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Artwork render for Sora

After the opening, Data-Sora is seen standing on a stained glass platform in his Dive to the Heart, the first world of the game. The sequence serves as a tutorial for the game so just follow what the voice says.

Starting Commands

The voice will let you choose one of the three items and then give up one of the remaining two. This will decide your starting commands.

Item Command if chosen Command if given up
Dream Sword KH.png
Quick Blitz Cure
Dream Rod KH.png
Fire Rising Strike
Dream Shield KH.png
Round Blitz Sliding Dash

Cure is extremely useful and it is best to acquire it as soon as possible. Hence, it is recommended to give up the sword. Then, you can pick the rod for Fire or the shield for Round Blitz, depending on your tastes.

After you regain control, head to the newly opened path to reach a new area, where your battle tutorial will take place. Press A to attack the enemy Heartless with simple Keyblade strikes or press X to use a selected Deck command. L and R at the same time to Lock-On. You'll also be introduced to the Clock Gauge which fills up as you attack or use commands. It will also give you specific abilities depending on the current clock level. After you reached the "MAX level" you can use a more Finish command. Fallen enemies drop Prizes and EXP. Once you have accumulated enough EXP, you'll receive a Level Up chip that can be installed into the "Stat Matrix" which can be accessed by pressing Start to open up the main menu. After you've done installing the chip, the first save point and a door will appear. Examine the door to proceed onto the next world, Destiny Islands.

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