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Status Effects/Draft

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Status Effects are ailments which can affect Sora, his allies, or even enemies. Status effects can be caused by enemy attacks, magic, or sleights.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

In addition to status effects inflicted by various attacks, there is a similar system in enemy card. Like status effects, activating an enemy card creates a temporary change to the player's abilities or status, though most of these correspond to support abilities from other games. Certain Sleights, however, cause straight-out status effects. Overall, Chain of Memories includes statuses caused by enemies and traps, enemy cards, and sleights.

  • Gravity: Flattens the victim to the ground and lose a fraction of their HP. Caused by the Gravity spell and the Gravira, Graviga, and Gravity Raid sleights.
  • Stun: Causes the victim to temporarily cease all activity, although they can still receive damage. Caused by the Proud Roar, Goofy Charge, and MM Miracle sleights.
  • Stop: Causes the victim to temporarily cease all activity, including receiving damage, until the status ceases. Any damage inflicted will not register until the status ceases. Caused by the Stop spell and the Stopra, Stopga, Stop Raid, and Shock Impact sleights.
  • Warp: Removes the victim from the battlefield. Caused by Warpinator and Warp sleights and Lexaeus's Warp Break enemy card.
  • Bind: Causes the victim to lose the ability to move around, although they can still attack. Caused by the Bind sleight.
  • Confuse: Reverses the victim's controls. Caused by the Confuse, Idyll Romp, Dark Aura, and Inverse Burst sleights and Zexion's Confu-Strike enemy card. Also used by certain overworld traps, like the cherub statues in Olympus Coliseum.
  • Terror: Forces the victim to avoid the player until the effect ceases. Caused by the Terror sleight.
  • Magnet: Draws the victim towards the player until the effect ceases. Caused by the Magnet Spiral sleight.
  • Freeze: Freezes the opponent in a block of ice, causing them to temporarily cease all activity. Most frozen enemies can be instantly slain by shattering the ice. Caused by the Freeze sleight. Also used by Vexen.
  • Drain: Causes the user's physical attacks to drain HP from their victim, neglecting any resistances. Caused by the Search Ghost's Drain enemy card.
  • Bio: Causes the victim's HP to gradually drop, neglecting any resistances. Caused by the Neoshadow's Bio enemy card. Also used by the Black Fungus and Parasite Cage.
  • Float: Causes the user to jump much higher than before, and stay in the air longer. Caused by the Wight Knight's Float enemy card.
  • Vanish: Renders the user invisible to enemies. Caused by the Gargoyle's Vanish enemy card.
  • Protect: Decreases damage from enemies' physical attacks. Caused by the Defender's Protect enemy card.
  • Shell: Decreases damage from enemies' magical attacks. Caused by Ursula's Shell enemy card.
  • Regen: Gradually restores the user's HP. Caused by Oogie Boogie's Regen enemy card.
  • Invincible: Renders the user impervious to damage. Caused by the Platinum Card's Invincible enemy card.

Status Effects in games[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Stop - This is caused by the spell Stop. The spell causes an enemy to freeze for a certain duration of time. This effect is especially useful in the Phantom fight. In Kingdom Hearts, by using stop on the clock hand, the hand freezes for a while so that your teammates do not die as quickly.

Burn - Caused by some Fire-type enemies, this will cause Sora and company to take damage at an increasing rate for a duration of time. This is very similar to a poisonous effect.

Flat - This is caused by Gravity magic. It inflicts damage and gathers the enemies together for a certain amount of time. This is represented highly in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

Doom - This can only be inflicted upon Sora and his party members and only in the Phantom boss fight. The Phantom will cast Doom and a timer will appear over a character's head. Once the timer runs out, the character will be KO'd and cannot be brought back into the battle. It normally gets rid of your party members before finally affecting Sora. The only way to avoid this effect is to cast Stop on the Clock Tower which will keep the counter from going down for one minute real time. Eventually, the spell will wear off and the timer will resume, forcing the player to cast Stop again.

