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Shield Tech

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Shield Tech
Shield Tech
"A panel synthesis material that supplies resilience."
"A panel synthesis material that supplies a lot of resilience."
"A panel synthesis material that supplies tremendous resilience."
Japanese ガードアーツ
Rōmaji Gādo Ātsu

Translation Guard Arts
Item Buy Sell
Shield Tech 500 Munny
+ 800 Munny
++ 1200 Munny

Shield Tech is a material panel from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It also can be found as Shield Tech+ and Shield Tech++. Shield Techs are primarily used to produce Ability Panels, although a few Ring Panels also call for Shield Techs as an ingredient.


All three types of Shield Tech are represented by dark blue panels adorned with the same symbol. The symbol is comprised of eight triangles of various sizes, four arranged in a diamond-shape in the center of the panel, and one in each corner of the panel. A basic Shield Tech has an orange symbol, a Shield Tech+ is white, and a Shield Tech++ is yellow. Shield Tech materials have a unique structure.

The material's name is a clear reference to its primary use in synthesizing Ability Panels used to supplement the Block ability.


Shield Tech: Soldier, Barrier Master, Solid Armor
Shield Tech+: Deserter, Sergeant, Novashadow
Shield Tech++: Novashadow, Invisible

Clear Bonuses[edit]

  • Shield Tech: Awarded as a Clear Bonus in Missions 39 and 41.
  • Shield Tech+: Awarded as a Random Bonus in Missions 62, 66, and 72, and as a Clear Bonus in Mission 62.

Other methods[edit]

  • Open 130 chests by Day 151, then talk to Axel twice for a Shield Tech.

Items synthesized[edit]

  • Lucky Ring (2 Shield Tech)
  • Perfect Block Ⓛ (2 Shield Tech)
  • Block-Counter Ⓛ (3 Shield Tech)
  • Block-Retreat Ⓛ (3 Shield Tech)
  • Fire Block Ⓛ (3 Shield Tech)
  • Blizzard Block Ⓛ (3 Shield Tech)
  • Sliding Block Ⓛ (1 Shield Tech+)
  • Block Jump Ⓛ (1 Shield Tech+)
  • Thunder Block Ⓛ (1 Shield Tech+)
  • Aero Block Ⓛ (1 Shield Tech+)
  • Round Block Ⓛ (2 Shield Tech+)
  • Full Circle (2 Shield Tech)
  • Block Bonus Ⓛ (1 Shield Tech+)
  • Auto-Block Ⓛ (1 Shield Tech+)
  • Safety Ring (1 Shield Tech+)
  • Protect Ring (2 Shield Tech++)
  • Witch's Chaos (2 Shield Tech++)