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The Black Knight is also an Enigma... Who else is an Enigma? Hakumen.

Please excuse me. I sometimes have issues controlling the intergnomes that occasionally invade my unknown user space.

Welcome to my unknown domain!

Welcome unknown stranger to my secret enigmatic unknown(user)page! As you can see, there is nothing here. How sad... :( But do not worry unknown user! Actually, I want you to worry! >:D Muahahaha!!! If you would be so kind, please sign your name at the end of my page, so that I may track you down. Also, feel free to say hi on my talk page. I may or may not respond but when I do get on, I will be sure to give you an unknown hello.

Unknown visitors sign here!

Riku's Love - "Take care of her."
TALK - No. Its the road to dawn.
yay! The first!!!!