Enemy Effects[edit]

Poison - Mainly caused by Black Fungus Heartless. It causes the player to take damage at an increasing rate even while moving away from the enemy. This lasts for about 5 seconds after the initial strike.

Stun - Stunning an enemy is a way of gaining an advantage in battle, yet can also be used by the enemy as a threat. While stunned, one cannot move for a short amount of time, usually until attacked. Strike Raid causes this effect in Sora's story, and Riku's second hit in his Dark Mode's three-hit combo also causes it. Holy Burst can stun as well. While bosses are typically immune to this effect, and rarely use it, Larxene's various Thunder abilities and Riku Replica's second hit in his three-hit combo also cause stunning.

Positive Effects[edit]

Air Shield - Caused by the Aero spell, this effect will shield a player for a set amount of time. Some enemies will cast this, and party members can cast this as well. This only appears in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. However, Xaldin can use a similar ability in Kingdom Hearts II.

Invincibility - An ability that can be obtained in all Kingdom Hearts games by allies and enemies alike. It casts a "No Damage" sort of skill on the invincible character, meaning that he does not take damage from any kind of attack. For example, in Olympus Coliseum, Hercules is Invincible until acted on by a force outside of the regular attack command. While most characters and bosses cannot be damaged while performing special techniques, this is simply a gameplay mechanic and does not qualify as a status effect.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • Sora - Some Summons negate harm to Sora, like Dumbo.
  • Hercules - Is within a state of Invincibility when fought until hit with a barrel. Periodically, he can switch back to his Invincible state. Denoted by a yellow glow surrounding his body.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, there are many status effects in the game that have not appeared in the previous games. Each one corresponds to an Organization member's respective element, and each member is resistant to their own element's status effect. Furthermore, there is a special accessory for each status effect that renders the player immune to it. The effects are usually shown by different icons to represent different ailments, which appear over the affected characters' heads. Many enemies are capable of these attacks that can inflict status impairments that reduce or negate combat and movement abilities. All effects subside after a brief time or can be cured by using a Panacea.

  • Ignited: When the character catches on fire, he continues to lose HP until the fire goes out. Identical to the Burn effect listed above. Caused by Flame attacks.
  • Frozen: When ice forms around a character's feet, he becomes incapable of action. Press any button rapidly to break free of the ice. Caused by Ice attacks.
  • Jolted: When a character is surrounded by electricity, he is damaged when coming into contact with any ally, enemy, or even walls or environment objects. Caused by Thunder attacks.
  • Air-tossed: When a green tornado appears over the character's head, he becomes incapable of action or recovery while in midair, and also take more damage if hit. The effect only last until the character lands on the ground. Caused by Wind attacks.
  • Radar Zapped: The map displayed on the lower touch screen disappears for a short time. Caused by Light attacks.
  • Blinded: When sunglasses appear over the character's head, attacks attempted are more likely to miss. Caused by Flower attacks.
  • Shoe-glued: When a "1 Ton" icon appears over the character's head, he or she becomes unable to jump over or perform aerial combos. Caused by Space attacks,
  • Flip-footed: When question marks (??) appear above the character's head, movement controls become reversed. Identical to the Confusion effect listed above. Caused by Illusion attacks.
  • Silenced: When a speech bubble with an ellipsis ("...") appears over the character's head, he or she become incapable of casting magic. Caused by Moon attacks.
  • Rewound Defense: When a blue shield with "Lv. 1" appears over the character's head, his or her defense is lowered to Lv.1 for a short period of time. Caused by Time attacks.
  • Nulled Defense: Certain enemies can attack or have attacks without regard in the character's defense. Certain rings can protect against this. Caused by Nil attacks.
  • HP Halved: Certain enemies are capable of attacks that reduce a character's attacks by half of his or her max HP. Certain rings can protect against this. Caused by Earth attacks.
  • Damage Drained: The ability of some enemies to continually draw HP out of a character, replenishing their own. Certain rings can protect against this. Caused by Water attacks.