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September 2010 Featured User Medal.png

September 2010's featured user was maggosh, who has made over 8,300 edits! maggosh is an angry gamer with an unsatiable thirst for Kingdom Hearts-related news, and of late, he has been doing gnoming work and such on the wiki's articles. As of late August, he is the Fresh Prince of Rollback, a moderator on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. It's so bad. And I mean, BAD. YEAAAAAARRRRGH !

October 2010 featured User Medal.png

October 2010's featured user was LapisScarab, who has made over 7,600 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! LapisScarab specializes in design, and is a good friend to everyone here. Having now returned after a brief hiatus, Lapis has been gnoming and playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He is one of the most seasoned users on this wiki, although he still doesn't know whose line it is...

November 2010 Featured User Medal.png

November 2010's featured user was NinjaSheik, who has made over 11,200 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Ninja specializes in reverting vandalism. In fact, she is part of the KND, the Kind Ninja Division, whose sole purpose is to prevent vandalism from oppressing young wikians. Ninja is a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, and loves writing fanfics.

December 2010 Featured User Medal.png

December 2010's featured user was iZerox, who has made over 800 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! iZerox specializes in obtaining high quality game renders. He has contributed over 60 highly needed images to the wiki, including images that were never seen before. iZerox is currently playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

January 2011 Featured User Medal.png

January 2011's featured user was KingdomKeyDarkside, who has made over 3,400 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! KKD specializes in making talk bubbles, and, more recently, talk bubble images. KingdomKeyDarkside was also the co- founder of the community favorite location, the Mirage Arena. KKD is a proud Canadian, and he is an expert on how to defeat the Dustflier!

February 2011 Featured User Medal.png

February 2011's featured user was Erry, who has made over 7,400 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Erry specializes in images, and has recently uploaded dozens of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Deck Command (KHBBS) animated .gifs. He has also contributed dozens of other high quality images, including treasure chests. Erry also enjoys playing Assassin's Creed.

March 2011 Featured User Medal.png

March 2011's featured user was SilverCrono, who has made over 3,000 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Silver specializes in cleaning up the less seen sides of the wiki, and has recently become a mod. He has dozens of friends here, and is usually monitoring the IRC channel of the wiki, which will be much easier now that he is an op! He also has a dislike for goats.

April 2011 Featured User Medal.png

April 2011's featured user was Soxra, who has made over 2,900 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Soxra has expertise in many areas, as he is a webmaster! He is an expert with coding, and a whiz at making high quality images. Soxra is an extremely dedicated person, both as an editor and as a friend.

May 2011 Featured User Medal.png

May 2011's featured user was Chitalian8, who has made over 5,200 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Chitalian is one of the newest and most prolific gnomes on this wiki. He has made countless edits, ranging from reverting vandalism to spelling corrections. He is great friend and editor here, and a fan of The World Ends With You!

June 2011 Featured User Medal.png

June 2011's Featured User was The_Inexistent, who has made over 10,600 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! The_Inexistent has contributed greatly to the wiki's re-synching, performed a great deal of general gnome work, and organizes the Featured User awards. The_Inexistent is fond of music and hanging out with the mighty and ancient Table.

July 2011 Featured User Medal.png

July 2011's Featured User was UnknownChaser, who has made over 3,800 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! He has recently contributed vastly to the wiki's Command articles and userbox image hosting. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing custom Keyblades on his deviantART. UnknownChaser is also an avid fan of the Super Sentai series.

August 2011 Featured User Medal.png

September 2011's Featured User was 17master, who has made over 3,800 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! 17master has contributed vastly to the wiki's image renovation, uploading dozens upon dozens of images in higher quality than previous versions. He has also helped with several other major wiki projects, and loves playing Tales of Vesperia.

October 2011 Featured User Medal.png

October 2011's Featured User was Pea14733, who has made over 1,610 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Pea has contributed immensely to the new element pages, and is an admin at the wiki's Facebook page. Pea can also translate some Japanese, and loves Yu-Gi-Oh!

