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Obviously, this is the additional crap information and stuff to my original user page, since I don't wanna take up too much space.

en This user is a native speaker of English.
zh-4 該用戶能以地道中文進行交流。
Kairi_%28Sprite%29_KHCOM.png This user is Female.
UserIE.png This user contributes using Internet Explorer.

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Wiki Friends
JFHtalk.png This user is a friend of JFHavoc, and assists in the wreaking of havoc.

Crazy.png LegoAlchemist considers this user to be a wiki-friend, even though the two will never meet in real life and the nature of their relationship is open for debate.
Sora-Avatar50px-1.png _This user is a good friend of
_Dan da Man36.
weWh9JY.png This user has obtained Mission Crowns!
jfYMflh.png This user is a fan of Sora.

7MydijL.png This user is a fan of Roxas.

yV5dspR.png This user is a fan of Riku.

BaUmQuq.png This user is a fan of Kairi.

ObMxIbk.png This user trusts Naminé.

sKrhMyD.png Who is this user? What are they here for?

f7j5qQs.png This user is a fan of Mickey Mouse.

88LExZk.png This user is a fan of Minnie Mouse.

LHY8J7r.png This user is a fan of Donald Duck. Quack!

RFHVGtI.png Gawrsh! This user is a fan of Goofy.

knsrYnY.png This user is a fan of Ventus.

fFDi0KR.png This user is a fan of Aqua.

KymSFXD.png This user is a fan of Terra.
ipuOopZ.png This user is a fan of Disney movies.
UserValor.png This user loves Valor Form.

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UserMaster.png This user loves Master Form.
UserFinal.png This user loves Final Form.
jEetj7O.png This user is a resident of The Land of Dragons.
4TL30pL.png This user fell down a Rabbit Hole.

5f98Ne1.png This user loves the good old days of black and white.
Places-userDestinyIslands.png This user is a resident of Destiny Islands.
wIxrHUR.png This user likes to frolic under the sea.

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Talk_Bubble_Expert_zps844be2cd.png This user is a Talk Bubble Expert.
UserTSora.png This user loves Sora's Character Theme.
UserTRoxas.png This user loves Roxas's Character Theme.
gTYgWcQ.png This user loves Riku's Character Theme.
jJYrpGb.png This user loves Kairi's Character Theme.
UserTNamine.png This user loves Naminé's Character Theme.
3u4SbQd.png This user loves Musique pour la tristesse de Xion.
UseriSora2.png iLove iSora.
UseriRoxas.png iLove iRoxas.
UseriRiku.png iLove iRiku.
UseriKairi2.png iLove iKairi.
UseriNamine.png iLove iNaminé.
UseriXion.png iLove iXion.
UseriMickeyG.png iLove iMickey.
UseriMinnie.png iLove iMinnie.
UseriDuck.png iLove iDuck.
UseriGoofO.png iLove iGoofy.
UseriMulan.png iLove iMulan.
UseriBambi.png iLove iBambi.
UseriMushu.png iLove iMushu.
UseriDemyx.png iLove iDemyx.
UseriValor.png iLove iValorForm.

Kingdom Hearts video game experience

  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Has watched some videos with gameplay. Hasn't played game yet.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Knows what happens, hasn't played game, watched people play this game.
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Had experience playing the game, knows what's going on.
  • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Played a little bit of the game, watched people play it.
  • Kingdom Hearts II: Watched the cutscenes multiple times over and over again.
  • Kingdom Hearts Coded: Don't have a cellphone, can't play the game.

My Talk Bubbles

From my friends!

SquareEnixRocks - No! My heart belongs to me !
TALK - Come on!
This is my normal talking talk bubble. Made by LapisScarab.
SquareEnixRocks - Look sharp!
TALK - Come on!
This is my happy talk bubble. Used for when I'm happy. Also made by LapisScarab.
SquareEnixRocks - Why am I so tiny...
TALK - ...and why is my head so big?
OMG!!! It's CHIBI ROXAS!!!! He's soooo cute!!!! Made by Saxisai!
SquareEnixRocks - Are you done rambling?
TALK - You sure do like to talk a lot. Well, at least I'm never lonely.KingdomKeyDarkside has awarded this user the Talkative Friend Award.
A Talkative Friend Award talk bubble from KingdomKeyDarkside. I use this one whenever I'm saying a lot or making a long statement.
Moogle (Live talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.gif
SquareEnixRocks - Greetings, kupo. What is your name?
TALK - Are you here to shop, kupo?
This is my Moogle talk bubble. Made by Randomnessity. This talk bubble is used randomly, or, whenever I feel like it.
SquareEnixRocks - My friends are my power!
TALK - Leave him to me! 9:10 PM
Vsymbol.pngVentus talk bubble from KingdomKeyDarkside, he only posted it to my talk bubble template because he wanted to do some
SquareEnixRocks Why! Why did the keyblade chose me. I have to know!

What's going on!

Vsymbol.png This talk bubble is from OathkeeperKH. I really like it! Thank you so much, Oathkeeper!
SquareEnixRocks Leave em' to me!. Our connected hearts are my power!

Terra would never fall into darkness!

Vsymbol.png This talk bubble is also from OathkeeperKH! I love the colors she used. =D

Made by me!


FotoFlexer_Photo.jpgSquareEnixRocksFotoFlexer_Photo-1.jpg This is my signature. Used...

  • Whenever I don't really want to use a talk bubble
  • Whenever someone's talk page has reached its' template size
  • Whenever I'm saying something in a discussion.

史克威尔罗克斯 This is my signature with my user name in Mandarin. Used...

  • Quite often
  • Whenever I wish to not use talk bubbles
  • Whenever I feel like speaking Mandarin.

Where else can you find me?


<gallery> File:Opening 08 KHBBS.png File:Opening 09 KHBBS.png File:Opening 01 KHBBS.png File:Opening 03 KHBBS.png File:Riku Turns Into Ansem 02 KHD.png File:Escape from the Other Space 02 KHII.png File:Escape from the Other Space 01 KHII.png File:Meet Xion 01 KHD.png File:Where the Heart Goes 01 KHBBS.png