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Reprisal Boost

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Reprisal Boost (カウンターアップ Kauntā Appu?, lit. "Counter Up") is an ability that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to deal greater damage with reprisal abilities.


In Kingdom Hearts III, Reprisal Boost is a support ability that costs 3 AP to equip. It increases the damage of Counter Slash, Counter Impact, Counter Kick, Counter Blast, Payback Strike, Final Blow, and Risk Dodge by 50%.

Learning Reprisal Boost[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Sora learns Reprisal Boost at level 40 with the Power of the Warrior, level 24 with the Power of the Mystic, and level 20 with the Power of the Guardian.
  • Aqua has Reprisal Boost as a default ability.