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I'm currently dismantling the old card articles in favor of the current format, but I could use some help.

Card scans

This site has scans of most all the cards, and I also posted a megaupload to my crappy scans on the Card talk:Main Page.

If you upload any of these, or you find low quality card scans (basically, those not as good as Card:Spear), please attach Template:Rescan. For the image pages, they need to have:

[[Card:Barrel Spider#BS-50|BS-50:Barrel Spider]] from the [[Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game]].

[[Category:Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game card scans|BS-50]]

and if you get the scans from somewhere else (not our archives or the megaupload), they should be properly credited as with File:Spear BoD-87.jpg.

All of the card scan images need to have this as their image description, and right now, none of them have the alphabetizing category bit, so that needs to be added everywhere.

For card scans we already have, either mark them for deletion if they are duplicates, or mark them for renaming if they are not using the correct naming scheme (Ex: "Spear BoD-87.jpg" is correct)

Card articles

All card articles should be in the Card namespace (Ex: "Card:Sea Neon"). If they are not, please mark them for a move.

I've moved some pages already - the leftover text and images are placed on their talk pages, like Card talk:Goofy, and need to be verified against the card scans and then placed in infobox form on the card's main article. Once the talk page is emptied, please mark it for deletion.

Also, card articles should not have any manual categories on them - any needed categories will be automatically added by the infoboxes. If you see manual categories, please delete them.

BIG NOTICE: Please see the pages for BoD, like Card:Roxas and Card:Divine Rose, for how to format the infoboxes. Of particular note - any time a card description mentions another card, it should be linked to the other card's page. If it mention's itself, it should be bolded.

Thanks guys!Glorious CHAOS! 18:21, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

List of articles to be moved (and reformatted)[edit]


List of articles to be merged (and reformatted)[edit]


List of articles with entries to be reformatted[edit]


  • Card:Wyvern
  • Card:Gigas Shadow
  • Card:Lady Luck
  • Card:Lionheart
  • Card:Oathkeeper
  • Card:Oblivion
  • Card:Soul Eater
  • Card:Ultima Weapon
  • Card:Ariel
  • Card:Goofy
  • Card:Donald Duck