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Basic Stats
UserFemale.png This user is Female.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
es-2 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel intermedio de español.
ja-1 この利用者は少しだけ日本語を話すことができます。
UserGAVentus.png This user dove to the heart and completed Ventus's story.
UserGAAqua.png This user destroyed the χ-blade and completed Aqua's story.
UserGABBSTrophies.png This user has obtained 5 Trophies in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!
Pin_000-1.png This user is a fan of The World Ends with You.
UserFFFan.png This user is a fan of the Final Fantasy games.
LazyAfternoons_zps1tslagj6.png This user loves the song Lazy Afternoons.
UserBGMTheOtherPromise.png This user loves the song The Other Promise.
Sephiroth_zpsfab1d88c.png This user loves the song One-Winged Angel.
UserSSanctuary.png This user loves the song Sanctuary.
Traverse%20TownStd_zpsszyc4k98.png This user loves the song Traverse Town.
UserTXion.png This user loves Musique pour la tristesse de Xion.
Characters & Quotes
StitchSprite_zps7w76ukuk.png This user is a fan of Experiment 626.

Isa01_zpss55hql6d.png I know I won't forget you. Believe me, I try all the time.
Yeshesperfect_zps960f880d.png Dark, moody, powerful. Yes! He's perfect.
Conviction_zpsyfxx36gs.png I appreciate you saying that with conviction, even though you have no idea what you're talking about.
Pompom_zps30fe69c9.png Don't touch my pom pom, kupo! Why does everybody want to touch it, kupo?

Zombie_zpsa042ff05.png Don't you remember? I acted like a zombie.

Putanend_zpsdfaa7a7a.png Terra, Aqua... I swear I'll put an end to this.

I'm pretty inactive, but this wiki will always be my hometown.

Wiki Goals

  • Record and upload Birth By Sleep gifs

Birth By Sleep

Terra: (Level 35 Proud)
Ventus: (Level 57 Standard)

  • Reports Complete
  • Story Cleared

Aqua: (Level 46 Proud)

  • Story Cleared

Kingdom Hearts Media I Own

Audit Award

Sora & Riku Artwork KH3D.png

"This world has been disconnected. Severed from the darkness. As of now, no longer eclipsed."

As of today, June 11th, 2011, the audit resulting from the declared independence of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki from Wikia has been successfully completed! Thanks to work from users like you, all articles, images, templates, and other pages are now fully synced with the wiki, which has restored content that could have been lost forever during the move. Thanks to you, this wiki is now completely free from Wikia, as well as all of its forced skins, policies, and content that shunned encyclopedic content for contests and irrelevant material. Your invaluable work has forever separated the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, allowing us to reach higher, transcend the stars, pierce the heavens, and ultimately conquer the darkness, and shall never be forgotten. From the hearts of truly every user on this wiki: thank you.