends in Tag Mode[edit]

The Avatar Menu[edit]

Return to the Title Screen to access this
special menu for connecting with other players
via Tag Mode. You will receive a floor challenge
and scratch card from each person you meet.

Your Avatar[edit]

Why settle for an average avatar when
you can have the avatar of your dreams?
Use Tag Mode to unlock a huge assortment
of parts that add pizzazz and personality.

Tag Mode Settings[edit]

Customize the type of floor you send to
other players you meet by choosing a
Floor Code (floor layout and behavior)
and Floor Challenge.

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