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sandbox page for testing stuff and don't make a mess in the main wiki

userbox testing

  • Setting up a userbox for Ventus's theme:

gold-variant (light-elemental based)

UserTVentus.png This user loves Ventus's Character Theme.

green-variant (wind-elemental based) => also Wayfinder-colour

UserTVentus.png This user loves Ventus's Character Theme.

But heck, which one should be used...

  • Setting up a userbox for Aqua's theme:

light blue-variant (ice-elemental based)

UserTAqua.png This user loves Aqua's Character Theme.

dark blue-variant (water-elemental based) => also Wayfinder-colour

UserTAqua.png This user loves Aqua's Character Theme.
  • Setting up a userbox for Terra's theme:

brown-orange-variant (earth-elemental based) => also Wayfinder-colour

UserTTerra.png This user loves Terra's Character Theme.

black-variant (dark-elemental based)

UserTTerra.png This user loves Terra's Character Theme.
  • making a friend-userbox

userseph081250px.png This user fearlessly faced Sephiroth0812 and gained friendship with the blademaster.

draft for Terra's abilities-section

Keyblade and fighting style

As the tallest and physically strongest of the trio from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Terra's attacks and are quite powerful and have a longer reach, as his Keyblades are longer than most.

His default Keyblade, Earthshaker, reflects his preferred approach to deal with enemies: to decimate them with heavy, powerful attacks. Because of the heavier Keyblade and the powerful wide strikes, most of Terra's combo attacks are slower than those of Sora, Riku, Aqua, and Ventus in particular.

As hinted at by his name, Terra's closest elemental affinity lies with the earth element. However, he has displayed an affection for the darkness element, which is seen in contrast to Ven's affinities for wind and light.

The standard attacks of Terra's primary battle style are wide vertical and horizontal swipes with great power behind them. These attacks are designed to smash his adversaries aside, making his attacks the ones with the highest damage output per single attack. Additionally, Terra has access to a broad variety of unique Attack Commands which further expand on his role as a powerhouse. Using the Ars Solum combo, Terra is able to land several heavy hits in a reasonably short period of time. Furthermore, he specializes in lunge and charge attacks like Dark Haze and Chaos Blade, a variant of Sonic Blade, both abilities enhanced with darkness.

Terra's arsenal of attacks is broadened with the powerful Geo Impact and Meteor Crash commands, leaping attacks enhanced by his affinity for the earth element. The abilities Zantetsuken and Sacrifice portray extremely powerful single attacks, true to Terra's primary style, while Brutal Blast, Limit Storm, and Windcutter are mighty spinning attacks, giving him a crowd-control move. More noteworthy out of these abilities is Windcutter, which is Terra's only unique attack not based on earth or darkness, but wind, the primary element of Ventus.

Unlike his classmates, who each sport a long chain of unique finishing commands, Terra's personal finishing commands come in two variations, the Rising Rock commands and the Dark Star commands. His ultimate Finisher is called Demolition, allowing Terra to literally blast his enemies to pieces. Beside his main chain of finishers, Terra is the only one of the trio to gain an upgrade to the Twisted Hours-finisher named Random End.


While Aqua displays more of a talent for magic, Terra also shows several magic abilities of his own. Like Ventus, he has access to a broad variety of standard and advanced spells as well as spells unique to his character. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Terra can use four exclusive spells, which, again similar to Ventus, are closely tied to his primary elemental affinities.

Quake and Meteor are powerful earth-based area-of-effect spells with a high damage output, which are characteristic of Terra's generally powerful attack arsenal. The Warp spell is quite different; it will attempt to completely remove an enemy from existence, similar to how the Banish spells work in the Final Fantasy series.

Terra's last exclusive spell is Dark Firaga, though his particular variant has a chance to blind enemies hit by it. This spell is also used by other users of darkness like Riku, the Riku Replica, and Vanitas.


True to his overall strengths and theme, Terra can change into three exclusive Command Styles and use also three unique Shotlocks.

After the Mark of Mastery-exam Terra gains the Critical Impact-Command Style which focuses on heavy hits.

His second exclusive, Rockbreaker, focuses on his earth affinity