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I'm Aid1043 (they/them), a moderator on the wiki. (My name is pronounced "Aid One-Oh-Four-Three", or you can also just call me Aid.) My primary focus is on music tracks, spin-offs, and merchandise, though I do various other things around here as well.

I own the original Kingdom Hearts coded, because you don't. Symbol - Crown.png

Also, I made a video documenting Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash, please check it out →


Current projects

Project: Merchandise -Revival-

If you'll indulge me with the project name for a moment: I'm working on expanding the wiki's coverage of officially licensed merchandise, as was the goal of the original Project: Merchandise. Why do we cover only 8 of the 23 different lines of figurines? Why does Hot Topic have its own page, but not any other designer? Why do we have artwork from the SuperGroupies collaboration, but no mention of the actual products? The goal of the project is to cover all official Kingdom Hearts merchandise, as outlined in this template.

I've compiled most of the merchandise that isn't already covered on the wiki into a spreadsheet, excluding the literal hundreds (thousands?) of Hot Topic / BoxLunch products. In doing so, I've covered everything ever mentioned on KH13 and Siliconera, at least four versions of the ever-changing Square Enix e-STORE, four different figurine and pin collector databases, everything on Japanese retailers AmiAmi and Aitai Kuji, and a decent number of other designers and manufacturers.


  • Theater Mode updates (include summaries and music tracks)
  • Kingdom Hearts χ abilities
  • Basic "Composition" section for tracks
  • Add categories to music articles

Past projects

These are some of the more major projects or renovations I have helped with – if you have questions about any of these articles, chances are I'll be able to help.

Music and merchandise
  • Infoboxes for KHDR abilities, accessories, and enemies
  • Anything KHMOM related
  • Spirit training
  • Dream Eater commands

Abbreviation and file name guide

(Expanded from TSH's guide.)

Game Game Tag Infobox/Name File Name Link Navbox
Kingdom Hearts KH1 KH KH {{KH}} {{KH1}}
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix FM1 KHFM KHFM {{FM}} {{FM1}}
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories COM KHCOM KHCOM {{KHCoM}} {{COM}}
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories REC KHRECOM KHRECOM {{ReCoM}}
Kingdom Hearts II KH2 KHII KHII {{KHII}} {{KH2}}
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix FM2 KHIIFM KHIIFM {{FMII}} {{FM2}}
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 358 KHD KHD {{KHD}} {{358}}
Kingdom Hearts coded KHC KHC KHC {{KHc}} {{Coded}}
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded RCO KHREC KHREC {{KHR}}
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep BBS KHBBS KHBBS {{KHBbS}} {{BBS}}
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix FMB KHBBSFM KHBBSFM {{FMBbS}} {{BBSFM}}
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance DDD KH3D KH3D {{KH3D}} {{DDD}}
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD DHD KH3DHD KH3DHD {{KHDDDHD}}
Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] KHX KHχ KHX {{KHx}} {{XChi}}
Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] UCX KHUχ KHUX {{Ux}} {{UCX}}
Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover XBC KHχBC KHXBC {{XBC}}
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- AFP KH0.2 KH0.2 {{KH0.2}} {{AFP}}
Kingdom Hearts III KH3 KHIII KHIII {{KHIII}} {{KH3}}
Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind 3RM KHIIIRM KHIIIRM {{RM}} {{3RM}}
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road DR KHDR KHDR {{DR}} {{KHDR}}
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory MOM KHMOM KHMOM {{KHMoM}} {{MOM}}
Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link ML KHML KHML
Kingdom Hearts IV KH4 KHIV KHIV
Collections and compilations
Game Game Tag Infobox/Name File Name Link Navbox
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX HD1 KHHD1.5 KHHD {{KHHD}} {{KHHD1.5}}
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX HD2 KHHD2.5 KHIIHD {{KHHD2}} {{KHHD2.5}}
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX 1P2 {{KH1525}}
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue FCP KHHDFCP {{KHHD2.8}}
Spin-offs and miscellany
Game Game Tag File Name
Kingdom Hearts V CAST KHVC KHVC
Kingdom Hearts Mobile KHM KHM
Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash KHMP KHMPC
Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter KHDP KHDP
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Gummiship Studio KHGS RCOGS*
Kingdom Hearts Collaboration: Gummi Ship Campaign FFRK FFRKxKH
Kingdom Hearts VR Experience KHVR KHVR
Crossovers and collaborations
Game File Name
LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum DTT
Final Fantasy Record Keeper FFRK
Final Fantasy Brave Exivus FFBE
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate SSBU
Concerts and albums
Album Infobox/Name File Name
drammatica: The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura drammatica drammatica
Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Piano Collections
Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle Piano Collections F&B Piano Collections F&B
Symphonic Fantasies Symphonic Fantasies Symphonic Fantasies
Symphonic Fantasies Toyko Tokyo Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo
The World Ends With You -Crossover- TWEWY -Crossover-
memória! ~ The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura memória! memória
Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album Tribute Album Tribute Album
Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath- First Breath First Breath
Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- World Tour World Tour
Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- World of Tres World of Tres
Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event 20th Anniversary 20th Anniversary Event
Kingdom Hearts Concert -Second Breath- Second Breath Second Breath



