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December 2014[edit]

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Logo KHIIHD.png

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX is a compilation of various games from the Kingdom Hearts series that have been fully remastered in HD. It is a follow-up to Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and includes remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It also features a collection of HD cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (more...)

November 2014[edit]

Jiminy's Journal KHII.png
Jiminy's Journals are journals written by Jiminy Cricket, containing information on Sora and the countless number of things he meets and discovers on his journeys through the Kingdom Hearts universe. The journals contain sections on the Heartless, other characters, and story plots. The Journal is the first object to become a character in the Kingdom Hearts series, first appearing in Kingdom Hearts coded. (more...)

October 2014[edit]

Cavern of Remembrance - Depths KHIIFM.png

The Cavern of Remembrance is an area of Radiant Garden seen in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Enemies within the cavern are extremely powerful, rivaled only by the enemies in the Hades Paradox Cup. The cave leads to a courtyard known as the Garden of Assemblage, which has thirteen portals that contain data replicas of the members of Organization XIII. (more....)

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September 2014[edit]

Genie KH.png

Genie is the spirit of the magic lamp and is a recurring character and Summon in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II. He is originally from the Disney movie Aladdin. As a genie, he holds the cosmic power of granting three wishes to the one who holds his lamp. (more....)

August 2014[edit]

Ice Cream KHII.png

Sea-salt ice cream is a type of ice cream found in Twilight Town and Radiant Garden. It appears throughout the Kingdom Hearts universe, but made its first appearance in Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts II is also the only game in which the ice cream features as an attainable key item. The ice cream's flavor mixes both a salty taste and a sweet taste.


Recently featured: Pride Lands - Kingdom Key - Calling

July 2014[edit]

Pride Lands Logo KHII.png

The Pride Lands, also written as Pride Land, is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It is based on the Disney film The Lion King.

The Pride Lands, despite the name, pertains to the three main parts of Africa that Simba explored during the events of The Lion King and seems to correspond with the later events in the film. The setting includes the Pride Lands itself, as well as more famous movie sites such as the Jungle and the Elephant Graveyard.

The Pride Lands was originally going to appear in Kingdom Hearts, but was removed due to time constraints; programming Sora's four-legged movements and fighting style proved too much for the game system to handle. Jiminy Cricket does mention the world in his Simba entry in his journal in Kingdom Hearts. (more....)

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June 2014[edit]

Kingdom Key KH.png
The Kingdom Key is the most recognizable Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series, as it appears within each game of the series, and frequently serves as the default Keychain for cutscenes. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, it is the only Keychain that Sora can visibly use, while in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, it is the only Keychain of Xion's to appear in Story Mode, and excluding the final Mission, the only Keychain of Roxas's to appear in any cutscene. Furthermore, while Kingdom Hearts II normally depicts the equipped Keyblade within cutscenes, the Kingdom Key appears by default in the cutscene leading up to the Battle of the 1000 Heartless, and within the Album pictures of Jiminy's Journal. (more...)
Recently featured: Calling - Xion - Wayfinder

May 2014[edit]

Episode 1 - Calling (Front) KH Manga.png
Calling is the first chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga adaptation. (more...)
Recently featured: Xion - Wayfinder - Mad Treant

April 2014[edit]

Xion KHHD.png
Xion is the Rank XIV member of the original Organization XIII, and appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as one of the main protagonists and antagonists. She is not a normal Nobody, and is only a nominal member of the Organization. Because of this, she does not have a throne in Where Nothing Gathers, nor does she have a title or a breed of Nobody to control. Instead, she is an imperfect Replica of Roxas created from Sora's leaked memories as a fail-safe in case both Sora and Roxas proved to be useless to Organization XIII's plans. While this enables her to use the Keyblade, Xion's existence also halts Sora's progression of regaining his memories to fully awaken while in his pod, something which Naminé, DiZ, and Riku recognize. (more...)
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March 2014[edit]

Stitch's Wayfinder
A Wayfinder is a star-shaped lucky charm that is used to provide luck to travelers. It is usually woven from Thalassa Shells, with some token at the middle, but there have been several imitations made from other materials throughout the series. It is designed after the Paopu Fruit, which is said to tie friends together. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the bond that the charms represent is manifested physically as the Dimension Link system.

Due to their special significant to relationships, Wayfinders are used as the Keychain token for the Oathkeeper, the Brightcrest, and the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep version of the Ultima Weapon, and are also part of the base design of that Ultima Weapon. (more...)

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February 2014[edit]

Mad Treant
The Mad Treant is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is one of the bosses at Dwarf Woodlands. (more...)
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Sora (Antiform) KHII.png

AntiForm is a Drive Form which appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It uses both party members, and consumes all of Sora's Drive Bars. It represents the darkness that still dwells within Sora's heart, and is obtained along with Sora's new clothes at Mysterious Tower. Its emblem is a black demonic silhouette. (more...)
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