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Zodiac symbols

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The zodiac symbols are a set of 12 items in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-. They appear upon beating the game, or when playing New Game Plus. When all 12 are collected, a mirror appears in The World Within that leads to a series of battles.

Each zodiac symbol can only be obtained once. When starting a New Game Plus with at least one zodiac symbol already obtained, the treasure chests that would contain these zodiac symbols are already opened.


Item Area Location
Aries Relic (アリエスレリーフ
Ariesu Rerīfu
?, lit. "Aries Relief")
Castle Town In elevated area north of the fountain.
Taurus Relic Forest of Thorns On the lower floor near the entrance.
Gemini Relic The World Within In hall with mirror floor.
Cancer Relic The World Within Behind building with northern mirror.
Leo Relic The World Within Through western mirror, on second island.
Virgo Relic Castle Town Behind a house at the north-west section.
Libra Relic The World Within Through western mirror, on large island.
Scorpio Relic Forest of Thorns In open area beyond area with spiraling tree.
Sagittarius Relic Castle Town On highest point.
Capricorn Relic Depths of Darkness On eastern island at the final area.
Aquarius Relic Castle Town In alley west of the fountain.
Pisces Relic The World Within Through northern mirror, at the end of the stairs.