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Different version of previous file with better quality.
Name Falcos
A.K.A Tom, Tenebrae Nox
Hometown Adelaide, SA
Date of Birth April 16, 1993
Age 18

WARNING: The below may contain offensive language and materials. Please view at own discretion. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Moved to new site. Old one didn't even let me log in thanks to new skin. I'm glad we moved.

Real Life

General "About me"

I'm Falcos, or Tom, if you prefer, and I am batshit insane. I enjoy all games in the Kingdom Hearts series except CoM. I hate that game, I literally got up and danced when I was done with it. I live in Australia, which means I never got any final mixes or Re:CoM. That having been said, Australia is still the best country in the world in all aspects except for its weather.


I am eighteen, rather tall, reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, and, in my own words, the ugliest mofo to ever walk the face of the earth.

Likes/Dislikes IRL

In real life, I like reading, swimming, bike riding, video games, martial arts, computer stuffs, and cooking. I don't like organized sports, with the exception of ice hockey, and I don't even like watching that, just playing it. I don't watch TV, I don't watch movies. I almost never leave the house. If I do, it'll be at night time, 1 AM onwards.


I am antisocial and have trust issues, and have clinical depression. That having been said, I am adept at hiding it, and am only saying it here so you don't all get surprised when I break down and start being mopey. I am also an extreme pessimist and cynic. I am extremely sarcastic and can be extremely hurtful in what I say, but I try to be polite, and my rule of thumb is "I treat you how you've been treating me."


Favorites/Least Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things in the KH series to date.
Character: Vanitas. WIN.
Form: AntiForm, both visually and gameplay-wise, as it is both cool looking and a lot of fun to dance around clawing at things.
Command Style: Wingblade, or, as I call it, "Mincemeat maker"
Keyblade: Lost Memory, as it is the coolest-looking so far. Wayward Wind is a close second.
Spell: Reflect, because it is basically temporary invulnerability.
Organization XIII member: Luxord, because he has that quiet British charm.
Game: BBS, as it has the best gameplay and story.
Heartless: Neoshadow, because they are cool.
Nobody: Samurai, because the Dual Stance reaction command is a lot of fun.
Unversed: Iron Imprisoner, as he is a fun fight.

Alright, now in the same order as my favorite things, here are some my least favorites, and what's more, I shall attempt to give reasons as to why.
Character: Riku (He's cliched. "Oh, my best friend who is better at everything then I am has turned evil! Le gasp!")
Form: Don't really have a least favorite, they're all good.
Keyblade: Sweet Memories (I just really, REALLY, hate the design. And that annoying-ass noise it makes when you hit something.)
Spell: Gravity (Never really found a situation in which it was useful, aside from treasure chests.)
Organization member: Xaldin (I didn't see much character in him.)
Game: CoM (Annoying control, annoying battle system, annoying plot, annoying visual quality... Need I go on?)
Heartless: Darkside (HOW many times do you beat these things?)
Nobody: Creeper (Because I found the rest of the nobodies fun and interesting to fight, whereas the creepers were basically just white heartless.)
Unversed: Vile Phial, as they like flying around out of reach.

Play style

While most people simply whack away until everything in front of them stops moving, I prefer a more sophisticated style. I like to block moves then retaliate with magic as a rule of thumb, and I'm not averse to simply casting Magnet and then Thunder to clear the room. My favorite technique by far, though, is to deliberately stand in the way of an attack (i.e. in between a Berserker and its hammer) and then casting Reflect.

Meta (In-wiki)

In wiki I am likely to be a kind, polite person, as long as you are kind and polite to me. However, if you offend/upset me, I am likely to start being ruthless, and over-using sarcasm and being, basically, very harsh. If you see me editing as "Tenebrae" or "Tenebrae Nox" it means I am in a very very bad mood, and you should try to avoid annoying me.

Talk Bubbles

Just me testing out some talk bubbles. I may add more at a later date.

Falcos - Correct. I am not Ventus.
TALK - The χ-blade will be forged!
This is my angry talkbox

Falcos - Not bad at all. Congratulations.
TALK - I'll keep you around.
This is my thinking one, I'll use it if I'm giving a subject careful thought.

Falcos - You've done it, Ventus.
TALK - Now that my body is about to perish... You and I will have to join together!
This is my happy one...

Falcos - Ah, yes. Ventus.
TALK - Tell me something, has he learned to put up a decent fight yet?
And this is my masked one. It's if I'm neutral or embarassed, or whatever else I feel like using it for.

Last Note

As I'm new, and this is my first wiki, please leave any feedback you may have to improve my userpage on my talk page. Even if your feedback is just "Your userpage sucks" it'd be appreciated. Thank you.

Randomly, me in a suit