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Wan-Uingudo Einjeru
Ethnicity Caucasion
Primary Language English
Country United StatesUnited States
GMT -8:00
Height 5'8
Weight 182 lbs.
Religion Baptist
Orientation Straight
Zodiac Signs Pisces/(Wooden) Dog
Keyblades One-Winged Angel
Elements Lightning
Magic Curaga
Accessories Tears of Flame
D-Links Vanitas
Controls: Dream Eaters

"The things you want to say the most are the things you fight yourself the hardest not to say."
—One-Winged Angel


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My Talk Bubbles

Credit goes to Saxisai for the Sephiroth images.

One-Winged Angel "The things you want to say the most are the things you fight yourself the hardest not to say."

TALK - Do you think you can erase your past? - X:XX

This is my first talk bubble.
This my second talk bubble.
One-Winged Angel "The things you want to say the most are the things you fight yourself the hardest not to say."

TALK - Descend Heartless Angel - X:XX

This is my talk bubble of my favorite Org.XIII member.
One-Winged Angel "The things you want to say the most are the things you fight yourself the hardest not to say."
TALK - Oopsy-daisy - X:XX
One-Winged Angel "The things you want to say the most are the things you fight yourself the hardest not to say."

The Unversed logo from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania.TALK - It's time to create the X-Blade! - X:XX

This is my awesome Vanitas bubble!
Young Xehanort
One-Winged Angel "The things you want to say the most are the things you fight yourself the hardest not to say."

KH3D icon.pngTALK - We'll go together. - Time is relative BBS icon.png

This is my talk bubble of the epic Unknown AKA Young Master Xehanort.

About Me

RickyM_zps69634de9.gif Ricky Monroe Avatar used on other Social Networks


I was born and raised in San Diego which is where I've been my entire life. When I was two, I grabbed an old-fashioned can opener and began running with it. I tripped, severely cut my top lip, and was rushed to the ER. Now there's a Scar where the cut was.


At the age of four my very first gaming console was the N64 accompanied by Super Mario 64. My N64 and Super Mario's "Television Appearances" have been replaced by my PS2/PS3 and installments of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. When I take my hardcore gaming experiences off the TV, I hold in my hands a PSP, DS, or 3DS.

Personality & Interests

I am a very bright guy with a very creative personality and is shy as well. Aside from gaming I love to write, mainly Lyrics. I also like to draw, mainly Furry due to being part of the Furry Fandom. Though I plan on being a Game Designer, my most important goal is creating an anime series. With my job as Game designer, I plan on creating graphics for amazing games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts (or maybe even Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts themselves...). I have every manga volume available to North America except for the last half of Kingdom Hearts. I wish they wouldn't leave so much of the game out of the manga.

  • Skype: moonlightdefender


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Why no Accomplishment Boxes?

There is no need for me to have them because the accomplishments I make go under their respective games on my Game Data page (See link below).


End of the World Enable JavaScript to view this countdown. Just for the fun of it.
Death Enable JavaScript to view this countdown. Rough Estimate (Average Lifespan of US Male is approximately 80)

Random Info

Miscellaneous Random

My middle name is Adan which is Spanish for Adam.

Editing Status

  • Sloppy/Problematic - When I'm tired. Early Morning/Late Evening
  • Satisfactory - Late Morning/Early Afternoon
  • Organized/Efficient - When I'm "energized". Late Afternoon/Early Evening


  • Meal: Pizza
  • Dessert: Apple Pie
  • Beverage: Sprite/Sierra Mist/7up
  • Movie: Avatar
  • Anime: Detective Conan
  • Music Genre: Rock
  • Band: Newsboys
  • Art Style: Anthro/Furry
  • Artist: Tetsuya Nomura/Yoshitaka Amano
  • Writer: Hayao Miyazaki
  • Game: Kingdom Hearts Series
  • KH World: Radiant Garden
  • KH Boss: Mysterious Figure
  • Org. Member: Xigbar
  • Final Fantasy: XIII
  • Final Fantasy Boss: Orphan
  • Gaming Platform: Every PlayStation

List of Musique Internaciónal

As part of my "World Interest", I like to keep my music's "lingual variety" wide. These are the languages my music is in:

  • English
    • Ex: My Hands
  • Español (Spanish)
    • Ex: Un Misterio. El Amor
  • Français (French)
    • Ex: Un Monde Sans Dange
  • Deutsch (German)
    • Ex: Mitternacht
  • Svenska (Swedish)
    • Ex: Caramelldansen
  • Română (Romanian)
    • Ex: Dragoste Din Tei
  • 日本語 (Japanese)
    • Ex: こころ (Kokoro)
  • Русский (Russian)
    • Ex: Коробейники
  • עִבְרִית (Hebrew)
    • Ex: שלום עליכם

More About Me & Music

When I listen to music I form an order or choose an already made/official playlist and once I start listening to the music, my law of "Sacred Consecutivity" comes into effect. It's my biggest pet peeve when my music is interrupted. Therefore the law is broken when:

  • Someone starts talking to me
  • Some event or action just "has" to have me pause the music
  • When the battery in my PSP dies
  • When I bump the L or R button on my PSP

Consecutivity comes from the word "Consecutive" and is made by me to be a synonym for "Consecutiveness" to replace the latter term. I refuse to use the proper word because I feel more comfortable with the one I formed.




Vanitas_16_Bit.png Venitas_16_Bit.png MasterXehanort.png


XH.jpg Vexen.jpg



I have made my own theories and are presented in the videos below:



My attempt at parodies.

Kingdom Hearts: The Parody That Never Was


Non-parody videos that contain clips from multiple games.

Signs of What's Next - "Illustrated" Kingdom Hearts 3D "Hype" Video"


Cutscenes with incorporated audio from other media.

Bleach Hearts: Treachery at Hollow Bastion Bleach Hearts II: Invasion at The Castle That Never Was Kingdom Every Hearts
<youtube width="320" height="240">/IxJOu1unc-M</youtube>


  • The Ricky Image mentioned as being an Avatar has no background. The actual Avatar has a background of a cloudy night sky.
  • The title itself, "List of Musique Internaciónal", consists of English, French, and Spanish.
  • The Master Xehanort sprite is not hunched over with his hands behind his back.
  • In the parody video, the techno remix was originally planned to be "Dragoste Din Tei (Numa Numa)", but to Copyright/Legal issues it had to be replaced.

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