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Power Tech

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Power Tech
Power Tech
"A panel synthesis material that supplies momentum."
"A panel synthesis material that supplies a lot of momentum."
"A panel synthesis material that supplies tremendous momentum."
Japanese パワーアーツ
Rōmaji Pawā Ātsu

Translation Power Arts
Item Buy Sell
Power Tech 500 Munny
+ 800 Munny
++ 1200 Munny

Power Tech is a material panel found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days; upgraded versions are the Power Tech+ and Power Tech++. It is used to create a variety of Panels, particularly Gears.


Power Tech materials are represented by brown jewels with a Tech material structure.

The material's name references its use in synthesizing Ability, Gear, and Ring Panels primarily focused around Strength.



Other methods[edit]

  • Awarded as a Clear Bonus for Missions 59, 66 (+), 72 (+), 76 (+), 78 (+), 81 (++), and 90 (++).
  • Talk to Demyx on Day 117 for a Power Tech.

Items synthesized[edit]