November 2011 Featured User Medal.png

November 2011's Featured User was As if!, who has made over 2,120 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! As if! does a tremendous amount of work, including making images transparent, as well as code work, designing wiki skins, and fixing article errors. As if! is a great friend, and he enjoys playing The World Ends With You!

January 2012 Featured User Medal.png

January 2012's Featured User was UxieLover1994, who has made over 2,399 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Uxie loves working on walkthroughs and enjoys writing her endeavors in her Legado. She is a Spyro fan too, and also enjoys playing Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure in her free time!

April 2012 Featured User Medal.png

April 2012's Featured User was EnglishJoker, who has made over 3,263 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! EnglishJoker is a well respected editor of the wiki and a diligent contributor. As his name suggests he is in fact English and is referred to as quite a Joker in more ways than one as he can pull the Jack Nicholson "Joker smile" from the 1989 Batman film.

June 2012 Featured User Medal.png

June 2012's Featured User was LightRoxas, who has made over 1,361 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! LightRoxas is a relatively new user who has done an ample amount of work in his time here, often in the areas of gnoming. LightRoxas is also a constant presence on forums and talk pages, where he will often put in his opinion. He is also an ardent fan of Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda!

September 2012 Featured User Medal.png

A (late) congratulations to September 2012's Featured User, TheFifteenthMember! He's made 4,253 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and still counting! The vast majority of them are in the mainspace (almost 50%), and he's been a huge help with the articles covering Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and its walkthrough. He's also a driving force of the wiki magazine and many other of the wiki's current projects. Elsewhere, he likes playing RPGs, action-adventures, and some shooters, though he's not very fond of sports games. He's also very skilled in several languages.

May 2014 Featured User Medal.png

We're back! And for our first month since our return, our featured user is Ultima Spark. She has made 627 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. The vast majority of them have been in uploads, as she has been a driving force in the Manga project, uploading chapter front and back covers. She's also a fan of Final Fantasy.

June 2014 Featured User Medal.png

For June 2014, our Featured User is MateusinhoEX. He has made 1,685 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and he's been a driving force behind many projects on the wiki. Among his notable contributions is his work on the Nightmare Enemy Template for the Nightmare Dream Eaters pages and his work on the upcoming wiki magazine. He has always known Final Fantasy, but Kingdom Hearts has become a favorite. He loves RPGs and Strategy games, and he hopes to be a Game Designer in the future. Who knows, we might be looking at a future Kingdom Hearts game designer!

July 2014 Featured User Medal.png

Hurrah to July's Featured User, KeybladeSpyMaster, who has made over 2,000 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! He was the initial catalyst to start the great "MegaProject: Arise" and has been the driving force behind countless tasks, mini-projects and revivals. Most of his work deals with community projects and template creations, although he has also been known to help many other areas of the wiki. KeybladeSpyMaster is also an image wizard on Photoshop (and he used no Magic Boosts at all)!

August 2014 Featured User Medal.png

August's Featured User is Chainoffire! He has made 1,346 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and was a much needed push in the publishing of the new Magazine! Not only is he an editor here, but he's an administrator on our sister site, the Keyhole! He's also been a huge help in other important projects. He's a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, though he's bummed over the lack of capes in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, among other things. Aside of Kingdom Hearts, he's an fan of the Final Fantasy series and anime, and he's quite the runner.

September 2014 Featured User Medal.png

September's Featured User is ANX219! She's made 2,656 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and she's been a driving force behind several of our recent projects here! She's been a huge help with uploading and replacing several of the sprites for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and she's helped with Project: Music too. Currently, she's been helping out with a mass replacing of incorrectly-named categories on the wiki. She loves watching animes and drawing, and she's a great friend to have! She's probably younger than most of us, but she sure knows this wiki like the back of her hand!

October 2014 Featured User Medal.png

The Featured User for the month of October is Master Riku the Bloody! He's made 2,487 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and has been a huge motivation throughout several projects. He's taken time to help with re-categorizing articles that have been inappropriately named, filling out articles for the Dream Eaters, and even welcoming all our users that have remained officially unwelcomed on their talk pages. And he's only been an editor on the wiki for only three months. He's recently taken up watching anime and reading manga, and can play guitar, a little. He's become a regular on the wiki, and is willing to become friends with everyone!

Featured User Medal for November 2014

The Featured User for the month of November is TheSilentHero! He's made 1,714 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and has been a huge help on the wiki. He's been of significant help with Project: Cards, creating pages and filling out information on the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game. He's also recreated Template:InfoKeyKHX, our information template for Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts χ, and has also helped tons with Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. And he's helped us stay on top of things with the wiki's Mirage Arena! Indeed, he's been a much needed help on the wiki! Congratulations!

December 2014 Featured User Medal.png

The Featured User for the month of December is Braviaggron! He's made 223 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and though he's a fairly new editor on the wiki, he's shown great ability and knowledge in the Kingdom Hearts series. He's helped with updating galleries to use the most recent renders of characters, and he's begun to help out with the Dream Drop Distance pages, too. He's also great to have on the wiki's IRC, and has even taught some of us a little French!

Featured User Award for January 2015

It's a brand new year, and we're starting with EternalNothingnessXIII as January's Featured User! He is a former administrator and has made an incredible 12, 548 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. He has a vast knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts series and the wiki, and has spent the last month updating pages with official translations from the newly-released Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. He's also well-versed in spelling and grammar, rewriting sections to be both professional and understandable. He's a voice for professionalism and consistency on the wiki, but also has a creative side, refining his fanfiction ideas to be on par with the Kingdom Hearts series. Congratulations!

Featured User trophy for the month of February.

February's Featured User is D3xus! He's made 245 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, largely over the last month. He's helped the wiki a lot over the last month, uploading several different .gif animations of various command styles from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He's also set to upload more images to update our database. Outside of the series, he's a fan of comic books, and also enjoys computer programming and image editing. And, of course, he kicks butt! Congratulations!

Featured User Award for March 2015

The Featured User for the month of March is Troisnyxetienne! She's made 18,802 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and is a former administrator and moderator here. She's taken the huge project of creating userboxes for the wiki over the last two months (they're those fun colorful boxes that you can add on your user page); indeed, in just two weeks, she made 252 different templates for them, and that's not counting the fact that she made even more for each template. She also speaks French, and has helped in the past on our French counterpart. Outside of the wiki, she's also a musician, visual artist, writer and, of course, a gamer. Congratulations!

Featured User Award medal for Webber22.

For November 2015, we present the Featured User award to Webber22! He has made 238 edits and has been a huge help to the wiki by uploading many HD images, including some wonderful work on the series' gauges. Outside of Kingdom Hearts, he is a huge fan of the game, Blackthorne. Congratulations!

Featured User Medal for February 2016

The Featured User for February 2016 is Adv193! He has made 128 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki so far! He has been a great help by providing strategies for the Challenge Missions in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, as well as some other stuff, like which Nobodies appear in the Cavern of Remembrance. Congratulations!

Featured User Medal for February 2016

The Featured User for July 2016 is Kunoichi101! She has made 491 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki so far! She has been a great help with adding the music themes to boss pages and improving quotes pages, among other things. Congratulations!

Medal for the December 2017 Featured User

For December 2017, our Featured User is Sora34CE (say "Sora Triforce"; pretty cool name, huh?)! He has made 143 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki so far, and they have been quite the edits! He's added a ton of information to everything from story segments in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep to gameplay elements from 358/2 Days. He literally hit the ground running since he joined ten months ago. On top of a hard worker, he's an optimist and an animal lover. And just like his namesake's character, he makes friend everywhere! Congratulations!