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"My friends are my power... and I'm theirs!"

Hey everyone! My name is Jay, but you can call me Sora34CE (pronounced "Sora Triforce", but "Sora-Three-Four-See-E" works fine).

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Jiminy's Journal Entries[edit]

A Keyblade wielder and college student who has been protecting the light since their high school freshman days. They are an optimistic youth who has been following Sora and friends on their quests to curb the darkness and a diligent worker on the KHWIki.

Despite being a bit slow on the uptake, they are determined to maintain the balance of light and darkness.

Featured User Entry[edit]

A Keyblade wielder and college student who has been following Sora and company since their high school freshman days.

They’ve recently been the Featured User of December 2017.


I am an optimist, willing to see the positives of any outcome. Like my namesake, I favor friendship among all others, and am extremely friendly and enthusiastic in my adventures. My primary flaw, though, is that I can be a little too trusting, and that I am easily frightened by new experiences.

I happen to love dogs to a ludicrous degree. if you stumble upon me in the Sleeping Worlds, expect to see me with a Meow Wow.


I'm an Asian person around five feet and six inches, with black, curly hair and brown eyes. I commonly have Sora's necklace around me, and am usually seen with blue glasses, a blue V-neck T-shirt, blue jeans, and Timberland boots.


As a Keyblade wielder, I've learned to use a variety of Keyblades based on my style. Specifically, I have the Kingdom Key (Sora's Limit Form), Midnight Blue (Sora's Second Form), Way to the Dawn / Soul Eater (Riku's Dark Mode), Chaos Ripper (Terra's Dark Impulse), Lost Memory (Ven's Wingblade), and Destiny's Embrace (Aqua's Ghost Drive).