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This article is about the synthesis materials.
You may be looking for the Aero spell or Auron's Limit finisher.
"A howling gale frozen in crystal form. Used for item synthesis."
"A mysterious stone filled with wind. Used for item synthesis."
Japanese 吹き荒れる
Rōmaji Fukiareru

Translation Roaring
Item Rarity Buy Sell
Gale ★★★★☆
Stormy Stone ★★★★★

Gale, also translated as "Stormy", is a material type available in Kingdom Hearts. Gale materials contain a howling wind frozen in crystalline form.


The name of the material reflects the "essence of howling winds" it contains. A gale is a strong blast of wind, while "roaring" is often used to describe strong winds.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix introduced the Stormy Stone, dropped only by the Neoshadow.

Synthesized items[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Gale materials are used to synthesize the following items:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

Gale materials are used to synthesize the following items: