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Hey there. My name's Aidan. I decided to get into the Kingdom Hearts series just for the fun of it. Started in September of 2019, and have played every game, and beaten nearly every game, since. I refuse to play any more of this one (got as far as 221 with Terra and dragon Maleficent with Aqua before I called it quits). Nearly beat this one as well, but this guy screwed me over, and I don't really wanna go back and play it.

Probably won't be doing anything major here, unless a new game is announced, but you can see me be a crat over on the SmashWiki (which, hilariously, is also run by porplemontage). Part of the reason I even got into the Kingdom Hearts series was actually so I could do a Super Smash Bros.-styled moveset for Sora, given my love for Smash. If you want to check that out, you can see it here.

Game Favorite world Favorite overworld music Favorite battle music
Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Atlantica Olympus Coliseum
Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II Space Paranoids Halloween Town Port Royal
358/2 Days Halloween Town Olympus Coliseum
Birth by Sleep Deep Space Disney Town
Re:coded Agrabah Traverse Town
Dream Drop Distance Symphony of Sorcery The Grid
Kingdom Hearts III San Fransokyo Toy Box


This is a small collection of trivia points that have either been removed or likely would be removed, but I think are still interesting enough to note somewhere. This is not done to rebel against the administrative staff; I just like trivia a lot.

  • Tron and Joshamee Gibbs are the only characters from a live-action film represented in Kingdom Hearts to be voiced by the actor who portrayed them in their respective films.
  • Deep Space and Arendelle are the only worlds in Kingdom Hearts where every character is voiced by their original voice actor.
  • Halloween Town, Atlantica, Port Royal, Castle of Dreams, Disney Town, and Toy Box are the only worlds to have a licensed Disney track in the world; of them, Port Royal is the only one to have it as the battle theme rather than the overworld theme.
    • Symphony of Sorcery also has previously-composed music in the background, though the music is not licensed (as all four pieces from the world are public domain) and was only used in Fantasia, not specifically composed for it.
  • Neverland is the only world to appear in multiple games, but not have the same background music twice (aside from its appearance in Chain of Memories).
    • Atlantica also changed its overworld theme in Kingdom Hearts II, with its battle theme completely absent (due to...well, no Heartless, just rhythm minigames), though its original overworld theme is one of the songs for the rhythm minigames.
      • (I think there are unused versions of both Under the Sea (as an overworld theme) and An Adventure in Atlantica that exist in II though? My source is this but TCRF has nothing, other than "Atlantica has unused HUD icons".)
  • There are multiple reports on this, but with no definitive proof: Zachary Levi once said in an interview that he signed onto the role of Flynn Rider so that he could potentially appear in a Kingdom Hearts game, a wish that was granted in Kingdom Hearts III.