There are some pieces of Kingdom Hearts trivia that are unfit for actual wiki articles, but personally interesting to me, and maybe to you as well.

  • As far as I can tell, LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is the only instance in which Disney officially refers to the series as『Kingdom Hearts』rather than『KINGDOM HEARTS』.
  • Some interesting notes from the Kingdom Hearts Magical Puzzle Clash files:
    • The internal name for the game is 358/2 Days Special Puzzle Game (king_spl_pzl_358daysspecialpuzzlegame).
    • One file (the Keyblade mouse sprite) has metadata referencing Wizards of Waverly Place: Magic Duel, a similar Disney flash game (wiz_spl_pzl_wizardsmagicduel).
    • Much of the code is commented in Spanish – even some files and variables have Spanish names, such as the orange menu background ("bgNaranja").
    • The internal spell names don't match up with the real ones. Noteworthy differences include Remedy (counter_spell), Remove Spell (remove), Silence (brother_help), and Remove (super_brother_help).
  • Notes from the Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory files:
    • It seems like "The Encounter" was originally intended to be the KHII version instead of the KHBBS one. The internal ID is grouped with the other KHII battle themes (between "Rowdy Rumble" and "Sinister Shadows"), and the Collector's Card Pack of the Boss Battle version is still with the KHII tracks as well.
    • It's no secret that the KHIII stuff was rushed, and sure enough it's all tacked onto the end of every internal list. The end of the music ID list also has Disney songs, Utada songs, Co-Op stages, and the Field Battle versions of Boss Battles; nothing surprising there. But for some reason, "Destiny's Force" is also in this last group, suggesting it was added pretty late in development.
    • "Wonder of Electron" and "No More Bugs!!" are grouped with the Twilight Town tracks in a Collector's Card pack, meaning that neither stage is capable of dropping Data-Sora or Data-Riku.


Here's a rough tier list (of my personal opinion), which is mostly an excuse to practice MediaWiki table formatting. Don't take it too seriously.

This is Kingdom hearts to me BBSFM icon.png KHDR icon.png COM icon.png FM1 icon.png MOM icon.png KHREC icon.png
Incredible experience 3RM icon.png The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover FM2 icon.png REC icon.png
I enjoy and respect it 358 icon.png
The icon for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage- KHUCHI icon.png KH3 icon.png KHC icon.png
I love it despite its faults 358 icon.png The icon for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD KHCHI icon.png KHVC icon.png
Nice little novelty Game icon Game icon
Actively unfun KHMP icon.png KHREC icon.png