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(デストロイアーツ Desutoroi Ātsu?, lit. "Destroy Arts")
Rain meteors down on enemies and trigger explosions. Use Analog Stick to move the marker along the ground and direct the meteor strikes.
Attack No. of Hits Power
Demolition 5 3.0
Element Status Level
Physical Stun (100%/7s) 6

Demolition is a technique that can be used only by Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It allows the user to cause powerful explosions with meteors.


Demolition is a Level 6 Finish command that is exclusive to Terra. During its execution, a series of five powerful explosions center on a flaming cursor that players can guide with the analog stick to strike multiple enemies at once so long as they stand within range of the meteors that fall upon the cursor. Each explosion stuns enemies who come in contact with it. Terra is also completely immune to damage while using Demolition.

Learning Demolition[edit]

  • Terra learns Demolition by obtaining 10,000 CP after Dark Star 2 Finish Command is unlocked.